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Social Media Isn't New


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This was the presentation that accompanied my session hosted by the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.

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Social Media Isn't New

  1. 1. Social Media Isn’t NewNathan or or CoffeeNate
  2. 2. Access your FREE pages!Google Places
  3. 3. Creating specials creates BUZZ!
  4. 4. My encounter with Arby’s
  5. 5. My encounter with Arby’s
  6. 6. The results...
  7. 7. Any Questions Yet?
  8. 8. - 850,000,000 ACTIVE USERS- That’s about 24X the population of Canada- 30,000 Users in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario- 95% Of time spent on social media sites
  9. 9. Facebook’s Edge RankPosts that include images increase fan interaction by %100!
  10. 10. That means 94% of conversations are IGNORED!
  11. 11. Ways to acquire new followers for free- Include the full url of your page on receipts and anyprinted materials, and any other promotional materials- If you run traditional television or radio spots, carrythe conversation onto your social streams- Integrate your website and blog to send traffic toyour profiles.
  12. 12. Timeline is Here ...and you don’t have a choice
  13. 13. Facebook Timeline Tips1. Upload a cover photo*Cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels.2. Use a clearly branded profile pictureUse a high-quality image that scales from 180 x 180 pixelsto 32 x 32 pixels thumbnail image. Your profile picturefollows your business or organization on Facebook as athumbnail image in news feed stories, ads, and featuredstories.3. Pin a post each weekPin an important story to the top of your Page eachweek. Posts can stay pinned for up to seven days.4. Arrange your views and appsChoose the other three views and apps you want toappear by default on your Page. You can include up to 12views and apps.
  14. 14. Facebook Timeline Tips5. Post daily to your PageAlthough you can pin a post to the top of your Page,continue to post daily to engage your audience.(90% of engagement is in the newsfeed!)6. Manage your Page through the admin panelUse the admin panel to view Page Insights, keep track ofnew activity and respond to personal messages.*Cover photos cannot include: A. Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or“Download it at our website”. B. Contact information such as a website address, email,mailing address, or information that should go in yourPage’s “About” section. C. References to Facebook features or actions, such as“Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the coverphoto to any of these features. D. Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell yourfriends”.Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and mustnot infringe on third parties’ intellectual property
  15. 15. Target By Geographic Region, or Language
  16. 16. “Star” Important Posts
  17. 17. “Pin” Posts to the top
  18. 18. New Admin Panel
  19. 19. Common Mistakes- Posting frequency (1-2 posts/day MAX)- Linking twitter to facebook NEVER DO THIS!!!!- Only text posts- Too much text...people hate reading!- Being inconsistent- Using personal profiles for business. (barf) - Only 27% of ‘fans’ want the brand to have ANYaccess to their information.- Focusing on the number of ‘fans’ you have
  20. 20. Any Questions Yet?
  21. 21. 6years old500M+ Users200M + tweets per dayMicro-blogging platform140 character messagesNo permission needed to ‘follow’ other usersWild Wild West of Social Media
  22. 22. Little known twips 90% of users do not know this...If you begin a tweet with @username, the only peoplewho will see it, are the person you mentioned, and yourmutual followersThis feature is great, because it reduces theamount of ‘noise’ in other people’s stream
  23. 23. Little known twips You should visit DAILY!!!
  24. 24. Little known twipsDon’t limit your searches for those ofyour brand name or immediate market. Also search for...-Related fringe markets-Competitor’s Brand-The ‘Firehose’ of your geo-location-Popular ‘hashtags’ in your marketUtilize ‘saved searches’
  25. 25. Common Mistakes- Using tools that auto-DM new followers- Auto-Tweeting to excess- Failing to listen before speaking- Using ‘push tactics’ instead of creating a ‘pull’- Losing your cool, be professional- Blast messages rather than building a following
  26. 26. Question Time!