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Classroom handbook

  1. 1. ClassroomHandbook Mrs. Ealy
  2. 2. 2012-2013Dear Second Grade Families,Welcome to the second grade! This is an exciting time forstudents, parents, and teachers. By working together, wewill make this school year a wonderful experience. I valueparent communication and participation. It is my goal toform a team between you, your child, and myself. I hopeto work together to allow your student to achieve his orher own personal best. I find that it is easier to reach me,as well as get a quicker response, via e-mail because I cancheck that from home and throughout the day. If youhave any questions or concerns, please feel free to contactme. School: 248-684-8085 ext. 5821 Email: ealyk@huronvalley.k12.mi.usI look forward to working with you to make this a magicalyear of learning for your child!Sincerely,Kristin Ealy
  3. 3. Dismissal PoliciesThe first bell rings at 9:08 and children will be allowed to enter the building. Classesbegin at 9:13 a.m. School dismissal is at 4:05 p.m.If there is ever a change in the daily routine for your child as far as afternoontransportation is concerned, please send a note to me so that I can make sure that yourchild ends up in the proper place at the end of the day. For example, if your childnormally rides the bus and you are picking them up, please let me know in a note,otherwise I will put them on their bus. If you do not send a note, your child will bedirected to take their normal mode of transportation home that day.Also, if you need to pick your child up from school early, please send a note. Pleaseremember that it is district policy to allow 24 hours to prepare homework for your childwhen they are absent or picked up early. You will also need to sign him/her out in theoffice. The office will call down to the room when you arrive and I will send your childto the office. Please do not go directly to the classroom as this causes unnecessaryinterruptions during valuable learning time. School Age CarePlease inform me, and the office, of your child’s school age care schedule. Bus PassesIf your child would like to ride the bus home with another child, please do not call theschool. Please call transportation at 248.684.8200 since they are processing all buspasses. You will still need to send a note to me so that I know where to send your childat the end of the day School Safety and SecurityTo ensure your child’s safety, all of the doors will be locked except the main doors bythe office. All parents and visitors must enter the school through those doors and then
  4. 4. sign in at the office before proceeding any further. A visitor’s badge will be given toyou at this time. Walking to their classroom on their own is a responsibility that we wantto instill in the children so please give them the opportunity to practice thisindependence. Green Emergency CardsPlease fill out both sides and return this to school as soon as possible. We need tohave these cards on file in the event that your child becomes ill or hurt during the day.If there are ever any changes that need to be updated on the green card, please notifyus immediately so that we can make the corrections. Please make sure to note allergiesor other illnesses so that we can make the appropriate accommodations at school. Parent Parking and Student Pick-UpWhen picking your child up after school, please pull up in the parent pick up lot. This lotis located in the front of the school. It is U-shaped so traffic can flow in easily andthis way you will not interfere with the buses. There is plenty of adult supervisionoutside to ensure student safety so you can stay in your vehicle and pull up beside thesidewalk; your child will then be allowed to enter your car. We do not let unassistedchildren cross in front of or behind running vehicles. Please understand that this areacan get very congested if people do not follow the rules and that we have these rulesfor your child’s safety. If you do need to park your car, please do so in the parking loton the north side of the building or out front in a designated spot. School AbsencesIf your child is going to be absent for the day, please call the School Absentee Line at684-8085. If you forget to call and report the absence you will receive a call askingabout your child’s attendance. If your child is absent, their work will be saved and senthome on the day they return. Please complete it and return it as soon as possible.Please try to maintain good attendance throughout the year. 2nd grade is an importantyear and what we learn one day will be built upon the next. When your child misses anexcess of school they miss valuable learning that cannot be duplicated at home. Iunderstand that sicknesses, etc. will occur throughout the year, they will happen to metoo, but please make every effort to have them here every day possible. TardinessPlease try to have your child at school on time everyday. Class instruction beginspromptly at 9:13. If your child comes in late, they will most likely miss morning routinesand/or directions. Then they will have to spend time trying to make up what has beenmissed and this causes them to start the day out behind the others. Let’s try to starteveryday on a positive note with them all present, on time, and ready to learn!
