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Math Project for Mr. Medina's Class

Last project for Tech Connections

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Math Project for Mr. Medina's Class

  1. 1. Pre - Algebra By: Phoenix Smith
  2. 2. Pre - Algebra v Order of Operation v Combining Like Term v Box and Whiskers Plot v Stem and Leaf Plot
  3. 3. Order of Operation
  4. 4. ORDER OF OPERATION u  PEMDAS FB •  P [Parentheses] •  E [Exponents] •  M [Multiplication] •  D [Division] •  A [Addition] •  S [Subtraction] •  F [Fraction] B [Bar] u  The phase goes in order. In order of operation expressions: 1.  Work the expression in the parentheses 2.  Work the exponents 3.  Work the multiplication and division expressions 4.  Work the addition and subtraction expressions 5.  Finally work any fractions/ fraction bars u  Work the problem from left to right
  5. 5. Combining Like Terms
  6. 6. COMBINING LIKE TERMS u A process used to simplify an expression or an equation using addition and subtraction of coefficients of terms u To combine like terms the terms after the number have to match u 12x+7x  would work u 12x+7y  wouldn’t work because of the different terms, it would stay the same u If there is a negative before a like term when you combine it to the other like term treat it as a subtraction equation. EX.  12y  -­‐  (-­‐7y)  +  4x   u                                                                                                                       =  5y  +  4x   u If there are parentheses inside parentheses work it like an order of operation-combining like terms equation. EX.  x  +  2(x  –  [3x  –  8]  +  3)                                                                        =  x  +  2(x  –  1[3x  –  8]  +  3)                                                                        =  x  +  2(x  –  3x  +  8  +  3)                                                                        =  x  +  2(–2x  +  11)                                                                        =  x  –  4x  +  22                                                                        =  –3x  +  22  
  7. 7. Box and Whiskers
  8. 8. BOX AND WHISKERS PLOT u  Start by putting your data in numerical order from least to greatest u  Then find the median u  By doing this you create 2 halves one on the left and one on the right u  Find the median of half and the right half u  If the 2 halves have 2 median numbers you’ll add them then divide it by 2 u  Lastly find the lowest and the highest number u  You’ll use a number line to graph the numbers u  You’ll put the 3 medians and the lowest and highest numbers on the line and draw a vertical line through all the points u  The box will be of the 3 median lines u  Starting from the box on the left and the right you’ll draw a line connecting the outer numbers u  The line will be broken into 3 quartiles
  9. 9. Stem and Leaf !
  10. 10. STEM AND LEAF PLOT u A table that is split between the ones and the higher value. The ones as the leaves, higher place values as the stem. u Put the data in order from least to greatest u Put on the table chart from least to greatest u The stem starts at the lowest number’s highest value u The leaf starts from least to greatest left to right u Read the chart from left to right
  11. 11. Definitions v Order of Operation- a rule used to clarify which procedures should be performed first in a given mathematical expression. v Combining Like Terms- like terms are terms that have the same variables and powers. The coefficients do not need to match. Unlike terms are two or more terms that are not like terms, i.e. they do not have the same variables or powers. v Box and Whisker Plot- a graphic way to display the median, quartiles, and extremes of a data set on a number line to show the distribution of the data. v Stem and Leaf Plot- a display where the data is organized by place value.
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