Social media at SAU


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Presentation delivered to faculty and staff outlining the state of social media for the university and guidelines for improving their social media efforts.

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Social media at SAU

  1. 1. Social Media@SAU
  2. 2. Covering Today● State of social media at SAU● Policies, guidelines, and procedures● Putting the "social" in social media● Communications and you
  3. 3. @SAU● 121% increase in traffic coming from social media sites (to 52k pageviews) compared to 2010.● On Facebook, we’ve seen a 1441% increase in post views and a 166% increase in user feedback and interaction compared to 2010. We’re up 1,767 new “likes” in 2011.● In 2012 so far: 22% increase in social media traffic
  4. 4. DemographicsOur largest demographic on Facebook is females between the ages of 18-24. Theyrenot only our biggest visiting demographic, theyre the ones who respond and sharethe most. Males in the same age group are a close second on both metrics. Foroverall users, females far outreach males.
  5. 5. Website Traffic GeneratedThis shows traffic generated from all social media sources in the period ofSeptember-December 2011 vs January-April 2012. We see a significant increase invisits, pageviews, and unique visitors. This chart represents 1745 more visits, 12,035more pageviews, and 418 more UNIQUE visitors in 2012 so far than a correspondingperiod in 2011. This is an ongoing trend, social media use is showing no sign ofslowing down.
  6. 6. Current Initiatives 1. Claiming ownership of all wayward Facebook places, pages, and groups for merge and removal 2. Building on Timeline features a. major milestones using archives photos b. continuously refreshing cover image c. evaluating new recruiting/retention opportunities d. using the new campus stories materials 3. Social media auditThe new FB Timeline roll-out launched more than just the cover photo feature. Werestill figuring out all the tools and how to best utilize them.
  7. 7. Why Audit?Of the 39 "official" University FB pages, 51% havent been updated in more than amonth, and 25% havent been updated in more than 6 months. This is just PAGES onFacebook. This doesnt include groups, inappropriate "people", Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  8. 8. yep.
  9. 9. Audit Goals 1. Clean up outdated, unused presences 2. Evaluate effectiveness of each presence a. Growth (Likes) b. Post quality and interactions (posts and comments) c. Traffic generated to main site (click-throughs) d. Goal conversions (applications, contact forms, etc.) e. Other appropriate metrics 3. Focus resources on goal-oriented activities a. What are you trying to accomplish with Fb? 4. Establish a consistent naming convention 5. Educate on proper uses of tools to achieve goalsIn short, we need to provide more signal than noise and eliminate pain points in oursocial media strategy. Do less, better.
  10. 10. Audit Phases Phase 1 - Document the situation & clean up "low hanging fruit" Phase 2 - Review & consolidate, establish goals and metrics for evaluation. Formalize a quick approval/review process for new and existing social initiatives. Phase 3 - Establish a social media working group for long term evaluation and support of social media initiatives.Were at the tail end of phase 1. The social media brief I sent out last month wentlargely unanswered. Of the more than 125 Facebook (only) presences only 3 briefswere returned.
  11. 11. Low-hanging fruit?That purple and green sections are on the chopping block. So are "people" profilesthat violate Facebooks TOS. Groups will go under the microscope at some pointduring the fall.
  12. 12. PolicyUniversity Handbook (2010) Section 312frequires two employee administrators on anysocial media presence and specifies "checking"social media presences at least twice per dayduring the week.
  13. 13. social media is about quality, not quantity...but, in some context quality comes from quantity of attention paid to the resource.Specifically, think of it as tending a garden.
  14. 14. Guidelines ● Post twice per week ● Respond to every comment within 2 hours during the day, within 12 hours after hours ● Be social. Develop a personality for your social media initiatives. Who is your audience? Talk to them. Social media is a conversation. Dont use it as a megaphone because nobody will be listening.Define your audience. Write a mission statement. Establish goals. Put forth efforttoward achieving goals.
  15. 15. Thats a lot of work!It absolutely is. I have a 6 hour a week student worker dedicated to social media and Ispend roughly 10 hours a week building out or planning our social media activities. Ialso keep Facebook up in a tab at all times and revisit it every hour or so during theweek. I usually email 6-12 questions from Fb/Twitter around campus every week.