  5. 5. Extended VacationsI do not encourage extra vacations during the school year However, in the event that itcannot be avoided, please let me know and we can try to arrange to have the work sentwith you on your trip or it can be saved to be completed when you return. Leadership ModelToday’s students need the skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders in the 21stCentury. They need to be able to communicate clearly, to work as a team, to be self-motivated and analytical thinkers. Students need the organizational and technical skillsto compete in a global society. Building cooperative relationships as well as nurturingresponsibility, kindness, and good judgment are the basis for creating a successfulcommunity of learners.I believe it is our responsibility to develop our young students as leaders by providingthem with the skills that will allow them to handle themselves in any given situation.This fall, I will begin to help students put these habits into practice. The followingprinciples will be embedded in our classroom and school culture as well as guide thestudents in building the leadership model. Each principle will be discussed in theclassroom more thoroughly.  Give Best Effort  Think First  Think Win-Win  Show Respect  Follow RulesAt the start of the year, students will write about their Hopes and Dreams for theschool year. This helps to ensure that we will build a strong classroom communityallowing everyone to achieve their Hopes and Dreams for the year. Additionally, thishelps students to explore the areas in which they could be leaders.
  6. 6. Reward SystemTo create and uphold a positive learning environment for all students, the children willparticipate in a year long classroom economy unit in which they will earn credits anddebits. This activity is cross-curricular since students will be learning major economicconcepts, as well as using math skills on a daily basis.Throughout each week, students can earn “Ealy Bucks” for any number ofthings such as classroom jobs, following rules, showing good character,putting extra effort into schoolwork, and being responsible. Debits aregiven when students break “laws” (classroom rules) in our community of learners.Each student will visit the classroom bank to trade single bucks for larger bills and savethe money in a personal wallet. At the end of each month, they will be able to shop atour store with the cash they have accumulated. I would love any donations for thisprogram. The dollar store would be a great place to find these items. The class storewill be used not only to give students “hands on” experience with money, but also toteach economic lessons that include decision making, opportunity cost, supply anddemand, and inflation. Item suggestions: plastic rings puzzles coloring books stickers erasers books decks of cards necklace beads toys big candy bars note pads gel pens diaries/journals yo-yos funky straws fancy pencils HomeworkYou and I both want your child to do well in school. Part of this important learningexperience includes homework. Beyond academic growth, many life skills are formed inthese early years. Organization, neatness, responsibility, and integrity are just a few.Your child would greatly benefit from your support and encouragement of good workhabits at home. You should expect to see some type of homework to do each night. Itwill primarily be: Math Home-links, Weekend Writing, and our Book N’ Bag program.Please observe how your child is doing at home with these assignments. If you areseeing some difficulty or confusion, please let me know. That information will assistwith my lessons in the future. All homework needs to be signed/initialed by a parent.This acknowledges that you have reviewed this with your child and are aware of the
  7. 7. curriculum being taught at that time. Students will bring home a “Weekly Planner”which lists behavior for the morning and afternoon and any homework that has beenassigned for the day. Please check your child’s binder each day and initial this form. Classroom WebsiteThis year I have decided to develop a classroom website. I believe it will be a great wayto have a successful school and home connection. The website will be available to seeupcoming events, newsletters, assignments, and useful websites. I am very excitedabout this new addition to our classroom! The website Book N’ Bag ProgramA primary focus of my literacy instruction is to expose students to many differentreading strategies and purposes, as well as different genres. Weekly books will be senthome on Friday and need to be returned the following Friday. This book should be readnumerous times throughout the week. Although it may occasionally appear easy for yourchild, they can always improve their fluency and expression! There will be a homeworkpage to compliment each book. On Friday, various literacy activities will be taking place,so it is imperative that everyone is prepared! Additional information will come homewhen we launch the program in late October/beginning of November. Later in theschool year, we will alternate this program with a weekend writing assignment. SpellingSpelling will be a two-part, multi-level subject this year. Our program will be focusedaround two aspects: sight words and spelling patterns. Practice will occur in class. Thewords your child is tested on will be at his/her individual level and a pre-test will begiven to figure out that ability level. Your child will bring home a test at the end of theweek to show you their progress. Book OrdersOccasionally your child will bring home book order forms. They are a great source forbuying quality literature at a very inexpensive cost. If you would like to order booksfrom a book order, please send either cash or a check made out to the appropriate bookclub. Notes will always accompany the order form to help you out with the process.
