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Smile Line provides different tours in Riga and Latvia with guides in 18 differnt languages! Is it walking, bus, bycicle or kayak tours, we have it all! Proffesional guides that will always give you advice on things to do in Riga whilst you are here! Our main aim is - happy and informed visitors of our city who remember this experience and have good memories about Latvia! We work daily from 10:00 o`clock 365 days a year Look for the Yellow Umbrella in the Town Hall Square! See you in Riga!

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Smile Line Tours in Latvia!

  1. 1. Guide Agency
  2. 2. Smile Line provides guided tours in Riga and Latvia in 18different languages! Walking, bus, bicycle or kayak tours, wehave them all! Professional guides will always give you adviceon things to do in Riga while you are here! Our main aim is -happy and informed visitors of our city who remember thisexperience and have good memories of Latvia! We work dailyfrom 10:00 o`clock 365 days a year. Look for the YellowUmbrella on Town Hall Square! See you in Riga!
  3. 3. 10:30 Walking tour in the Old Town. 1.5 h 10 Eur Bus tour - sightseeing around the centre of Riga + a11:00 1h 18 Eur walk in the Art Nouveau district (with a live guide) Bus tour day trip - Rundale or Sigulda 5-6 h 50 Eur12:00 Bus tour day trip - Jurmala 3h 35 Eur Walking tour in Old Town + Riga Black Balsam13:00 2h 15 Eur tasting.15:00 Walking tour – Art Nouveau in Riga. 2h 18 Eur17:00 Walking tour – a late walk around Old Riga. 2h 18 Eur
  4. 4. Gourmet Tours
  5. 5. Taste the specialities of Latvia!Power of life in a drop of honey! Usedto sweeten food as well as preventillnesses. Honey massage will make yourskin smooth and even! Sauerkraut juice.Digestive aid, a source of vitamins, agreat cure for a hangover! Lamprey. Youmay or may not like it, but you willnever forget the taste of it! Laimachocolate. Bittersweet surprises forcheap prices! Live kvass for livelypeople! Smoked chicken. Big, bold andassertive! Dont hesitate to try it! Eatrye bread for a flatter stomach!Contains 20% less calories than whitebread. Makes you feel less bloated andmore energetic
  6. 6. Culinary walk in Riga: come andfeel the taste of Riga 2 h A tourthrough Riga Central Market - thelargest market in the Baltic Statesand one of the biggest outdoormarkets in Europe. Our guide willintroduce you to food and productscharacteristic of Latvia and lead youinto the world of colours, aromasand tastes by offering you to try ourlocal specialities.
  7. 7. To Ogre countryside - Anastonishing combination of localarchitecture, nature and delightfultastes. Try the rich birch sap, tastethe famous smoked chickendelicacies, enjoy the amazing freshsoft cheese.
  8. 8. Trip to Jurmala – a wonderful oneday trip to our resort city with amarvelous seaside and thepossibility of tasting local fish.
  9. 9. A leisurely boat tour - of the RiverDaugava and Riga canal is a mustwhen in town. Enjoy the unique viewsof Old Riga and the left bank of theriver. Unfortunately, this is onlypossible from April - October as bothwaterways usually freeze over inwinter. At the end of the tour weoffer fish or cake tasting.
  10. 10. One day bus trips
  11. 11. Bus tour to Ogre! Ogre district givesyou an opportunity to: get to knowthe Soviet heritage and walk throughthe dendrological "Lazdukalns"park, enjoying the scent of old Ogrepines.
  12. 12. Trip to Rundale 6 h - visit of a baroquestyle palace. One of the most beautifulbaroque palaces in Latvia was built in 1736 -1740 as a summer residence for the Duke ofCourland, Ernst Johann Biron. The palacewas designed by the outstanding Italianarchitect Francesco BartolomeoRastrelli, the creator of the Winter Palace inSaint Petersburg. Crystal chandeliers, silkwallpaper, rich stuccomolding, sculptures, luxurious tiledfireplaces, mirrors, elegant galleries andrefined colors and frescos were made byItalian artists Francesco Martini and CarloZucci. Now the renovated areas show theformer glory of the palace. During summerthe tour includes visiting of the palace’sFrench regular park.
  13. 13. To Sigulda National park - Sigulda isoften called the Latvian Switzerland.In summer and spring you can walkalong the picturesque banks of theriver Gauja and explore the mainplace of interest in Sigulda – themighty medieval Turaida castle. Thecastle is an architectural monumentof the 13th century. In winter,Sigulda is a center for Latvia wintersports like skiing, bobsled, andothers.
  14. 14. To Jurmala - Jurmala is a seasideresort situated just 20 km from Riga.The natural curative features of thisplace were already well known morethan one hundred and fifty yearsago. Nowadays golden beaches, bluesea, fresh air and the unique beautyof pine forests attract tourists fromall over the world. Here you can alsocome across wooden country housesof the beginning of the 20th centuryas well as modern cottages.
