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  • Economies of scale: For travel agencies investing in their own mobile solutions, there are huge maintenance and investment costs this generates. With the m-Power, Amadeus can offer you long-term support, maintenance and functionality at a fraction of the price of in-house development.  
  • travellers want to be able to look up any information on the go, be informed by the various travel service providers, keep in touch with their friends, family colleagues, and generally be “connected” all the time.
  • Phase one application delivered for i-Phone Payment system Moons
  • Amadeus m-power the only GDS powered mobile application that offers you a new seamless selling channel on the mobile platform. Designed so that you can provide the end traveller with the full spectrum of content & services to meet their pre- trip, in- trip and post- trip needs.
  • Pre-Trip Meet Alex, a traveller who regularly uses m-Power for his business trips. He takes full advantage of the beginning to end mobile travel service, where he can search, book, change itinerary and much more…. This all in one solution makes it easier, faster and better for him to plan and fulfill his travel needs whilst on the move
  • Pre-Trip For a one way or return flight, only minimal search criteria are required. Alex simply enters the origin, destination, date and number of passengers. Results for flights are returned in seconds, and ordered by price. To help him make the choice that is best for him, Alex can then list, sort and filter the flights by different criteria such as departure time or airline, and thus make a speedy selection of the right flight.
  • In-Trip At any time Alex can securely log-on to view his upcoming trips and specific flight details. He uses his mobile phone number to log-on and receives an activation code via SMS. Travel details can then be accessed starting conveniently from the latest information viewed. To save time, Alex likes to check-in online whenever possible which he does as he receives an SMS message alert which includes the airline URL and booking reference. PS. Online check-in reminder: airline URL & booking reference included when available (not yet available for all airlines)
  • In-Trip So that Alex is also aware of any changes that may occur during his trips, he has paid an additional fee in order to receive flight notifications. As he travels often he is aware that last minute delays, gate and terminal changes, cancellations etc. are an inevitability, and he appreciates this value added service. Should there be any changes in his trip details and he needs to alert friends, family or colleagues, he uses the prepared editable texts to share the information quickly via e mail or social media. (Facebook and Twitter). PS: Flight notifications: Travel Agent can determine what fee is charged to the app user. This could also be offered free of charge, the TA pays a specific amount for use of this service as per contract.
  • In-Trip3 As a frequent traveller Alex often books both rental cars and hotels for his destination, but needs to keep track of these arrangements. He can to see an overview of these bookings as well so that he is prepared for car pick up and hotel check in times and his full itinerary is synchronised in advance. To help him prepare for what to do when he gets to his destination, Alex can check the weather for the next couple of days for any of his flights . Should Alex have any questions, he knows that there is a substantial list of FAQs already prepared which will save him valuable time, but if he has any additional questions about his booking then he can contact his travel agent by phone or email – the contacts are provided for him.
  • Post Trip Well that’s Alex sorted for this trip…. But the journey doesn’t end there. As an all-in-one travel app, Alex can send recommendations and feedback to his travel agency on how his trip went (recommendations & fe edback to TA: not a functionality in the app. There are contact details (phone, email) for the TA available in the app, but not specific for this purpose. .) As a travel agent, you can follow up on Alex and other users. You can track, record and see how your business starts growing in the mobile channel, with the in-built analytics tools. You will be provided with the information and statistics you need to evaluate any further investment in the mobile channel for your agency.
