Do you flubaroo #ililc4


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How to create google forms and marking script flubaroo

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Do you flubaroo #ililc4

  1. 1. Do you flubaroo? Automatic marking!
  2. 2. Click here to begin Creating a Google form
  3. 3. Select Form
  4. 4. Select a theme and give your form a title
  5. 5. Your form should look a little like this. Put your question here…
  6. 6. There are a variety of ways a student can answer your question. Click here…
  7. 7. Choose how you would like your students to answer
  8. 8. When you have chosen click required question and then done Click done when you have finished Click required question
  9. 9. This button allows you to edit a question This one is to delete the question
  10. 10. Add item allows you to add your next question
  11. 11. At the end of your form you can add a message to say that it is complete
  12. 12. This is the form you have just created This is the spreadsheet where the answers from your students will be collected