ESTRE Internship in Estonia, Tartu


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ESTRE Internship in Estonia, Tartu

  1. 1. Amazing management internship opportunity in Estonia
  2. 2. ESTONIA
  3. 3. Some facts about Estonia • Capital: Tallinn, big cities – Tartu (student city), Pärnu (summer capital) • Population: 1,3 million people • Independence: 24th February 1918 • European Union: 1st May 2004 • Skype and mobile parking were invented by Estonians • One of the first countries to develop e-state and e-government • One of the most innovative and IT developed countries in Europe • Tallinn is the European Cultural Capital in 2011 To get to know more about Estonia visit: • AIESEC Estonia wiki: • Estonia in Wikipedia: • Estonia in YouTube:
  4. 4. Some facts about Tartu • Second biggest city in Estonia • Population of 100 000 people • One of the oldest universities in Europe is situated in Tartu • The cultural centre of Estonia • A calm and peaceful environment • Cafes, pubs and clubs • Many foreign students, who usually fall in love with the town and its atmosphere
  5. 5. This internship is only for interns from Sweden!
  6. 6. About company – ESTRE Ltd • Name: Estre Ltd • Homepage: • Products: agricultural and forestry machinery • Founded in 1991 • Markets: 35% of products are sold in Estonia and 65% in Finland and Sweden
  7. 7. About company – ESTRE Ltd Ltd. Estre is an enterprise that manufactures mechanical engineering products. Ltd. Estre was founded in 1991 as a private enterprise and at the moment employs 58 workers. Ltd. Estre produces and sells mainly agricultural and forestry machinery, such as rotary mowers, ditch and slope mowers, hay-bale loaders, grain crushers, log-winches and timber lift grips, firewood choppers (log-chopper, hydraulic wood-splitter), snow-ploughs and snow-blowers. Company partner countries: Company services: • Finland • Agricultural machines • Belgium • Forestry machinery • Sweden • Other products • Norway • Snowparrying means
  8. 8. Expectations to intern • Enthusiastic and proactive person, active learner • Marketing background and skills • Knowledge about machinery – industrial management (preferably) Your learning points after the internship: • Broadening your sales and marketing skills and knowledge in company market expansion strategies • Planning your work time effectively • Working discipline • Communicating with other workers and styling the microclimate in the company
  9. 9. The ESTRE Ltd. is looking for Marketing manager (assistant) who will lead the expansion strategy of the company to Sweden and keep the existing partners!
  10. 10. NB! There is no TN form for this internship in yet, as company requires quite specific profile of people only from Sweden. However the selection process will look the way: • All interested EPs are applying by sending CV and EP form; • Passing successfully selection process from the company • AIESEC Estonia adds TN form in and Match is assigned • Preparation for interns arrival
  11. 11. The internship description • Compiling the market research: - holding contacts with existing clients in the target country - contacting and searching for new partners using various tools in Internet and company marketing strategy • Keeping negotiations and servicing of current partners in Sweden * Concrete job description will be identified with the intern Starting date: May-June 2009 Duration: 8-26 weeks Salary: ≈ 800 USD
  12. 12. Benefits • Developing professional environment • Possibility to extend the internship • Great working environment • Supporting collegues • Self-development • A great time with very fun and cool people • Friends and contacts
  13. 13. Estonia is waiting for you!
  14. 14. Contact us! Contacts: MCVPX AIESEC Estonia: TN manager: Kerli Toming, Apply! Send us your CV + EP form!