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Competera - an automatic monitoring service for prices, promotions and product availability in online stores.

This product helps online retailers to make a market research on pricing. This helps to be more sensitive to market fluctuations and make daily re-pricing more wisely.

For manufacturers Competera brings another value: it helps them to monitor online retail infrastructure where their products are presented and control recommended retail prices.

Competera allows stores to increase sales for up to 60% because of optimized repricing process.

Vendors can get advantage of convenient recommended prices monitoring to keep the retail infrastructure healthy and transparent.

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Competera retailers presentation en

  1. 1. competera market analysis toolkit
  2. 2. competera +38 (044) Product price is a key factor of the online store customer’s choice. Taugh conditions of today’s market require constant price monitoring to determaine pricing policy of other market players. Timely and quality repricing of products is a pledge for success and high sales. ● constant presence of overpriced or underpriced items; low flexibility within real-time merket changes;● unsystematic work with prices and special● offers . Competera will save you from: With Competera you can always keep proper pricing and forget about: Losing your clients Low sales volume Stock accamulation
  3. 3. competera +38 (044) Our solution allows you never be wrong with your pricing any more! ● quickly determine overpriced or underpriced items; ● make daily repricing easily; ● launch special offers at a proper time; ● take your pricing process to a completely new level.
  4. 4. Pricing specialists Who will benefit from using Competera? competera Category managers Marketing department Director and owner Strategic monitoring of market deviations for creating the best pricing strategy. Working with quality data within customizable analytical reports. Deviations monitoring in pricing strategy by product category, brand or competitor. Easy repricing of huge product assortment. Quickly determine deviations in your competitors’ pricing strategies and make changes in time. Analysis of assortment and products popularity. Competera will let your online store team put pricing to a completely new level! +38 (044) Effective work with traffic sources, attention to products which are best- sellers.. Getting strategic information about marketing activities of your competitors to build your own marketing strategy properly. Monitoring of the general position of the company on the market. Control of the pricing quality and effectiveness. Strategic analysis of the market and team performance. $
  5. 5. competera +38 (044) Competera is a fully automated tool for comparative analysis of prices, assortmenta and special offars designed as a complex SaaS solution! ● Work quickly and react to market changes in time. ● Sell for higher prices underpriced items. ● Increase sales without overpricing. Our company has gone through the path from using our own solution for p ricing analysis to working with Competera. If compared with competitors, Competera provides flexible customization according to our needs, high level of technical support and high speed of customization realization for optimal prices. Thanks to the team for a great tool! Aleksandr Vasilenko,
  6. 6. competera +38 (044) How it works? competera Competitors online stores Data crawlers Data processing and storing Support team Online cabinet Directors Category managers Marketing team, analysts Pricing, marketing activities and assortment data collecting Data processing and storing, reports creation, changes adaptation Strategic reports, analytical reports for category managers, analysts and directors 1 2 3
  7. 7. +38 (044) We have our own technology of data mining which is being constantly improved and adopted to our clients’ goals Competera has a unique algorithm of items comparison, which is supported by manual matching process Absolutely simple in use, has intuitive interface and crear functions. This makes our product perfect for those who values their time. Why Competera? competera
  8. 8. competera +38 (044) ● Price, assortment and special offers monitoring; ● Quality data directly from websites; ● Ready-made analytical and operational reports; ● Daily notifications and multi-user access; ● Data export and API integration. Get Demo Very quickly, no fees and commitments
  9. 9. competera +38 (044) More than 100 online stores and vendors from 10 cpuntries are already using Competera and appreciating its advantages. Our clients say that Competera helped to optimize pricing and increase sales by 30-60%. One of the main conditions for successful business in eCommerce is effective and timely items repricing. We were surprised how the Competera team is dedicated to their product and to the quality of their services. This was a reason why we shifted from creating our own solution to using Competera. Stanislav Kondratiev,
  10. 10. competera +38 (044) More effective than manual monitoring - daily automated monitoring of big volumes of data in a user-friendly interface saves time and prevents mistakes. More high-tech than own solution - our product is being developed and supported by a big team of specialists, it works for you 24/7, getting and analysing data directly from websites. Huge cost reduction - Competera subscription allows to avoid costs for own team support and development of non-optimal infrastructure in your company. Competera advantages in comparison with alternatives
  11. 11. competera +38 (044) How to start? 1. Send request for proposal and agree the conditions with our sales team; 2. Determine items and websites for monitoring; 3. Get access to a personal online cabinet; 4. Get first reports within 24 hours.
  12. 12. competera +38 (044) Send us your request for proposal and get free access to a Demo cabinet now!
  13. 13. competera market analysis toolkit Contact information +380 44 392-06-75 Address Office 7B, 50-Artema Str. Kyiv, UkraineУкраина, 01135 +38 (044) 392-06-75