SMISS PHP Portfolio - Software Outsourcing Services


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Here is presented SMISS portfolio of best PHP projects developed. If you need mor einformation - visit our website

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SMISS PHP Portfolio - Software Outsourcing Services

  1. 1. PHPPortfolio
  2. 2. lianjo.deOnline Auction PlatformDescription:The website is a modern and functional e-commerce platform for online auctions, allowingB2B and B2C sales transactions.Features: – ability to sell products in the form of auction or using catalog; – the system is integrated to the ERP; – ability to get customized reports; – bookkeeping functions; – ability to set up customized newsletters; – ability to create child online-shops with customizable design (53 design templates) and functions; – original CMS.Technologies used: original CMS, AJAX, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery,Mootools.
  3. 3. albstadt.deCity PortalDescription:Big information portal, the website of Albstadt city, Germany. The website contains the fullinformation about the city, places of interest and other information. The website wasmigrated to the new design and CMS.Features: – dynamic customization of the pages structure from back-end; – ability to register users of different levels; – online inquiry office; – convenient for citizens online lost and found; – original newsletters module; – ability to check the schedule of museums, exhibitions and other city institutions; – ability to register online for the fire safety courses; – opportunities for journalists: registration and PR downloads.Technologies used: CMS - MAC4, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.
  4. 4. altek-gmbn.deBusiness WebsiteDescription:Business website for the major German producer of details for industrial infrastructure.Features: – several product categories with their page templates; – ability to customize the structure and fields for each category; – dynamic formation of the tables with product articles and accessories; – three language localizations; – the descriptions of products are synchronized by language; – export of pages to .pdf; – ability to generate customized .pdf-catalogs with the chosen set of products.Technologies used: CMS – MAC4.5, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.
  5. 5. ihk-bildungshaus.deWebsite for the OrganizationDescription:The German localization of Chamber of Commerce organization. The website gives all theinformation about organization and courses it provides.Features: – online registration for the courses; – several options for registration: member, company, company employees; – the makeup was made in relative units which allow to view the pages in different scale; – ability to choose the different date of the same course; – fully dynamic managing of the main page (design and structure); – banners download module; – ability to import courses, their descriptions in .pdf and fliers from admin panel; – newsletters; – ability to download publications; – managing of users from back-end; – dynamic registration form for different courses.Technologies used: CMS – MAC4, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery.
  6. 6. aswohnbau.deRenting WebsiteDescription:The website is dedicated for posting renting offers advertisements. It is a big portal wherethe user can find a renting offer suiting his requirements and budget.Features: – dynamic managing of the renting offers; – several categories, automatic definition of the offers set in the each category; – feedback-form; – embedded Bing-maps; – ability to manage the contents and its structure through the admin panel; – export to .pdf; – ability to export renting offers to the different website.Technologies used: CMS – MAC4, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery.
  7. 7. eurocoupon.deAd Space Buying WebsiteDescription:Online platform for buying advertisement places in the brochure. The website has rich setof functions and user friendly interface for picking up and buying ad space in thebrochure for discount coupons.Features: – there are brochures templates where user can choose the ad spaces; – ability to register admen; – clickable form of ad space reservation; – after the order is sent, the bill is being generated; – ability to use standard coupon models.Technologies used: CMS – MAC4, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.
  8. 8. Cash System SmartyDescription:Cash System is a web-based solution for control and calculation site and assists theautomation of the trading process, which meets all international standards.The system allows for a clear accounting of money and goods, optimize inventory andassess theeffectiveness of sales, cut costs by accelerating the time-consuming operations, supervisethe work of cashiers, the sale, refund, payment through a bank(credit card), work withdiscount cards, variousschemes of discounts.Solution:The solution is built upon a Smarty web template system and jQuery framework. Thiscontributes to the creation of powerful and dynamic web-system.Smarty allows to define custom functions that can be accessed using Smarty tags. Smartygenerates web content by the placement of special Smarty tags within a document. Thesetags are processed and substituted with other code.jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting ofHTML. This contributes to the creation of powerful and dynamic web pages.Technologies used: AJAX, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery.
  9. 9. Community of the CampersDescription:Internet community of the campers. Web-site contains multiuser blogs, forum andinformation exchange about routs, parkings, etc. function based on Google Maps.Technologies used: original CMS, HTML/CSS, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API.
  10. 10. www.biglist.ruInternet Catalog of Goods and Services "Biglist"Description:Business catalog of goods and services in all cities in Russia. Has its own contentmanagement system with a variety of specific functions, including for search enginesoptimization, integration of the BEGUN system code taking intoaccount the features ofCatalog.Technologies used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, PEAR, MySQL.
  11. 11. Consorcium Law Office WebsiteDescription:The Consorcium Law Office corporate web-site with online consultancy system. Thewebsite has been designed with all functionality needed to serve the firms onlinepresence.Technologies used: CMS Typo3, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL.
  12. 12. www.kvartirniy-vopros.ruThe Online Catalog Kvartirnij VoprosDescription:The online ad catalog. There are content management system with voting modules,banner management system, SEO management system and others.Technologies used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, PEAR, MySQL.
  13. 13. Social Media for Business Contacts SearchDescription:The social media website allows to search for business contacts with the use of a wide setof additional functions.The website design has been created, the program part was realized on the base ofPHPIzabi. We also implemented the project into customers server.Technologies used: PHPIzabi, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.