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Leadership Franklin County Slide show for Cumberland Valey Chapter of SHRM

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  • Thank the organization for the opportunity to speak about Leadership Franklin County. Introduce yourself: Name Employer Year graduated from LFC Ask who else is the room is a Leadership Franklin County alumnus – have them stand and stay standing. Ask who has sent employees through the program – have them also stand and remain standing. Ask who has been involved in LFC as a project sponsor, mentor, coach, faculty member, or in some other way involved with the program – have them also stand. Invite everyone in the room to notice how many people present have been impacted by LFC since its inception in 1986.
  • Leadership Franklin County is composed of 3 programs – Community, Youth, and Advanced. The Youth Program is based on the Community Program and is offered free to 24 10th graders in Franklin County. All Franklin County schools are welcome to participate. The Advanced Program is open to anyone and brings in a National Speaker each year to address Leadership Topics. Speakers have included Lance Secretan, Steve Arneson, & Scott Eblin. The third and oldest program is the Community Program which I am going to speak about today.
  • Read aloud with slide;
  • Read aloud with slide;
  • Read aloud with slide;
  • The curriculum consists of 8 day long sessions meeting once a month from October until May and a September retreat on Friday evening & Saturday. Feel free to ad lib about the sessions, but here’s a script if you need it Leadership Styles: Students learn about their own style, the styles of others and how that impacts interactions. Change Management:: Students become aware of their approach and response to change, and how to successfully deal with it. Project Planning: Students learning project planning basics to help them with their projects. Educational Issues: Students visit a county school and learn about issues in education at a variety of levels: elementary, secondary, and higher education, and discuss challenges, successes, and future needs. Diversity: Students learn about diversity issues and how it impacts the workplace and community. Politics: The class meets and interacts with a few of our local politicians. Past participants have included Rob Kauffman, Pete Lagiavone, Robert Thomas, David Keller, Bob Ziobrowski and Rich Alloway. Power Uses & Abuses: The class looks at all types of power, and discusses how they see power played out in their lives and the world. Franklin County History: The students climb a bus with a local history expert, and visit the sites around the county where history has been made. Ethics (“Servant Leadership”): A panel of community leaders talk about ethics in their various professions, and pose thought provoking questions and scenarios to the group. FYI: Other sessions not listed here include: Overview of Franklin County Tour PR, Fundraising, and Grant Writing Non-Profit Organizations Law Enforcement Health of Franklin County Arts in the Community
  • Review each faculty member on this slide;
  • Point out a few presenters on this slide;
  • DISCUSSION POINTS Class is divided into several project teams. Project Selections come about as a result of Requests For Proposals sent to organizations throughout the County and from past program years. Planning: Students receive training on project planning, have time between their half-day sessions to work on their projects, and also meet outside of program hours. Execution: The goal for all project teams is to select a project that can be implemented before graduation. Some projects, however, take longer. And at times, there are projects that don’t make it to implementation, either because the scope was too large or because of unforeseen circumstances. However everything results in learning, the ultimate goal. Feel free to ad lib about your own project experience here.
  • Point out a few of the implemented LFC Projects on this page;
  • Add your own testimonial while showing pictures.
  • More pics – your testimonial
  • Class of 2012 and their projects IceFest 10th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet Polar Plunge Dunk Tank – IceFest Fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club American Cancer Society Relay for Life Marketing Project Chambersburg Rotary Community Needs Assessment
  • Review this slide point by point; Ask for and field any questions. Possible questions with answers: Q: How many scholarships are there? A: Currently 3 (Athena Network, Alumni Scholarship, Terry Punt Memorial Scholarship). We’re always working on developing more! (invite the endowment!) Q: How many allowed in a class? A: 20-25 Q: When are sessions? A: During the day, one day (normally a Wednesday) per month October thru May with retreat in Sept. (Fri Eve. & Sat all day – not overnight). (Add more to notes as they come up)
  • Thank organization for allowing you to present. Ask if any questions.
