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Building an A-Team - I Love It When a Team Comes Together


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Craig Smith presentation from Agile Australia 2010. High performing teams are something that all organisations aspire to, but how exactly do you turn a team from good to great? There is much discussion in the community about management versus leadership, working in a factory versus embracing a tribe and how to motivate a new generation of employees. In this presentation we will look at these topics and determine what makes a high performing team, how Agile techniques can help, what tools and techniques you can use to create this environment and how you can measure performance.

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Building an A-Team - I Love It When a Team Comes Together

  1. 1. Building an A-Team: I Love It When A Team Comes Together Craig Smith Suncorp
  2. 2. Welcome Image:
  3. 3. The A-Team (The original one, not that remake...) Image:
  4. 4. Back to basics Image: /
  5. 5. “A” is for agile: Umbrella term Image:
  6. 6. Agile Manifesto
  7. 7. Agile Pyramid Approach Practices Principles Values Image:
  8. 8. Core Agile Values Trust Innovative Accountability Courage Honesty Image:
  9. 9. It’s All About Culture Image:
  10. 10. Definition:Team “A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable” (Katzenbach & Smith) Image: content/uploads/2008/10/katzenbach-smith_3670.jpg
  11. 11. “Results” (Drucker) Image:
  12. 12. Defining an A Team Image:
  13. 13. Image: Well-defined focus
  14. 14. Image: Small teams
  15. 15. Image: Commitment to self
  16. 16. Image: Complementary support
  17. 17. Image: Image: Collective intelligence
  18. 18. Image: Communication
  19. 19. Image: Control
  20. 20. Image: Continuous improvement
  21. 21. Image: Rhythm
  22. 22. Identifying a not-so A-Team Image:
  23. 23. Stuck Image:
  24. 24. Missed delivery Image:,0.jpg
  25. 25. Culture of blame Image:
  26. 26. Punch clockers Image:
  27. 27. How Agile Practices help A-Teams Image:
  28. 28. Focussing Question
  29. 29. Success Sliders
  30. 30. Image: Daily standup
  31. 31. Image: Retrospective
  32. 32. Image: Co-location
  33. 33. Project Sponsor Project Manager Program Manager Consultants Iteration Manager Team lead Comms Officer Busines Core Team Member Owner Team Quality Assurance Bus. SME Project Officer Team Specialist Support Other key Analyst stakeholders Extended Team Image Cross functional team
  34. 34. Image: Continuous feedback
  35. 35. Image: Sustainable pace
  36. 36. Image: Pair programming
  37. 37. Image: Coach
  38. 38. Image: Agile helps... but...
  39. 39. Thinking about leadership Image: gPJD/Hannibal_a- team.jpeg.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=1C9REJR1EMRZ83Q7QRG2&Expires=1284295305&Signature=k7jHsSjy1pZgdIqqFyN2uUB%2 FM94%3D
  40. 40. Factories & Tribes Image:
  41. 41. Carrots Image:
  42. 42. Generation * are different Image:
  43. 43. Leadership Aspirations Image:
  44. 44. Motivation of A-Teams Image:
  45. 45. Hawthorne Effect Image:
  46. 46. Open Source Image:
  47. 47. Intrinsic Motivation Autonomy - the desire to direct our own lives Mastery - the urge to get better and better at something that matters Purpose - the desire to do what we do in the Image: content/uploads/2010/05/098_extrinsic-motivators.jpg service of something larger than ourselves Pink-Surprise1.jpg
  48. 48. Fedex / Hackathon / ... Image:
  49. 49. 20% Time Image:
  50. 50. HR Reloaded Image: Netflix has no vacation policy or tracking! “There is no clothing policy at Netflix, but no one has come to work naked lately.” (Patty McCord, Netflix)
  51. 51. Performance Reviews Image:
  52. 52. Innovation Image:
  53. 53. Measure your A-Team Image:
  54. 54. Happy People Image:
  55. 55. Passion & Craft Image:
  56. 56. Own the business Image:
  57. 57. Safe to fail Image:
  58. 58. Wrap up (or what can I do to get my own A-Team) Image:
  59. 59. Image: Purpose
  60. 60. Image: Skilled cooperative team
  61. 61. Image: Practices
  62. 62. Image: Leadership
  63. 63. Image: Motivation
  64. 64. Image: Performance
  65. 65. Image: Delivery
  66. 66. Do you work on or lead an A-Team? If not, what’s stopping you? Image: poster.jpg
  67. 67. Questions ?? Craig Smith @smithcdau Suncorp is one of Australia and New Zealand's largest diversified financial services providers, supplying banking, insurance and wealth management products to around 9 million customers through well- established and recognised brands such as AAMI, Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency, Shannons, Vero, Asteron and Tyndall, as well as Suncorp and GIO. Today, Suncorp is Australia's fifth largest bank and second largest domestic general insurance group, with over 16,000 staff. Suncorp has representation in 450 offices, branches and agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. ( The Agile Academy is the next wave in Agile learning and collaboration. Designed for IT professionals, the Agile Academy is a knowledge hub that promotes Agile related learning, knowledge sharing and capability development across the IT industry. We offer an integrated curriculum of leading edge courses across the entire solution development life cycle, covering all roles at varying levels. (