  16. 16. How!?! ● Announce upcoming events ● Promote faculty/student stories ○ Link to existing content on your website ● Curated content ○ Audience appropriate news, journal articles, blog posts, etc. ● Photo albums ○ Post photos of conferences and events with captions and tags ● Respond!!! to comments and questions ● Encourage users to post contentDont often duplicate content across multiple Fb pages/groups. Its a huge turn-off andone of the biggest complaints we see.
  17. 17. now thats funny.
  18. 18. hello?Notice that there hasnt been a single post on this page since January 27. What youcant see is that the admin of this page hasnt posted anything since December 4.How do prospective students who visit this page perceive this department, and, byextension, the university? There are over 125 individual Facebook presences for theUniversity. If your untended FB page/place/group is cluttering search results, youreactually hurting recruiting and retention efforts.Also notice the lack of a cover photo. The switch was made by Facebook on March30. There were notices and a "soft launch" for over a month and a half. If you stillhavent updated your page, we need to have a serious discussion about whether youhave the time and resources to effectively manage a social media presence.
  19. 19. TimelineThere were notices for over a month and a half. If you still havent updated your page,we need to have a serious discussion about whether you have the time and resourcesto effectively manage a social media presence.
  20. 20. TimelineFacebook launched the new Timeline feature for pages on March 30.
  21. 21. Facebook All-Stars ● Alumni Association ● Archeological Survey ● Dept. of Nursing ● Athletics ● PBL ● Theatre ● The Bray ● Foundation ● Graduate Studies ● VolleyballThese departments all have their cover images updated and have some activity in thelast month. The Gold stars have significant activity in the last month.
  22. 22. What this meansWeve got 10 departments who are keeping up with their Facebook pages. Out of 39.
  23. 23. Likes OverviewNotice the higher likes tend toward the curated pages. The University, Alumni,Foundation, Athletics, Graduate Studies...all of these show constant activity andimprovement over time. Be aware, people can unlike just as easily as they likesomething.
  24. 24. Ask yourself 1. Do I have the time, staff, and understanding of social media to manage a presence for my group/organization/dept? 2. Do I have enough content to sustain continuous activity? 3. Would my presence be better served by posting information on the main page - attracting more viewers - than on a separate page? Do my stakeholders require a separate page - like alumni? 4. Can my goals be achieved by distributing information on the primary University presence? 5. How is my program/dept different?Advertising, marketing, promotions...these things only work if youve got a way todifferentiate yourself from the competition.
  25. 25. Mission, goals, objectives Mission: Support the greater SAU community. Goal: Increase traffic to University web properties. Goal: Promote academic accomplishment. Goal: Support campus events and activities. Goal: Keep alumni connected.How do we accomplish these goals? We use the content on the University website tobuild out activity on the University Facebook page. We post upcoming events andphoto albums of past events. We repost useful information from satellite presences.We also work pretty hard to track and measure results by using special links and agoal completion tool in our analytics package.
  26. 26. Truths1. It takes a lot of work to build a successful social media presence in the post-MySpace age.2. Not every department, group, or organization needs a dedicated Facebook page.3. No page is better than a disused or poorly managed page.4. All social media initiatives need to be focused on "real world" goals.
  27. 27. none of us can be effective when were overloadedIf the idea of managing your social media presence makes you feel like this, perhapswe should discuss scaling back a bit. We are more than happy to support yourinitiatives by utilizing our almost 6,000 Facebook users and 1,200 Twitter followers.
  28. 28. So whats next?1. Evaluate your Facebook page with a critical eye to audience, goals, results, value, & time/resources available to manage it properly.2. Complete the Social Media Brief & send to Communications3. Multiple presences? Consider consolidating.4. The audit will continue through the fall, with continuous evaluation and improvement going forward.
  29. 29. Support?We can help you establish goals and measureresults for your social media efforts. Were alsoavailable to provide basic "how-to" support forFacebook features.