How To Rappel


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How To Rappel

  1. 1. Instructional slide show created by Scott Smith
  2. 2.  Put on the harness  The belay loop goes in front  The legs go in the leg loops  Pull up the waist band Put on the helmet Put on gloves Tighten all straps so that only three fingers fit between the straps and the user Make sure you double back all straps Put carabineers and rappel or belaying devices on the harness via gear loops or belay loop
  3. 3.  Using webbing, rope, daisy chain, etc. to secure yourself to the top Safety Rope of cliff while you work on the remainder of the preparation work Use the bowline to tie in
  4. 4.  The anchor holds the rope to the top of cliff See the page concerning anchors to learn how to properly prepare an anchor Never rappel of an anchor that you do not trust
  5. 5.  Attach a carabineer to your anchor Run your rope halfway through the carabineer Throw the ends over the cliff Make sure the rope touches the bottom with plenty of slack left for belaying Make sure that the rope will not rub up against any sharp edges during a rappel
  6. 6.  Pull the rope back to the top of the cliff Pass both strands through the big hole and loop them over the shaft and lock it to the harness using a locking carabineer Make sure the loose end of the rope hangs at the side of your dominant hand
  7. 7.  In addition to the person on the ground belaying, Dominant Hand Locking Rope you can also stop yourself from falling When repelling you keep your non-dominant hand on the rope that goes to the anchor and your dominant hand on the loose rope To stop mid rappel, you squeeze the loose rope in your dominant hand and pull it underneath yourself
  8. 8.  Call “On belay,” to the person belaying you when you are ready Do not move to the edge of the cliff until you get the respond, “Belay on” form the person belaying Next, unclip from the safety harness
  9. 9.  Back up to the edge of the cliff Lock yourself in place and lean back over the cliff You legs should be perpendicular to the cliff when in the ready position Call “on rappel” to the person belaying When they are ready, they will respond “rappel on” Do not start to rappel until you get a response
  10. 10.  Bend your legs and push of the wall Loosen your grip with your dominant hand to begin to descend  You can control how fast you descend by varying how much brake you are putting on Keep your legs perpendicular to the cliff during the entire rappel Continue to bounce off the cliff using your legs until you reach the bottom You may also walk yourself down the cliff if you prefer that to bounding down
  11. 11.  After landing call “off belay” to the person belaying Once they respond with “belay off” you can unclip the belay device and remove it from the rope
  12. 12.  The final step is to recover the rope This will vary depending on how you set up the anchor The method used here just requires you to pull on one of the end of the ropes hanging down You loose a carabineer at each rappel with this method, but you save a lot of time