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Newsletter march 23, 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Newsletter march 23, 2012

  1. 1. nd2 Grade News Mrs. Ealy’s Class March 23, 2012 Letter from Mrs. EalyDear Parents, Next Week’s Specials Monday - Wellness Everyone received a paper copy of the newsletter today,because the website was not working properly for me to upload the Tuesday – Artnewsletter. Report Cards will be available for viewing on Family Access on Wednesday – Music and ComputersWednesday, March 28th. As a reminder, if you if your child receives a 3they are at grade level, anything under is below. In the math section of Thursday – Music and P.E. (Wear Sneakers)the report card, fractions were not marked because we did not finish thetest until after the term was over. Friday – Library and P.E. (Wear Sneakers) Today was cozy read in day at school. The students had a greattime relaxing and reading throughout the day. We also spent timereading the book “Nate the Great” together as a class. We worked What We’re Learning About!together to pick out the characteristic traits, make inferences, figure outthe problem and solution, and write a retell. We will be going on another field trip in April. All three Math – This week we finished Unit 8 on fractions by taking the test onsecond grade classes will be going to Indian Springs on Tuesday, April Tuesday. We also started Unit 9 on measuring. We did a lot of24th. The students will be watching a presentation on the plant life cycle, measuring around the room and in our math journals using feet, inches,the water cycle, and taking a hike to look at different types of plants. centimeters, and decimeters. Next week we will look at measuring toThey will also get to paint a t-shirt while we are there! You may start the nearest ½ inch and capacity.sending in a white or light colored t-shirt at any time, and I will keepthem here at school. A permission slip will be sent home on Tuesday. Reading – During reader’s workshop this week we continued to focus inPlease look for this in your child’s folder. Each classroom is allowed to on all of the different text features of nonfiction. Students are reallytake as many parents that would like to come on this field trip. enjoying this unit and many have found a true love for nonfiction books!However, please note that if you would like to chaperone, you will haveto drive yourself or carpool with other parents and there is a $5 entry fee Writing – This week students spent time developing topic sentences tointo the park, unless you have a park sticker. There is only enough room begin paragraphs. They also worked on the body of the paragraph byon the bus for students and teachers. adding in details and even worked on concluding sentences! Next week There are been a lot of homework turned in lately with no we will be putting together our nonfiction magazines!name on the top. Please help your child remember to write their name.I keep record of all the homework turned in and I cannot give your child Science – This week we continued our unit on landforms. We looked atcredit if their name is not on it! mountains, hills, and oceans very closely. We did two experiments this The last popcorn day for second grade is on April 27th. We are week. One experiment was with sand to show a hill and what wind andstill in need of a couple more volunteers to help pop popcorn. If you are water can do to it. The second experiment was with hard boiled eggs,able to help out, please send me an email or note. Popcorn starts around fresh water, and salt water to see what kind of water is easiest to float9:00 and lasts a few hours. The more volunteers the less time it takes! in. Ask your child about these experiments! Today I have sent home the last orange scale for your child tokeep track of their reading. This one can be turned in early on Friday,March 30th due to spring break. Please return the last weeks to school on Upcoming Events and Dates toMonday. The dragon in the hallway is HUGE! Be sure to check it out ifyou are up at school! Keep up the great reading! Remember Next week is a review week in spelling, therefore there aremore words. Students will not be required to write a sentence on thetest. They just need to know the word  Students will bring home a Mar. 26 OPC Meeting @ 6:30list of words on Monday. They will also be available on the website thisweekend. Mar. 26 Magic Carpet Story Hour 6:30-7:30 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Mar. 29 Landform Donations DueRemember you can reach me by our folder, by email, or by phone. Sincerely, Apr. 2-6 No School – Spring Break Mrs. Ealy Apr. 13 Field Trip Permission Slip Due • Please remember to return library books every Friday!