Searching CINAHL for nursing literature


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Targeted example of CINAHL search to support seceond year nurses assessment - 2000 word individual report on a clinical scenario using nursing peer reviewed literature

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Searching CINAHL for nursing literature

  1. 1. Searching in CINAHL – 2nd Year Assignment Nursing and Midwifery - Acute Care A Sharon Karasmanis Faculty Librarian for Nursing and Midwifery 4th March 2014 CRICOS Provider 00115M CRICOS Provider 00115M
  2. 2. Assessment – 2,000 word individual report – clinical scenario • Clinical scenario of patient: • You are the nurse allocated to provide postoperative nursing care for a patient returning to the ward (RTW) from the post anaesthetic recovery unit (PARU) post the surgical procedure laparoscopic cholecystectomy • You are required to apply a person-centred care approach to manage the patient’s care for the next four hours upon RTW • Using the literature identify the four highest priority problems for this patient, either potential or actual postoperative problems that may occur as a result of the surgery or the patient’s past medical history • Discuss the relevant nursing interventions and rationale using evidence from the current peer reviewed nursing literature La Trobe University 2
  3. 3. Click here to enter Body text  Click here to enter Bullets level 1 ̶ Click here to enter Bullets level 2 o Click here to enter Bullet level 3 Click here to enter Body text La Trobe University 3
  4. 4. Select CINAHL from the Database listing (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health) La Trobe University 4
  5. 5. Login with your username and password La Trobe University 5
  6. 6. Identify which Search Terms to use: • Cholecystectomy laparoscopic • AND • Postoperative • Postoperative care • Postoperative complications • Postoperative haemorrhage • Postoperative pain • More postoperative problems you may have identified … La Trobe University 6
  7. 7. To search by Subject Heading: 1. Enter the term – cholecystectomy laparoscopic 2. Select Suggest Subject Terms 3. Search La Trobe University 7
  8. 8. Select cholecystectomy laparoscopic and Search Database: The Scope Note provides further information La Trobe University 8
  9. 9. Search results will list under the search history: Click on the article title to see the full record and abstract La Trobe University 9
  10. 10. Enter the second concept: Postoperative, select Suggest Subject Terms and Search La Trobe University 10
  11. 11. There are a number of options that may be suitable depending on the four highest priority problems you have identified: • Select Postoperative Pain, Complications, Period, Care or more! • Check the Scope Note if unsure: La Trobe University 11
  12. 12. Search results for postoperative search terms: • Note: all postoperative terms have been searched using OR • Now: Select both searches and AND La Trobe University 12
  13. 13. Search results which include both cholecystectomy laparoscopic (search 1) and postoperative terms (search 2) La Trobe University 13
  14. 14. • Search 1: cholecystectomy laparoscopic = 544 results • Search 2: postoperative period or care or complications or pain = 36,259 • Search 3: added two searches together = 148 La Trobe University 14
  15. 15. Refine the search: Show More provides more limiting options: La Trobe University 15
  16. 16. Show More limits the results: La Trobe University 16
  17. 17. Search now limited to peer reviewed, language and date: Save your search history (Create an account) La Trobe University 17
  18. 18. Select which articles are suitable, then find the full text! 1. Click on the Full Text Finder 2. If not found, search the journal title from Journals (Library home) and navigate to the article by date, volume, issue … 3. If still not found, order from Document Delivery (see Quick Links on Library home) La Trobe University 18
  19. 19. Other postoperative search terms (subject terms or keywords) • You can also combine keyword searches with subject terms • Or use other subject terms or keywords with cholecystectomy laparoscopic: • Infection • Haemorrhage • Septicaemia • Pressure sores • Or other identified postoperative problems/complications • Or other complications of the patient’s past medical history La Trobe University 19
  20. 20. Keyword Searching • You can search CINAHL with keywords instead of Subject Terms • Subject Terms provide more precision in the search, but sometimes there is no term, so you will need to use keywords or • Recent records in CINAHL may not have had full indexing, so subject heading will not retrieve these • Keyword searching is enhanced by using: • Truncation * use this to extend a word e.g. child* will retrieve children, childless, childhood etc. • Quotes will search for two or more words as a phrase e.g. “acquired brain injury”, “quality of life” or “type 2 diabetes” La Trobe University 20
  21. 21. Create an account in CINAHL: • Create an account in CINAHL. Select Sign In from the top blue bar • You can save searches • Sort search results and store articles • Export references to EndNote ( • Set up email alerts to journal publications La Trobe University 21
  22. 22. Help! • Nursing and Midwifery Guide: • Health databases guide: • Academic Writing guide: • Referencing Tool: • Assignment Calculator: • Research Help Desk from your campus Library La Trobe University 22