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Newsletter april 27, 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Newsletter april 27, 2012

  1. 1. nd2 Grade News Mrs. Ealy’s Class April 27, 2012 Letter from Mrs. Ealy Next Week’s SpecialsDear Parents, Monday - Wellness It was very nice to see many families at the Oxbow Expo. Ihope everyone enjoyed seeing all the great things that are going on Tuesday – Arthere at school! Our field trip to Indian Springs was a success! The students Wednesday – Music and Computersenjoyed taking a hike, learning about the water cycle and plant lifecycle, as well as making t-shirts. I am sure your child had many Thursday – Music and P.E. (Wear Sneakers)stories to tell you! The students have definitely shown they are getting “spring Friday – Library and P.E. (Wear Sneakers)fever.” We have had to have a few discussions about producingquality work, keeping our talking to a minimum during work time,and respecting others in our class. I am confident that we will get What We’re Learning About!back on track next week. Next Friday we will be having our Unit 10 math test. This Math – This week we worked on estimating different amounts of money andunit, as well as Unit 11, are two of the hardest units for 2nd graders to figuring out how much change we would get back from a cashier if wegrasp. To help prepare for the test next week, please be sure to work bought the item with a $5.00 or $10.00 bill. We also focused on place value up to ten-thousands.with your child at home on the test alert that was sent home today. Afun way to help your child count money and find the change is to“open up a store” at home. Pretend your child is the customer and Reading – During reader’s workshop this week we continued to look at theyou are the cashier. Your child will have to figure out how much important details of the book. Second grade students must be able to writechange they will receive back from you, when paying with a $5.00 a retell on a book, answer direct questions, and find the authors messagebill. There will also be a lot of place value questions, and adding and by the end of the year. We have practiced this all year and are continuingsubtracting 2 digit numbers on the test. If you have any questions or to do so each week. This is a great thing to practice at home!would like any other ideas, feel free to email me  We have now started taking our timed tests in class in three Writing – This week we continued with our poetry unit. Students wrote anminutes. Students are working very hard on mastering their addition acrostic poem about themself, using their name. They also had theand subtraction facts. I can tell who has been doing xtra math at opportunity to use others names. We also wrote a cinquain which is fivehome! Keep up the great work!! lines long that describes a person, place, or thing using adjectives and Today we did a spring cleanup outside of our classroom. verbs.Students picked weeds, raked, and planted a variety of differentplants and seeds. We will be watching each week to see what Social Studies – This week we continued to look at how people work together in our community. We discussed how we use natural resources toblooms! produce goods and services as well as how we trade goods to get what we Can you believe we only have six weeks of school left!? It is need or want.already time to start thinking about the end of the year party. I amlooking for someone to help with ideas for the party or a full onplanner. The party must take place at Oxbow and will be in the Upcoming Events and Dates toafternoon due to other events already planned for in the morning. Iam open to any ideas  If anyone is interested, please let me know. Remember If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.Remember you can reach me by our folder, by email, or by phone. Sincerely, Apr. 30 OPC Meeting Mrs. Ealy May 2 ACES Day – Dress Like Ms. A! • Please remember to return library books every Friday! May 10 Volunteer Breakfast @ 8:00 • Please remember to return Weekend Writing every Friday! • Donations: We are in need of Kleenex! May 14 OPC Meeting May 18 Spring Carnival