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            “Political & Physical Features of Canada”
Geography Of Canada Study Guide
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Geography Of Canada Study Guide


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Geography Of Canada Study Guide

  1. 1. Name: _______________________ “Political & Physical Features of Canada” Study Guide Part One: Use the map of Canada ON THE BACK OF THIS PAPER to label the provinces, territories, & physical features that we’ve studied in class. 1. Label all of the provinces & territories listed below on the FIRST map of Canada. British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland & Labrador Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut 2. Label all of the physical features listed below on the SECOND map of Canada: Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence Seaway Hudson Bay Rocky Mountains Canadian Shield Great Lakes Arctic Ocean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part Two: Use your Physical Features of Canada Notes to answer the following questions. 3. Describe the Canadian Shield: 4. Describe the Pacific Ocean: 5. Describe the St. Lawrence Seaway: 6. Where does the majority of Canada’s population live? Why? 7. What are Canada’s 3 Prairie Provinces? Why are they called this? 8. What are three of Canada’s environmental concerns? 9. What are Canada’s two types of political divisions called?