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Environmental Liability Solutions 6th October 2010


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Environmental Liability Solutions 6th October 2010

  1. 1. Environmental Liability Solutions Neil Foster, Associate Director
  2. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY Current Day Liability Issues Case Study Why WSP Developed Active Transfer Liability Management Tools WSP Environmental Liability Solutions Case Studies
  3. 3. Liability Issues – Current Economic Climate Empty Property Rates = increase in demolition = increase in asbestos related prosecutions for: Forging asbestos licences Illegal disposals Unlicensed removals Substandard removal Inadequate surveying Consider your procurement strategy for consultants, surveyors and contractors alike Licences Accreditations and trade association memberships Financial standing
  4. 4. Liability Issues – Current Economic Climate Informal and temporary land uses Trade effluent consent breaches associated with vehicle washing Freeholders may be classed as knowing permitter / Class B polluter
  5. 5. Case Study – Former Print Works 2003 Site acquired; 2006 Contamination assessments in support of development proposals; 2007 Development plans put on hold due to market; 2008 Principle funding bank subject to acquisition; 2010 Bank re-examining portfolio and as part of a debt refinancing exercise; 2010 Site identified as high liability risk due to developer “knowingly permitting”; 2011 - ??
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