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  1. 1. House at Ardee CityPalm floors By Smita Polite
  2. 2. Entrance-(the window right behind is the downstairs bedroom
  3. 3. Going inside will enter the door on the left. The french windows on right open from the drawing room
  4. 4. On entering u see the door to the bedroom on the left & kitchen straight ahead
  5. 5. You enter the bedroom. The bathroom door is on the right side
  6. 6. Getting out of the bedroom you see an entrance to the drawing room
  7. 7. When u turn left u see stairs going up to the first floor and the kitchen door wt the glass
  8. 8. You enter the kitchen (the door u see here leads to the backyard)
  9. 9. When u turn left u see the slabs and the counter
  10. 10. You come out of the kitchen and see this area and you go back towards the drawing room door
  11. 11. You reach the drawing room door and enter
  12. 12. Once u enter this is the view u get on the right
  13. 13. And if u go back towards the gamlas this is the view u get of the drawing and the elevated dining space. The doors u see lead to the backyard
  14. 14. You go out into the backyard (the structure u see with a bit of dust on top is fr power back-up)
  15. 15. You go back in towards the dining area and there’s a door tht leads to the lobby downstairs next to the kitchen
  16. 16. This is the lobby that opens up. The door on the right is the one tht leads into the dining room
  17. 17. You climb up the stairs
  18. 18. And reach the lobby
  19. 19. On reaching if u take the door on this pic’s right where I am pointing
  20. 20. You see the door to the master bedroom which is to the left of the staircase when u climb up
  21. 21. You get in and enter the door to the left which leads to the walk in closet and bathroom but before u go there take a look at the balcony on the right door with the curtain leads up to it
  22. 22. The balcony of the masterbedroom
  23. 23. Go back to where I was standing in the walk-in closet
  24. 24. This is the master bathroom
  25. 25. The bathroom is fitted with a sauna (I am holding the door) and a steam/shower on my back
  26. 26. You go back to the lobby to go into another bedroom
  27. 27. You enter the bedroom towards right
  28. 28. This is the view u get once u enter
  29. 29. On the left from the windows is an entrance to the balcony shared with another room on the second floor
  30. 30. When u go back into the room u see the toilet
  31. 31. Inside the bathroom
  32. 32. Go back to the lobby to enter another room
  33. 33. Enter the other room whose windows lead to the balcony
  34. 34. You go back to the lobby and climb up towards the entrance of the terrace
  35. 35. On the landing this is the view u get of the terrace
  36. 36. When u open the terrace door and turn slightly towards your right this is the view u get
  37. 37. Turning towards left there’s a row of gamlas and other houses in ardee city in the background
  38. 38. The view from the terrace (a lot of construction is on)
  39. 39. U turn back left and see this
  40. 40. Along with the canopy like structure there’s a seating built of concrete with mattresses
  41. 41. U turn a bit left and get this view (the stools on the left are bar stools)
  42. 42. This is the bar counter
  43. 43. U move a bit ahead and see this room built for servant on the left
  44. 44. The view of the balcony in the master bedroom from the terrace. Notice the garbage from old houses being torn down