Plants vs. zombies FULL guide


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Plants vs. zombies FULL guide

  1. 1. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Full Guide of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a tower defense and Facebook social game developed by PopCap, where you’ll need to grow and plant plants to keep those zombies off your lawn! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game. Quick Start Guide Getting started Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is free to play, and can be played by clicking the “Play Now!” option at the top of this page. When you start Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Crazy Dave will show you through a short tutorial to explain the basics of the game. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures basics The basics of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures are simple: there is a group of zombies, there
  2. 2. is your house (or car, or shed), and there is an army of plants you use to keep the zombies away. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures has two main parts: your home, where you grow your plants, and Road Trip, where you fight zombies along the way.
  3. 3. At the start of each round, you see which zombies you are about to face. Think about your strategy for defeating them, and based on that, choose which plants and which boosters you want to take.
  4. 4. Then, just start planting! Remember, you need sun to plant your plants, so it is usually best to start with a Sunflower.
  5. 5. Home basics Your home area consists of several lots, where you can build homes, sheds, and other buildings to collect coins, and you can also grow your plants to use in battle in the Planter boxes. Each lot consists of one or more structures by itself, but you can also build extra buildings on the available spaces, or move buildings around to better accommodate your zombie neighborhood watch.
  6. 6. Zombies, however, are always hungry for brainz, so if you're not on the Road Trip, they will simply come to your home for dinner instead (or are sent there by your friends!). Be sure to plant defenses on your lots; if the zombies reach your house or other structures, they will have to be repaired, and will not generate coins, boosters or other extras while you're away.
  7. 7. If you're lucky, or play Plants vs. Zombies Adventures often enough, the zombies will attack while you are at home. Now you can fight alongside your plants, aiding them with Plant Perk, Zombi Freeze, or by reviving your fallen plants. Use your brainz to outsmart those zombies! Battle strategies First, while you are choosing your plants, you will want to assess your playing field. What are the danger points? Where do the paths intersect? What might be good places for your plants to cover as much of the zombies' paths as possible? Usually, I like to start by planting a Sunflower, a first attack plant, and then two other Sunflowers. This way, you can start producing sun early on, while for instance a Peashooter or a Beet protects your Sunflowers from the first wave of zombies. The most important question you will always want to ask yourself is: do I have all my lanes covered? You can plant plants, squirt Zombi Freeze and use boosters all you like, but if there
  8. 8. is a weak point where not enough plants are covering your lanes, the zombies will bite their way through your defenses. The second most important question to ask is: have I placed my plants so that they optimally cover nearby lanes? If you look at the example below, in the first scenario, the amount of spaces covered by the Peashooter is the same; but in the second scenario, the Peashooter also covers any zombies that appear on the bottom path. Intersections or paths just one or two squares apart are a great strategic advantage for us zombie poppers. Zombies from multiple paths are funneled here, where you can put as much firepower as money – or Suns – can buy. Be sure to place a Wall-nut on the intersection to stop the zombies in their tracks, and leave them open for your plants to attack them even longer.
  9. 9. TIP: make sure to place your attack plants next to a Wall-nut, so that the zombie will try to eat the stronger Wall-nut instead of your defensively weaker attack plants. To aid you in your battle against the zombies, you have two special spray bottles you can use: PLANT PERK and ZOMBI FREEZE. Using either costs 25 Sun per spray, and the effect will last for 5 seconds, but you can use it as often as you want. Plant Perk is sprayed on a plant and increases both the offensive and the defensive stats of that plant. It will take zombies longer to eat a plant, while the plant's attacks to the zombies are stronger. Zombi Freeze is sprayed on a Zombie and will stop the zombie in its tracks for 5 seconds. Boosters At the beginning of each level, you can choose one of the boosters you have collected in your home yard. These are the first three boosters you unlock, and some tips on how to use them: Lawnmower: gives you a set of (replenishable) lawn mowers at the end of each path, to run over any zombies that make it past your defenses as a last resort. Zombie zapper: stops all the zombies on screen for 5 seconds. Make sure as many zombies as possible are within reach of your plants before using. Garden glove: moves a plant to a different position. Especially useful if you have just one really strong plant, and an unguarded path with zombies. Challenge your brainz Thanks to the superior brain power we have over our undead brethren, most zombie attacks
  10. 10. are pretty good to defend against. But popping zombies can get old at times, so why don't you try and go for some of the secret achievements? These are either unlocked by achieving them a first time (you will get the achievement the second time), or over time, as you earn other achievements. Want some ideas? Why don't you try to win a level: using only one type of plant using exactly two plants without having more than 200 Sun at any point by going into battle without selecting all the plants you have available These achievements can change per level by the way, so be creative! Congratulations! You have completed the quick start guide for Plants vs. Zombies Adventures by PopCap. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo. Link to Play Planst Vs. Zombies Game: - Plants Vs. Zombies - Plants Vs. Zombies 2