Spread Trees, Not AIDS


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Spread Trees, Not AIDS is new campaign within LetsStopAIDS which combines educational and advocacy issues relating to two of the world\'s most pressing issues.

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Spread Trees, Not AIDS

  1. 1. South Africa 2008: Spread Trees, Not AIDS Growing a Healthy & Sustainable Future in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  2. 2. Dear Supporter, Every day 6300 people in Africa die from AIDS. In order to help prevent this LetsStopAIDS is launching a new program: Spread Trees, Not AIDS. This new campaign is bringing together two critical issues: HIV and AIDS health education and reforestation. The marriage of these two issues may seem unusual but in reality are a natural fit. Health and the environment are cyclically linked to poverty, both as cause and effect. LetsStopAIDS aims to educate the youth of HIV affects regions and work in partnership with established environmental organization to combat environmental degradation. Health and the Environment cripple work forces, sapping resources and removing power from the people affected. People are looking at the ongoing HIV and AIDS epidemic and demanding action. This is it. We plan to build upon our successful mission in 2006 by improving our existing reach and results in South Africa through our Spread Trees, Not AIDS project. As a three-year initiative the goal of the Spread Trees, Not AIDS is to help grow a healthy and sustainable future in South Africa and specifically in the province of Kwazulu Natal. Spread Trees, Not AIDS allows for the healing of the planet to be linked to the healing of the people. Sincerely, Shamin Mohamed Jr. Yue-Kiu Chan (Nathaniel) Founder | President Vice President | International “All it takes is one action to make one dream a reality” |2
  3. 3. About the Campaign provide treatment and support to those infected or affected by the disease and encourage youth to become involved with the cause. Spread Trees, Not AIDS is a new program within LetsStopAIDS. Not only do we strive to improve youths’ lives in terms of their The aim of this project will be twofold. The Spread Trees, Not health but we also aim to give them the opportunity to live a full AIDS program strives to address two of the most urgent global childhood; affording them a chance to express their creativity and challenges our generation in a region of the world where both demonstrate their knowledge and ideas. issues are of extreme prevalence and severity. These are the disastrous problems of deforestation and HIV. South Africa The means by which LetsStopAIDS believes is the most effective continues to be synonymous with the HIV pandemic. in realizing the above goals has been to travel to underdeveloped countries to create awareness of the current HIV and AIDS The LetsStopAIDS program aims to enhance the lives of children situation through workshops and media coverage. We improve the and youth by providing them with the opportunity to engage lives of children and youth through the distribution of nutritional actively in sporting and arts activities, giving HIV and AIDS educa- supplements, food, and educational materials, sporting equipment tion and providing them with counseling to develop confidence and and by providing social service support. At LetsStopAIDS we leadership skills. On this mission we will incorporate community realize that the potential to make a difference in the current HIV tree planting as a secondary objective of our work overseas to help crisis extends beyond our work in low-income countries. For this the country of South Africa achieve goal of its national greening reason, we ensure that our international projects also contribute program. to the wellbeing of citizens of North America and other countries throughout the world. Our positive impact is created through The initial preliminary research and in-country logistics prepara- numerous different ways, such as sharing the experiences of the tion for this campaign will commence in July 2008. international projects with children and youth in local schools and by continuing to create awareness among youth of all ages. “All it takes is one action to make one dream a reality” About Us LetsStopAIDS is a registered Canadian charitable organization that aims to educate children and youth about HIV and AIDS, |3
