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  1. 1. Teaching demo Dr. Po-Yi Hung Shing- Yu Lynn Tsai December 31, 2008
  2. 2. Welcome to English Grammar Training
  3. 3. Lesson Plan 20 50 minutes Being able to understand grammatical structures. Being able to distinguish/find out grammatical mistakes from paragraphs.
  4. 4. Lesson Plan Pass the GEPT basic level 1. Handouts 2. Online blackboard Quizes Assignments Participation Midterm and final exams
  5. 5. In s e p a ra b le a n d S e p a ra b le Ve rb s
  6. 6. Procedure • Warm up • Article on family • Introduction to separable verb • Handouts of separa verbs • Online Exercise
  7. 7. Warm up Setting the context
  8. 8. Warm up • • What are the people in the pictures? • What is the relationship between them? • What do pictures tell about their lifestyles?
  9. 9. The teacher provides the article on family. There are some separable verbs in the article. Then students have to read it.
  10. 10. Article Last week my oldest son, Bob, called me up. He said, ‘’Mom, Jean and I had a great idea: For your birthday, we’d like to take a family paragraph. What do you think? ‘’ I thought it over and decided it would be nice to have a photograph of all my children and grandchildren together.
  11. 11. Article The photo was ready yesterday, so Bob picked it up. And here it is! I must say, it’s beautiful. That’s me, sitting in the center. Over on the left are Jean and Bob and their teenage son, Alan. Next to Bob, the woman with the baby is my daughter Dawn. She and her husband separated recently; I had hoped that they would work out their differences, but it didn’t happen that way. Now Dawn is trying to bring up two children by herself. It is not easy, so I help her out
  12. 12. Article Behind me in the picture are my daughter Patty, her husband Steve, and their two kids. Such a happy family; they enjoy doing things toghther, and they always talk over their problems without arging. And on the right you see my youngest son, Michael. He alwyas wears such strange clothes....I really can’t figure him out. But he’s young; he’s still trying out different ideas and lifestyles. He’ll be all right. My husband and I worked hard to bring our kids up well. They’re very different from one another,
  13. 13. • The teacher teaches some separable verbs and tell students how to use them. • Then the teacher provides two handouts of separable verbs. Students have to memorize them.
  14. 14. Introduction to Separable Verbs Examples Meanings My mother ran into Laurie. My mother saw Laurie. Inseparable My mother ran into her. My mother saw her. I called up my mother. I telephoned my mother. I called my mother up. I telephoned my mother. Separable I called her up. I telephoned her. With inseparable verbs, the verb and particle are a unit; they must be together. However, English also has separable phrasal verbs. With these verb+ particle combinations, noun objectives may come after the verb+particle or between them. Pronoun objects must come between verb and particle.
  15. 15. Separable Verbs bring up Dawn is bringing her kids up by herself. raise ( a family) call up Yesterday my son called me up. telephone ( verb) Could you drop me off take someone somewhere d ro p o ff downtown? I can’t figure out this Understand, solve( a f ig u r e o u t problem. problem) Did you find out her phone learn, discover f in d o u t number? My mother often helps me assist, help h e lp o u t out with her kids. Please look over your read quickly, review lo o k o v e r paper before you give it to me. Did you pick out a present? Choose, select p ic k o u t
  16. 16. Separable Verbs pick up I picked her up after class. Go to get someone take out Please take out the garbage. take outside We talked the situation discuss t a lk o v e r over. I’ll think over your advice. Think about something t h in k o v e r carefully. Did you throw yesterday’s put it in the garbage th ro w paper away? aw ay Let’s try out these new Test, experiment with try o u t skis. The phone woke me up. Cause someone to stop w a ke up sleeping I hope we can work it out. Find a solution w o rk o u t
  17. 17. • Underline all the separable verbs in the article family. And with a partner, ask and answer on the separable verbs of handouts. • EX: A: What does mean telephone someone? B: call up
  18. 18. Online Exercise
  19. 19. Evaluation P a r t ic ip a t io n G ra m m a r A s s ig n m e n t s Q u iz
  20. 20. • Students have to make sentences with separable Assignment verbs by handouts. • Ex: Let’s talk over our presentation. • Students have to memorize all of the separable verbs and their meanings. • Students have quiz next time.
  21. 21.