  15. 15. Extraordinary tours around Riga
  16. 16. Jewish Riga 2 h walk. During thetour you will see the most importanthistorical places of Rigas Jewishcommunity. The tour includes visitsto the Jewish school and thesynagogue. You will get informationabout the Jewish history in Latviafrom 17th century till now.
  17. 17. Jewish Riga 2 h combined walk + bustour + visit of Rumbula
  18. 18. Riga - the city of contrasts + bus rideand walkin the Art Nouveau district 2h - During the ride you will see thepanorama of Riga. The bus drives alongthe embankment of the RiverDaugava, providing a wonderfulpanoramic view of the city. It proceedsthrough the center of the town to theArt Nouveau district, Alberta Street – areal open-air architecturemuseum, where the most explicitcollection of Art Nouveau buildings inEurope is located. The tour follows anitinerary which includesthe Academy ofArts, the University building, theNational Opera and the Central trainstation.
  19. 19. Ex- Soviet Riga 1,5 h walk Soviet RigaIf you are to really understand Riga, youhave to experience its past filled bothwith happiness and sorrow. During thisexcursion we will turn back the wheel oftime. Only a few decades ago Rigalooked, spoke and thought absolutelydifferent – in line with Soviet ideas. Eventoday, the city preserves and treats withrespect the symbols of that time – TheMonument of Red Infantrymen and theOccupation Museum, the Academy ofScience and the restored Cathedral ofChrist’s Birth, which used to be thehome of a planetarium.
  20. 20. A late walk around Old Riga 2 h It isa late afternoon, lonesome pedestrianswonder along the silent streets of Old Riga..The light of the dusk wraps the old city’swalls with a dreamy sparkle and allows ustravel centuries back in history. The lampsthrow light on the buildings, which haveforever sealed both terrifying and romanticsecrets. Our guides will eagerly tell you whatthe roosters on the top of St.Peter’s andDom Churches are chatting to each otherabout. And you will be ready to answer themysterious voice’s question: ”Is Riga ready?”every night. For further enjoyment add alittle love, a lot of laugh, and just a sprinkleof excitement – enjoy Latvia’s mostfamous, burning spirituous drink and this citywill forever be sealed in your memories!
  21. 21. The Moscow Suburb - One of the oldestand architecturally most valuable places in Riga isMoscow Suburb, which first emerged just outside thewalls of Riga in the 13th century. Today MoscowSuburb is home to all the merchants and customers’dream – the Central Market of Riga. Next to it, the21-storied Academy of Sciences stands out. It wasthe first high rise building in Latvia, originallyplanned as a Collective workers’ building for thepurpose of glorifying the Soviet government. Duringthis excursion our guides will help you understandthe cultural history of Russians and Jews. You willhave the opportunity to visit churches of variousdenominations, including the beautifulGrebenshikovs Old Believers’ prayer centre, thedome of which is the only one in Riga that is entirelycovered in gold. During the excursion, you will visitthe childhood home of the famous soviet sculptorVera Muhina, the author of the 24-meter tallsculptural group “Him and Her – The CollectiveLabourers”.
  22. 22. Activities
  23. 23. Kayaking - Marvelous morning thatyou’ll never forget! Start your daywith breakfast on the water! A kayaktrip on the city canal and riverDaugava. On this two- hour tour wewill pass 16 bridges and see the stillsleeping Riga from a unique point ofview. Previous experience inkayaking is not necessary. A fullyequipped kayak, your own groupguide and a croissant with coffeewill be at your disposal.
  24. 24. Riga at night! - Lets watch thesunset and the city lights of Rigadancing on the water. During thistwo-hour adventure we will crossthe river Daugava and see the 16bridges of the canal, illuminated inall colors of the rainbow. Previousexperience in kayaking is notnecessary. The rent of a kayak, yourown group guide and a perfectlyspent time.
  25. 25. Segway & bicycles - Best way toexperience the city! Our segway &bicycle tour will take you aroundthe real Riga! Markets, parks,wooden Riga and many more non-touristic sights. Let`s explore thelocal culture and enjoy freedom. Aperfectly spent time!
  26. 26. "Siberian Huskies" (rides in snowdog sleds) Snow dogs in Latvia arenewcomers. A tough ride in a sledpulled by them is something newand breathtaking. Gain an utmostjoy by joining this ride with SiberianHuskies, Alaskan Malamutes and anexperienced musher.
  27. 27. Guide Agency* Web:* Phone: +371 29542626* E-mail:* Office: Rātslaukums 1 Rātes pasāža Rīga, LV – 1050 Latvia* Legal office: Zilokalnu prosp. 20-56 Ogre LV - 5001 Latvia