Newsletter sept 14, 2012


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Newsletter sept 14, 2012

  1. 1. nd2 Grade News Mrs. Ealy’s Class September 14, 2012 Letter from Mrs. Ealy Next Week’s SpecialsDear Parents, Monday – P.E. (Wear Sneakers) Thank you to everyone who came to Parent Night. It was Tuesday – Art and Computersvery nice to meet each and every one of you! If you were unable to Wednesday – Music and P.E. (Wear Sneakers)attend I sent the agenda from the night home. There were also sign- Thursday – Library and Music Friday – Wellnessups for volunteering, conferences, and party donations. If you wereunable to sign up for a conference time I will assign you one. If youwould like to sign up to volunteer for something or have any What We’re Learning About!questions feel free to contact me  Math – This week we reviewed money and time and started math I have had a lot of questions about supplies in the boxes and our scrolls. At the end of 2nd grade everyone should be atclassroom. As of right now, we are all set with supplies. The only least to 1,000 on their scroll! Since school started we have learnedthing that may be left is a document portfolio or additional ½ inch how to play Top-It, Number Squeeze, Coin Top-It, and Addition Top-It.binder, if you haven’t sent one in yet. If we are ever in need of They have done a great job so far!donations for the class it will be written in the newsletter. Reading – The students reviewed how to pick books. We used the A letter was sent home today about how to access the new words “I Pick” to help with this. I pick stands for I will choose a book,student site for everyday math. The students were shown how to what the purpose of reading it is, does it interest me, do I comprehenduse it in class today. Please check it out! There are plenty of what I read, and do I know most of the words. We were also havingactivities, games, and resources to help with math skills. some difficulty reading during Reader’s Workshop, so we had to review I have added a section to our website for links to our what it should look and sound like.monthly reading log. I will send home a reading log each month,however if it gets misplaced you will be able to print a new one from Writing – Our first writing unit will be centered around Small Moments.home  If your child reads for at least 20 minutes please have them Although the children wrote Small Moments last year, the criteria forsign it along with your initials. This will help me keep track of your writing them in second grade has been raised. We started out last week by studying small moments in our reading. Since then weve readchild’s reading at home. The Book It program will be starting in several books and identified the components of a Small Moment story.October. If your child reads for 20 minutes each night for the month, We started out this way because the best way to raise the bar in ourthey will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza writing is to look to other authors as mentors for our work. We will useHut. We will have a chart in the classroom with everyone’s name on the full writing process this year. So far weve only learned about theit to track each month. If you would like more information on the beginnings steps: "Think of a Story Idea," and "Rehearse yourprogram you can go to  Story." We have been collecting writing ideas in our tiny topic Please remember to check your child’s OWL binder each notepads. Weve also chosen our favorite idea from our notepads tonight. This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about their day start rehearsing aloud. Were been trying to rehearse our storiesand go through their planner with them. Please initial the planner using a storytellers voice (which really means that were trying to tell it in a dramatic way). With enough practice, the storytellers voice willevery night and return the binder with the planner in it the next day. transfer over to our written words. Our email addresses have changed this week. My newemail address is However, if you send Health – This week we started our unit on feelings and emotions. Theanything to my old email address I will still receive it. If you need to Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember students learned about the four main emotions: happy, upset,contact Mrs. Gerken about writing her email address is surprised, and calm. Students also learned that we can feel Sept. 17 in different situations. Day Pick-Up emotions Market If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.Remember you can reach me by our folder, by email, or by phone. Decorated Writing Folders Due! Sept. 25 Dining for Dollars at Applebees Sincerely, Sept. 28 Fun Run Mrs. Ealy Oct. 2 Picture Day  • Donations: We are in need of paper towel rolls. Thank You!