  4. 4. Spread Trees, Not AIDS Objectives: • Emphasize the role of sports and the arts as powerful tools for • Facilitate positive environments of open dialogue on the issues of self-expression and interpersonal collaboration HIV/AIDS and environmental degradation • Integrate fun and energy while engaging youth in education! • Help others appreciate how the notions of ‘normal’ and ‘accept- able’ are culturally and socially constructed concepts that can vary based on context • Raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, and environmental related issues (including the interplay between them) among both Canadian and international youth • Encourage personalized and innovative approaches to sharing ideas and experiences within youth peer groups and communities • Empower youth to create positive change for themselves and their greater communities • Foster leadership skills development: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, the appreciation of diversity and action • Instill a sense of connectedness - Globally: not ‘us’ and ‘them’, but ‘we’ - Environment: external (trees) and internal (health promotion) - Overall health: personal health and community health |4
  5. 5. Looking Back LSA’s mission to South Africa has also allowed us to bring our story back to local schools, thereby enabling us to continue to The main objective of South Africa 2006 was to develop aware- create awareness among youth of all ages. We have since spoken ness among children and youth aged 3 to 21 about the situation of to Canadians through televised specials, radio broadcasting, and the HIV and AIDS crisis. at local schools about our personal stories, differences in lifestyle, and the culture shock when we were in South Africa. We have During out time in South Africa, we were able to impact the lives also maintained the strong relationships we have established with of over 350 youth, allowing each to live their lives to the fullest by: South African organizations, allowing us to continue to help the communities there. • Educating others about HIV and AIDS to eliminate myths, rein- force facts, and clarify local rumours • Providing over 200 children with necessary sporting equipment and art supplies such as pencil crayons, sharpeners, and note- books • Distributing 500 condoms throughout the country with instruc- tions explaining proper procedures for use • Supplying over 19,000 tablets of herbal nutritional supplements • Befriending children and youth and providing encouragement and moral support |5
  6. 6. Sponsorship Pyramid Silver CAIDSHP CAIDSHP Platinum Gold CAIDSHP CAIDSHP Supporter: CAIDSHP Mission Sponsor: Silver Sponsor: Mission Sponsor: Platinum Mission Sponsor: Gold Friend: CAIDSHP $500-$999 Supporter: $5,000-$9,999 Mission Sponsor: $1,000-$4,999 Sponsor: $20,000+ Mission Sponsor: $10,000-$19,999 Mission Sponsor: $100-$499 Friend: Benefits $500-$999 $5,000-$9,999 $1,000-$4,999 $20,000+ $10,000-$19,999 $100-$499 Benefits Press Conferences   Press Conferences * includes Company logo/supporter * media photo   includes name verbally recognized at Company logo/supporter opportunities media photo mission press conferences at name verbally recognized opportunities mission press conferences Media Backdrop Media Backdrop Company logo/supporter   name displayed in backdrop Company logo/supporter   of all media conferences name displayed in backdrop of all media conferences Apparel Apparel Company logo/supporter name    displayed logo/supporter name Company on the backside of    all CAIDSHP committee member displayed on the backside of sweaters, t-shirts, and hats all CAIDSHP committee member sweaters, t-shirts, and hats Promotion Promotion Company logo/supporter name     on all posters regarding the Company logo/supporter name     mission and on letters to on all posters regarding the sponsorsand on letters to mission and volunteers sponsors and volunteers Website       Website Company logo/supporter       name displayed on Company logo/supporter CAIDSHP website on name displayed CAIDSHP website Funds Nutritional supplements, Sporting equipment, Assistance for Funds all subsequent Airflight for 4 people Local transportation Funds condoms for over 100 Nutritional supplements, arts supplies for over programs at local Sporting equipment, Assistance for items Funds all subsequent Airflight for 4 people Local transportation families for 1over 100 condoms for month 100 youth schools and local arts supplies for over programs at items orphanages families for 1 month 100 youth schools and orphanages For more information, please contact us by e-mail at: info@LetsStopAIDS.org info@LetsStopAIDS.org Or call us at: 416-231-2333 For more information, please contact us by e-mail at: info@LetsStopAIDS.org Or call us at: 416-231-2333 |6
  7. 7. A Special Thanks Media Sponsors To our international supporters Platinum Gold Silver Mr. Paul & Mrs. Mary Goh Mr. Bob & Mary Simon In-Kind Lead Supporters Partners Debbie Yuen (www.digitalyuen.com) Visionic Arts (www.visionicarts.com) The Idea Workshop University of Toronto – New College |7
  8. 8. LetsStopAIDS | ArrêtonsLeSIDA 17 Henrietta Street Toronto, Ontario M6N 1S4 Email: info@LetsStopAIDS.org Phone: 416-231-2333 Toll free: 1-866-530-AIDS (2437) LetsStopAIDS (Children’s AIDS Health Program) is a registered Canadian charity. Canadian Charitable No. 86145 2639 RR0001 Designed in-kind by Debbie Yuen.