LinkedIn: Enhancing Your Profile, Job Seeking, Sales Prospecting & Promoting Your Business


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Tips for Enhancing Your Profile in LinkedIn; Strategies for Job Seekers; Using LinkedIn for Sales & Marketing and Promoting Your Business

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LinkedIn: Enhancing Your Profile, Job Seeking, Sales Prospecting & Promoting Your Business

  1. 1. SEK&Co LinkedIn TrainingInformation and training provided by Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC is intended for reference only. As the information is designed solely to provide guidance to the participants, it is not intended to be asubstitute for someone seeking personalized professional advice based on specific factual situations.Although Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC and its Members, managers andstaff make no warranties, expressed or implied, on the information provided. The participant accepts the information as is and assumes all responsibility for the use of such information
  2. 2. Useful LinkedIn Statistics• Over 200 M users on LinkedIn worldwide• Over 2.4 M “C” level executives• Over 4.8 M business owners• 70% of people follow links posted byfriends & family
  3. 3. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI,espouses the “givers gain”philosophy.Growing Your Network,helping promote YOU
  4. 4. Introduce people who haven’t had anopportunity to meet on their own. Youcan do this online just as easily as youmight do it at a chamber mixer.Growing Your Network,helping promote YOU
  5. 5. Helping promote You• If you don’t have a profile photo, add one• If you don’t like yours, get a new one• Make sure it’s professional• You’re leaving digital footprints• Rule of thumb for posts…
  6. 6. Helping promote You,Complete Your Profile• Your profile shows a percentage ofcompletion– Make sure it’s 100%• This could take a while• 60 minute split over several sessions should do it• Think of this as your billboard on the web• Certifications & accomplishments
  7. 7. Helping promote You,Connect with Affinity Groups QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisors® AICPA/MACPA/PICPA AAM/PKF/AMA You’ll get useful posts You can also make useful posts
  8. 8. Helping promote You,Connect with Your Co-workers• Synergies• Leveraging personal networks• Multiplication: 200 * 150 = 30,000– Intra-company N/W >= 30K people– Who do you know…– Prospects for Joel, Kristi, Steve L?
  9. 9. Helping promote You,Follow Your Company Page• Follow your old companies• Follow thought leaders (Cos) in your sector• Get your clients to follow your page• More followers = > visibility for your firm
  10. 10. Connect with Your Clients (& Prospects)• Great way of keeping them informed• Tax, BV, TPA, regular updates keep themengaged• Easy channel to communicate tips, tricks &FAQs
  11. 11. Follow Your Clients’ & Prospects’Company Pages• Learn more about them• Research them before you engage them• You may get information sooner thru thischannel than thru other sources
  12. 12. Connect with Former Colleagues• They could be future clients• They could be referral sources• Keep them informed about what you’redoing
  13. 13. Connect with Friends & Family• Who has a greater interest in yoursuccess?• Their networks could yield valuableconnections or referrals• They can be great cheerleaders
  14. 14. Connect with College Classmates• Undergraduate• Graduate school• Professional development coursework• “Leadership” programs
  15. 15. Ask for Endorsements• You should begin cultivating endorsementsfrom clients• The value of advertising is being eroded byendorsements in the social media sphere• Formal recommendations versusendorsing particular skills
  16. 16. Target & Wish List Accounts• Learn more about them• Follow the page• Gain insight on firm management• Connect with folks to whom they’reconnected
  17. 17. Use LinkedIn for Research• Competitors• Prospects• Industry segments, niches• Who your clients are connected to– Referral opportunities
  18. 18. Why LinkedIn can be great topromote your business• All your connections have an opportunity to followyour business. Do they?• If they follow the link to your company, will they findsomething compelling?• They’ll form an opinion. Will it be positive?• Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to takeadvantage of this opportunity?
  19. 19. Setting Up a Company Page• Choose Product or Service• Pick a Category• Name Your Product or Service• Add an Image of your Service• Describe your Service
  20. 20. Setting Up a Company Page• List Key Features• Add a URL for the Service• Add a Contact for Your Company• Add a Promotion for the Service• Add a YouTube Video• Publish
  21. 21. Promoting a Company Page•• Promote your co. page through ads• PPC campaigns• Pick who you want to reach
  22. 22. Promoting a Company Page• Measure your results• Follower Insights• Page Insights• Employee Insights
  23. 23. • Company Pages provide a forum for talking aboutyour firm’s products & services• This is a great vehicle where prospects can learnabout your products and services• More importantly – they can also learn what yourCUSTOMERS say about your products & servicesWhy LinkedIn can be great topromote your business
  24. 24. • LinkedIn jobs appear in search results & on Twitter• LinkedIn – its own search engine (for jobs & cos) –• don’t use at your own peril• It’s free – why not HELP your prospects, leads andpotential employees find you?Why LinkedIn can be great topromote your business
  25. 25. • LinkedIn updates on your company page reach allyour followers• informational or promotional• Updates can also involve calls to action• Services/Products and include calls to action• Services/Products can include clientrecommendations & video testimonialsWhy LinkedIn can be great topromote your business
  26. 26. (Ed – this is your screen shot. I have the Basic account and you have SalesExecutive, so I don’t think I can get this on my screen)
  27. 27. LinkedIn for Job Search