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Presentation about Rebekka_Malev intern

  1. 1. A short presentation about myself… myself… welcome to Rebekka‘s world! world!
  2. 2. Bachelor in International Geneva, Relations, Geneva, Switzerland My parents originally come from the French part of Switzerland but I was born and lived all my childhood in northern the German part of Switzerland. So I had the chance to be educated bilingual, which fostered my interests for languages and cultures. Therefore I decided to go to the beautiful multicultural city of Geneva (French part of Switzerland) to study International Relations from 2005 to 2008.
  3. 3. After graduation: graduation: Internship in Abu Dhabi, UAE After my graduation I did two internships, one of them was at the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The working experiences as well as the cultural diversities during my time abroad enriched me immensly! Attending the Arab Women‘s Conference in Abu Dhabi, November 2008
  4. 4. Master in International Governance, Affairs and Governance, (Switzerland Switzerland) St. Gallen (Switzerland) My former flatmates… from India, Colombia and the Netherlands In February 2009 I came back to the German part of Switzerland in order to undertake a Master where I specialised in Public Governance, Governance, Development Politics and Intercultural Communication in order to gain a practical aspect for a future career. No, I haven‘t eaten part of the photo…it‘s the corner of a white table☺
  5. 5. I have always loved… travelling cultures
  6. 6. outdoor activities
  7. 7. and when it gets dark… … meeting with friends karaoke. and singing karaoke.
  8. 8. We have a strong carnival tradition and celebrate it every year during several days The dwarf is me…
  10. 10. WHAT ARE THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVES IN YOUR MIND FOR THIS INTERNSHIP? • Doing the required tasks in order the company’s director as well as the participants are convinced that it is an enrichment to organize activities with international leaders. • Developing my social skills (mentoring / leadership competences, organization skills, sense of creativity) • Building up new networks through teamwork and acting in a new environment WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ESTONIA AS THE COUNTRY TO GO FOR AN INTERNSHIP? • I chose according to the internship offered, but the fact that it is in Estonia is a big added value as I have always wanted to discover the Baltic Region. WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL AROUND THE COUNTRY DURING/AFTER THE INTERNSHIP? IF YES, THEN WHAT KIND OF PLACES? • YES! To all places that I will have the opportunity to visit! I enjoy the countryside, would like to see historical sites, cultural monuments (also museums), typically Estonian buildings, places to eat, places to go out, etc. CAN YOU CONDUCT TRAINING SESSIONS ON ANY SPECIFIC SUBJECT? • Climbing (I took classes on how to secure other people) • Badminton, Tennis (playing myself) • Giving language courses (did it several years in French, German and English)
  11. 11. • What is your favorite food? Pasta in all its varieties • What kind of food you don’t like? Spinach • Are their special places in Estonia you'd like to visit most of all? Every place has its specific features. I would also like to visit non-touristical places that are considered as charming by the local population • What holidays do your celebrate? Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Christmas (religious and national holidays) and the 1st of August (National holiday) • What kind of music do you like? Depending on my mood! There are nice songs in every type of music and I mostly listen to blues, jazz and rock music. • What are your favorite activities? Outdoor activities, tennis, reading, communicating in foreign languages, travelling, cooking, wine-tasting. • Do you want to get involved with LC meetings, activities, etc.? Yes. • According to you, what are the biggest cultural shocks you will have to face? Youngster’s unpredictability☺. Fun apart, I think cultural shocks can widen your horizon and you become aware of what you like / dislike about your own country and the country you are in. You also learn how to cope with a situation you rarely encounter.
  12. 12. “I like to identify myself as a cosmopolitan person. As I was brought up bilingual (French/German), I have always been interested in languages and other cultures. Therefore I undertook a Bachelor in International Relations in Geneva from 2005 to 2008. After graduation I did an internship in marketing/communication and another within the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I chose a country in the Middle East because I developed a special interest for that region: Abu Dhabi is a crucial point for the economy and trade between Europe and Asia and for the spread of “liberal values” like human rights, freedom of business, equality of women, etc. in the Arabian Peninsula. I think that every country, may it be touristic or not, has a hidden beauty and actually I was most amazed by discovering somehow “special” countries like Syria, Oman, Japan, etc. Through working and living in multicultural environments, my fascination for the complexity of international mechanisms was deeply enhanced. In February 2009 I started with my Master in “International Affairs and Governance” at the University of St. Gallen, where I focus on public governance, development politics, management and intercultural communication. I wanted to add a “practical” value to my studies because I want to learn how to apply what I learnt in a future career.
  13. 13. Except my passions for international issues, I love reading (Pablo Coelho, Khalil Gibran, Voltaire, Nietzsche, etc.) and being active. Whenever possible, I practice sports in my free-time. These include playing tennis, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, climbing, biking, etc. I prefer outdoor activities because being in the nature makes me feel really good. I also enjoy cooking, having good times with friends and dancing. As an open-minded and communicative person I love to philosophy about the world and listening to music (one of my big objectives is to start to learn how to play the guitar soon!) and everything that can broaden my knowledge. I am also a very committed person, I love to undertake projects because I have the chance to develop something and experience team spirit. Next to my studies I always had part-time jobs. I like working for the same reason of being able to creating something and because I feel useful and can deal with my own deserved money. I guess weaknesses belong to a person as well…so I tend to be too meticulous (because I devote myself to what I do). Some relatives also say I am too nice and people would therefore take profit of me. Being flexible, I integrate myself easily into a group and I am extremely excited about having the opportunity to discovering Estonia and its diversities!
  14. 14. See you soon in Estonia, I am looking forward to meeting you☺