  • Sound of Data brings to the partnership mobile technology expertise and Amadeus brings technology GDS capability and distribution network
  • Sound of Data brings to the partnership mobile technology expertise and Amadeus brings technology GDS capability and distribution network
  • Amadeus m power

    1. 1. Mobile Context Market perspective Mobile is an unstoppable force that is set to transform the traveller experience Travellers expect and demand services that simplify the planning, booking and overall travel experience Investment in mobile technology is critical to help travel agencies different their services and drive incremental revenue Mobile technology provides travel agencies with the opportunity for © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. continuous engagement across the travel life cycle1
    2. 2. Mobile Context Market perspective 73% of the world’s population now subscribe to wireless services (Source:IDC- Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker) The world ‘s smartphone market grew by 79% year on © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. year Q 2011 (Source: iSuppli Corp)2
    3. 3. Your needs If you’re looking for a mobile booking platform which: Is designed to make you a recognised player in the mobile travel market Enables new revenue sources for your agency for now and the future Provides value added professional services to your customers Differentiates you from the competition with a customised solution Delivers economies of scale rarely © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. matched by other travel technology providers Then we have what you are looking for…3
    4. 4. Amadeus m-Power provides you with an integrated mobile channel, offering your travellers pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip functionalities for them to fulfill their travel needs on the move. An all-in-one travel app relevant to every type of traveller; business or leisure. © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.4
    5. 5. Benefits for travel agency Deliver new revenue opportunities Offer your full range of services through the new mobile channel. Boost revenues with chargeable flight notifications, and take advantage of new sales opportunities, cross sell upsell opportunities and last minute reservations with promotions Enable efficiencies in travel No travel agency intervention is required for travellers making their own reservations. This means substantial cost and time savings for both © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. traveller and travel agency.5
    6. 6. Benefits for travel agency Increase Customer loyalty The solution is fully integrated enabling you to provide the appropriate service for each client at any moment of his journey. And thanks to the simple booking flow and choice of options, the traveller can easily access information and additional services throughout his trip. Customised approach Customisation that matches your business objectives. White label solution: specialised consulting team for bespoke solution in terms of brand identity, © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. functionalities, content and a 24/7 contact service. Travel agency specific: customised look and feel and logo. Standard solution:low cost solution in order to offer a valuable 24/7 service to your customer6
    7. 7. Benefits for travel agency m-Powering the traveller Access to all information whilst on the go for the total end to end travel experience. Efficient trip management and control of own personal data details and access at any time. No forwarding of data: booking details are sent directly to the travel agent. Immediate knowledge of itinerary changes and flight disruptions. © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. Keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues by e-mail and social media. Keep track of previously booked air, car and hotels for easy synchronisation of all travel arrangements.7
    8. 8. Key features Integrated solution of search and booking, in-trip and post trip functionalities: Complete social media integration Easy booking flow, viewing and payment screens Travel notifications for customers on the move Promotional messages specific to your agency Click to call and FAQs Additional services – weather reports, online check-in reminders, choice of currency for payment…. © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. Monitor client usage and behavior with Google analytics tools8
    9. 9. m-Power your customers …with the total mobile travel experience © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.9
    10. 10. (*) (*) © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. (*) synchronised with air itinerary10
    11. 11. 11 © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.
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    16. 16. 16 © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.
    17. 17. 17 © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.
    18. 18. Unique in the industry Amadeus m-Power is the most powerful B2B2C mobile travel solution available in Europe enabling: the traveller to directly search, book and pay for his air travel the traveller to receive notification in case of flight delays and gate changes the travel agency to have a customised white label solution the travel agency to use promotions and offers It is perfect for those travel agencies looking for a new sales and communication channel providing their customers with an end to end solution to fulfill their travel needs on the move © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. Amadeus m-Power will evolve to soon be the most complete mobile pre-trip, in-trip, post trip travel solution offering new revenue opportunities to travel agencies and a large set of location based services to the traveller18
    19. 19. FAQs Q Why should I invest in m-Power now? Trends clearly indicate that travellers will be using and expecting their mobile device to access content and services that cover the full travel experience. Amadeus m-Power is the only GDS application which provides travel agencies with a complete mobile application covering the full travel chain available to travellers through the mobile channel. Amadeus has partnered with the Sound of Data an established provider of mobile device management so you can deliver exceptional customer service and improve brand awareness with guaranteed competence What are the technical implications if a traveller roams Q from one country to another © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. Once downloaded onto the user’s mobile device, the application can be accessed worldwide. The traveller has access to global content and every single destination in the Amadeus GDS. Internet connection charges and roaming conditions are dealt with in the traveller’s contractual agreement with their service provider.19
    20. 20. FAQs Q What additional revenues will there be to gain with m-Power? m-Power works on a revenue-sharing transactional model that benefits Amadeus and our customers, taking advantage of the new opportunities that are being opened up through this new channel. Additional revenue will come from the revenue-sharing agreement. This will be based on our future offer of non-GDS location-based services. Q What languages is m-Power available in? English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V.20
    21. 21. High-level Roadmap Continuous investment and innovation High Impact Customer Maximise use of mobile Help you grow your Service Functions specific features revenue per passenger Complete check-in Additional platforms Booking capabilities for functionality such as Android, hotel, car & rail Blackberry & HTML5 Post-trip social media Additional revenue from in messages Travel agency resort opportunities with promotions tailored to location based content © 2012 Amadeus Benelux N.V. customer profiles21