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  • Greeting, Introduce ourselves and our names. “We make a visual programming language to teach kids to code”
  • Jocelyn: anecdote about lego mindstorms vs pink purses. “We knew we had to build a toy that could appeal to girls too”
  • Jocelyn: Here’s what we’re going to talk about tonight.
  • Jocelyn: - literacy used to be reading, now that’s enough. - everything is code, point out devices in the room that are controlled by software? - 10 years ago people thought they had to teach their kids spanish or mandarin, now it’s code.
  • Jocelyn: - Computer Science is making its way into the curriculum - UK + other counties have mandated Computer Science education for all school kids 1st grade onwards. - NYC is piloting mandatory computer science education for middle and high school students - President Obama pledged 3.1 billion to improving STEM education in the US. In his state of the union address he issued a call to better equip graduates for the high tech economy.
  • Sam: - when you know how to program you can create anything. - This app is just for me and my roommate to split our household bills. - I also made an app that enters all my friends in the online lottery to win tickets to shakespeare in the park - another app creates a gym schedule with only yoga classes in my neighborhood. Next we’re gonna show you a video from Code.org
  • Sam: - coding is really scary and intimidating - get one little parenthesis wrong and your program won’t run - kids are really bad at typing
  • Sam: - Our visual programming language eliminates the need for syntax. You can just drag and drop blocks of code. - You’ll never get scary error messages.
  • Sam: - There are thousands of programming languages with different syntaxes - But once you know the basic constructs of computer science you can use them in any language - Loops, variables, branching logic etc.
  • Sam: - We built Hopscotch for tablet devices - Drag-and-drop is really tedious on the desktop but it’s fun on tablets - Kids love iPads, #1 most requested toy last Xmas - Growth is huge, 47% growth since 2012. Expected that 54% of online Americans will have a tablet by 2014.
  • Jocelyn: - I used to be a teacher and I found that project-based learning was really effective - Kids feel very empowered when they create something through code - Huge desire to show off what they made.
  • Wolfsonian presentation

    1. 1. What we do. How we got started. How it works.
    2. 2. Coding is the new literacy
    3. 3. An essential part of education.
    4. 4. It’s a superpower.
    5. 5. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    6. 6. So why don’t more people learn to code? (scary hard code syntax)
    7. 7. Hopscotch makes it easy for kids to code.
    8. 8. The building blocks of all programming languages.
    9. 9. Targeting the right platform.
    10. 10. The focus is on creating.
    11. 11. Questions?