  8. 8. During the school year you may also receive orders for different magazines and bookclubs. I do not expect you to order from all of these but many times even a “notinterested” response that is returned to school entitles the class to free gifts. So,please return all forms with your signature. BirthdaysEveryone loves to celebrate their special day! If you wish to bring in a birthday treat,that’s great! We will always make time, but bringing the treat in the morning is veryhelpful. If your child was born on a date outside of the school year, they can celebrateduring their week as Star Student. Please send in any plates, napkins, cups, etc. thatare necessary to serve the snack. Student of the WeekWe will be having a star student bulletin board. A special poster will come home theweek before your child is star student to decorate our display. Your child will have aspecial spot to sit at during this week! Snack TimeEach day we will take one short snack break in the morning. As part of our healthcurriculum this year, the children will be learning about healthy eating. It is for thisreason that the snack your child brings into our classroom needs to be a healthy,nutritious snack. Items such as carrots, celery sticks, fresh fruits and vegetables,cheese and crackers, pretzels, and popcorn are great choices!! Unhealthy snacks willbe taken back home and a healthy snack will be provided. Our classroom is carpetedso please do not send juice boxes for snack time, water will be the only drink allowed inthe classroom. Your children are allowed to have their own water bottle to keep ontheir desk, but please make sure that the lids fit on tight. 
  9. 9. Meal ScheduleThe doors will open at 8:55 for those students who would like to eat breakfast atschool. If your child rides a bus and would like to eat breakfast at school, please justlet the bus drivers know via a note about that plan so that they know to let your childoff the bus early. Lunch and recess are scheduled from 12:35-1:20 each day. Breakfast $ 1.00 Hot Lunch (including milk) $ 2.50 Milk $ 0.50* The cafeteria encourages you to prepay for your student’s lunch as it helps them movethrough the line quicker and allows more time for eating. To do so, send in a check orcash with the amount you want added to your child’s account. A note will be sent home toyou when the account is running low.*If you’re sending money to school, please send it in an envelope, zip-lock baggie, coinpurse, or any other safe way you can think of. Please be sure to write your child’s nameon it. If your child should forget or lose their lunch money, they are to let the lunchsupervisor know and they will be given a hot lunch; a charge for that lunch will be addedto your account. PopcornEvery Friday is Popcorn Day! Your child will have an opportunity to purchase a bag ofpopcorn for 25 cents a bag. A teacher always sponsors these Popcorn Days and theproceeds go toward supplies for their classrooms. If you’d like to volunteer to help poppopcorn, look for the sign-up sheets at Parent Night! Specials ScheduleMonday – PETuesday –ArtWednesday – PE and MusicThursday – Music and Library
  10. 10. Friday – Wellness**Computer lab time is still to be determined** Weekly NewsEvery week I will be writing a classroom newsletter to help keep you aware ofeverything that happens in our classroom. In the newsletter I will summarize what hasbeen learned during the week, notify you of upcoming events, and let you know if specialclassroom materials are needed, etc. This year I will be going paperless withnewsletters and posting each week on our classroom website. If you are unable toaccess our website, please let me know and I will send home a paper copy. Parent NightOxbow’s Parent Night is scheduled for September 13th from 6:30-8. This is a time forthe parents to come in and learn about the curriculum. Each teacher provides twosessions in case you have two children at Oxbow. You will also be able to sign up forconferences and party donations during Parent Night. Parent/Teacher Conferences and Report CardsParent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th and Thursday,October 25th. If you have any questions before your conference I would be more thanhappy to talk or meet with you. Please call and leave a message or send a note in withyour child. I will return the call or note as soon as possible.Like last year, the district will no longer be printing report cards. Families will be ableto view their child’s report card via Family Access. If you are unable to access theinternet, a hard copy will be available upon request only.If there is anything else that has not been covered in this handbook, watch for it in myweekly newsletters.Mrs. Ealy 