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High Risk Merchant Services


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Discover if your high risk Merchant & learn how our high risk merchant services can help.

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High Risk Merchant Services

  1. 1. High Risk Merchant Services Discover if Your High Risk & Learn How We Can Help In Partnership with Choice Merchant Services
  2. 2. High Risk Merchant Services Getting approved to accept credit and debit cards can be really difficult if your business falls into the class of being high risk. Being labeled a high risk merchant can occur as a result of several things: • Operating a business that has a history of credit card fraud and charge backs • Operating a business outside of the United States • You or your company having bad credit history • Operating in an industry that has a history of needing high risk merchant services
  3. 3. The Ugly Truth of High Risk Merchant Services Imagine having 3-4 months worth of credit card receipts being withheld from you. Did you know that most merchant services providers can do that? And withhold funds from your business in the event that your account is red-flagged? Read the fine print in your current agreements to fully understand what your merchant services provider can do, and what legal recourse you’ll have, if any. If you fall into a high risk merchant category for any reason, you will want a high risk merchant services account that can help protect you from having your own financial assets frozen and kept from you.
  4. 4. Wondering if You’re a High Risk Merchant? No problem. Request a merchant services processing quote and a representative will ask you a few questions that will enable us to develop a specialized merchant services solution for your unique needs. Discover the free merchant services equipment available from Choice Merchant Services.