Newsletter oct 19, 2012


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Newsletter oct 19, 2012

  1. 1. nd2 Grade News Mrs. Ealy’s Class October 19, 2012 Letter from Mrs. EalyDear Parents, Next Week’s Specials It was very nice to meet with a lot of you this week at conferences. I Monday – P.E. (Wear Sneakers)am looking forward to meeting with the rest of you next week  Thank you fortaking the time to come in and meet with me to discuss your child’s goals for the Tuesday – Art and Computersyear. Wednesday – Music and P.E. (Wear Sneakers) Our Halloween party will be in the afternoon on October 31st from Thursday – Library and Music2:30-3:30. We will start putting on our costumes at 2:30 when we get back from Friday – Wellnessmusic. Our school’s Halloween parade starts at 2:45. Feel free to come and joinus at 2:30 to help with last minute details of putting on our costumes. After theparade, we’ll head inside to make Halloween candy necklaces that the kids will What We’re Learning About!be able to take home and enjoy eating  We will also eat some donuts, caramel Math – This week the students were introduced to frames and arrowsapples, and drink some apple juice/cider. If time allows, we will watch “Alvin and problems as well as what’s my rule problems. Each of these types ofthe Chipmunks Trick or Treason.” We will need help taking off our costumes problems gives a rule to follow such as add 7 or subtract 3. In framesaround 3:40 or so. Costumes will not be allowed to be left on for the bus ride and arrows, each time we see an arrow it tells us to follow the rule. Inhome. If you volunteered to bring in something for our treat I have sent a what’s my rule problems there is a chart that is labeled in and out. Ifreminder note home today with your child. We are still in need of 15 caramel the rule is +3 and the number “in” is 4, students would have to solveapples. If you are able to help with this item please let me know by phone, the math fact 4+3 and put the answer in the “out” side of the, or a note  Thank you in advance! We also reviewed different strategies to use when working on Oxbows book fair is scheduled during the week of Oct. 22-26th. As subtraction facts. A test alert was sent home on Tuesday to practice forpart of the fair, we have a great opportunity to download a selection of e-books to the unit 2 test, which will be on Tuesday, October 23rd.any device in our school and in each students individual home. This includesphones, kindles, notebooks etc. The more we download the more money we can Reading – During reading this week the students met with memake for our book fair. Every $50 downloads earn us $25 scholastic dollars. Thisopportunity is limited. You may begin now at individually to confer about just right books. Students were given theirJust follow the prompts. “special letter” in our classroom for reading. This letter represents the All Huron Valley School families who are experiencing financial book bin that has just right books for them to read. We also reviewedhardships are invited to attend the Community Resource Night. It will be held at what a text to self connection is. Students were also introduced to textLakeland High School on November 1st from 4:30-7. There is a free pizza dinner to text and text to world connections. They are doing a great job withfrom 4:30-5:30 for those who RSVP by Oct. 23rd. You can RSVP by returning these terms. Be sure to ask your child about it and have them makethe purple note that came home with students last week. If you need a new note connections to the books they are reading at home!please let me know! Volunteering in the classroom will begin soon! Look for a note about Writing – We started out the week be selecting our favorite piece ofit next week!  writing from our writing collection. We thought about our audience for If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Remember our upcoming writing celebration when making our selection (ouryou can reach me by our folder, by email, or by phone. audience will be students in Mrs. Gerkens class). Then we spent some time reviewing all that we learned in the unit (adding details, leads, Sincerely, endings, etc.) and we made sure our newest papers reflected our Mrs. Ealy learning. We even edited our papers for proper punctuation marks and capital letters. I know I sent the volunteer note home late last week, • Please remember to return library books every Thursday! but were still in need of two parent volunteers to come in and type • Please practice tying shoes at home! our stories for us. The time slot for this would be on Monday from 10:30-12:30. If youre interested, please send in a note first thing Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember Monday morning or email me over the weekend. Right now, were aiming for a writing celebration day on Thursday. Health – This week we started and finished our short unit on safety.Oct. 23-26 Book Fair We spent time discussing safety when using wheels and safety aroundOct. 25 Parent Teacher Conferences water. The students were able to work in groups to discuss the rules we learned. We also watch some short video clips about water safety.Oct. 31 Halloween Party 2:30-3:30 Next week we will start our first social studies unit! The first unit isNov. 6 No School learning about what a community is.