  • Leadership Franklin County (PA) Presentation

    1. 1. Leadership Franklin CountyEmpowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    2. 2. What is Leadership Franklin County? 3 programs that reach out to the community Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    3. 3. What is LFC - Community?A nine-month leadership development program builds personal and team leadership skills Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    4. 4. What is LFC - Community?A nine-month leadership development program creates awareness of County strengths and issues Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    5. 5. What is LFC - Community?A nine-month leadership development program positions graduates to lead and serve in their organizations, professions, and communities Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    6. 6. Curriculum Leadership Change Styles Mgmt. Project Planning Ethics FC … and more! Educational History Issues Diversity Power Politics Uses Ethics & Abuses Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    7. 7. LFC Faculty Includes Tim Bob Dr. AmyRockwell Whitmore Elizabet HicksMercersburg Manito h Franklin Historian George Co. MACWell United Way Tim, twice a National Bob, CEO of Liz brings a Endowment for Manito, Inc., hands on view of Amy, United Way the Humanities conducts the healthcare and of Franklin Fellow at the kick-off and shares her County Executive Smithsonian , wrap-up experiences Director, lends offers his teambuilding developing her expertise by knowledge as sessions and community health conducting thethe tour director facilitates programs in session on in Power Uses Healthcare of Non Profit History of & Abuses Franklin Organizations Franklin County County Tour Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    8. 8. And Other Talented Community & Business Leaders BillTim Rockwell Mike Amy Hicks Gour Mercersburg Ross United Way Greencastle Historian FCADC Chamber Dr. Eric Michael Mike Ross Eric Chambersburg Shawn Meyers Franklin Oyer Area School Steiger, Steiger & County AreaBorough Manager District Meyers Development Corporation Kim Shockey Kim Cathy Dussman Dane AnthonyFirst National Shockey Bank Chambersburg Franklin County Area School District Sheriff 1st National Bankof Greencastle of Greencastle Dr. Tom Rob KauffmanShaun Witmer County Anderson Local Elected Manito Commissioners Summit Health Official Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    9. 9. Community ProjectsSelection Planning Execution • During• County-wide program year • Training RFPs • After • Class time• Past project program year concepts • Extra-curricular • Lessons• Project team time learned passions Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    10. 10. Past LFC Projects American Cancer Society Relay for Life Publicity Campaign, 2012 Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Franklin County, 1997 Big Brothers / Big Sisters School Based Mentoring Program, 2004 Bike Rodeo, 2005 Career and Technology Center Gap Analysis, 2005 Career and Technology Center “New Image”, 1996 Chambersburg, Downtown Revitalization, 1994 Children’s Illnesses and theFinancial Burden to Their Parents, 1999 Community Promotion to Prospective and New Residents, 1993 Community Service H.S. Graduation Program, 1999 Computers, New Life for Old, 1996 Connor Kirby Infant Memorial Foundation, 2005 Cults in the Franklin County Area, 1994 Cyber Center, Franklin County, 1997 Deer Conservation Education, 2001 Diversity in Youth, 2004Downtown Beautification, 2006 Downtown Beautification, 2007 Downtown Countdown (New Year’sEve Celebration), 2006 Drug Problems in Franklin County, 1996 Education, Outcome Based, 1993 Ethnic Food Festival and Cindo de Mayo Celebration, 2006 EMT and Firefighter Volunteer Workforce, 1998 Festival of Trees, 2004 Financial Life Skills Awareness, 2003 Flags Across America (Memorial Park Flag), 2000 Founding Fathers Memorial Statue, 2003 Health Fair at Scotland School, 2007 IceFest Dunk Tank, 2012 IceFest Scavenger Hunt, 2011 In-Line HockeyArena, Project Slap Shot, 1998 (Leadership Franklin Co. Marketing Materials) Marketing Assistant, 2003 Library Fund Raiser (Coyle Free Library), 1995 Mentorship Programs, 1995 Minority and Women Owned Businesses in Franklin County, 2002 Montessori Academy Community Outreach Program 2011, Music Fundraiser for School District (Phantom of the Opera), 2007 No World Tobacco Day, 2010 Roadspike Device, 1999 Sylvan Learning Center Scholarships for HispanicChildren, 2000 (Teen Activities Board) Extreme Kids, 2001 Teens Realizing Useful Skills Together – TRUST, 2000 Website for Franklin County, 1997 Workforce Development in Franklin County, 2001 Volunteerism Declining Due to Apathy, 1993 Youth Assets in the Community – YAC (Summit), 2002 Youth Services Directory, 1998 (Youth Socializing Facility) Nothing To Do, 1994 Youth Leadership Conference, 2010 Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    11. 11. Session Scenes Downtown Mercersburg Students learn about Franklin County History.Team building exercises at Manito duringorientation weekend retreat.
    12. 12. Education inFranklin CountyFCCTC Tour Non-profits in Franklin County Waynesboro Daycare Center Tour
    13. 13. Leadership Franklin County Class of 2012 Chambersburg Rotary Community Assessment
    14. 14. Program Details•Program runs from September through May•Program Tuition: $1200• Scholarships Available• Reserve a Slot in Next Year’s Class Today!• www.franklincountyworks.com Leadership Call Robin Harmon, Program Coordinator, Leadership Franklin County 717-264-7101Leadership Franklin County is a program of the The Greater ChambersburgChamberFoundation, a 501(c) (3) corporation organized exclusively for charitable,educational, and cultural purposes which provides a mechanism to establish, administer, andfinance programs to meet the community’s crucial and changing needs in line with the goals ofthe Chamber of Commerce. Empowering Communities. Encouraging Others.
    15. 15. Leadership Franklin CountyEmpowering Communities. Encouraging Others.