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When choosing a dental clinic, it is important to feel confident and reassured about the clinic and its dentists, and the best way to do that is to know more about the work done at the clinic and the results achieved. Smilekraft Dentistry is the best solution for all your dental needs.
At Smilekraft Dentistry, we offer you the best dental treatments in an environment that is both hygienic and progressive with the latest in technology that dentistry has to offer. We are quite reasonably and affordably priced, especially considering we offer services that are touted as world class in developed countries.

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Dental clinic in pimple saudagar

  1. 1. SMILEKRAFTDENTISTRY Pioneers of Futuristic Dentistry in Pune Ph : (+91) 20 69 333 000
  2. 2. ABOUT SMILEKRAFTDENTISTRY Veering from the norm of painful, tedious dental procedures, Smilekraft Dentistry introduces you to a world of tech-savvy, new-age dentistry. The pioneers of Futuristic Dentistry in Pune, India, Smilekraft Dentistry will give you a new reason to smile everyday! Changing the very face of the dental scene, we at Smilekraft Dentistry look forward to giving you an enhanced and healthier dental well-being. Initially founded by Dr. Priyank Mathur and Dr. Ruchir Pandya in 2008, we have grown in leaps and bounds. Located in Pune, close to the Mumbai - Pune expressway and the Pune – Bangalore highway, our clinic is easily accessible.
  3. 3. Smilekraft Dentistry is one of the first to introduce Lasers in most of the dental treatments in Pune. We pioneer in the use of the WaterLase Laser, which sets us apart. Dr. Priyank is also the first dentist in Pune to perform a full mouth rehabilitation using the novel All-on-Four technique (developed by Dr. Paolo Malo and Nobel Biocare) of using dental implants to replace all the teeth in a jaw combining it with the use of the WaterLase Laser to make the procedure extremely comfortable for the patient. We believe that technology besides being used to correct dental issues, needs to be used to preserve what is still good and is the best way to surge ahead in the awareness of dental health! Our objective is to provide dental care that will endure the test of time with the use of modern equipment to deliver soothing and pleasing experiences.
  5. 5. At some point in your life, you will likely need some kind of restorative dentistry care. Fillings, crowns, implants, bridges... these are all common procedures used to increase the strength and function of your existing teeth when damage has occurred or to replace the lost ones. The earlier we can intervene in the case of a cavity, infection, or dental injury, the more likely we are to achieve good results and save your teeth and functionality. Ways Restorative Dentistry can save your teeth: If you've got a cavity, we can treat it with a dental filling. Left unabated, a cavity can eventually lead to serious infection and, even worse, the loss of a tooth. We use composite tooth- coloured material to create cosmetic dental fillings when desired and possible. Porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays provide extra strength and protection for teeth that have more extensive damage or are broken.
  6. 6. 1) Dental Implants Dental implants, a revolution in dentistry, are the perfect solution to replace missing teeth or stabilise loose dentures. They are the new standard of care for people with missing or broken down teeth. You no longer have to rely on dentures, bridges or other removable appliances. And that means that we can help you smile with confidence and eat comfortably whatever you wish. At Smilekraft Dentistry, we use dental implants from Nobel Biocare which pioneered and are the best system of dental implants currently being used in dentistry. These dental implants will match your natural teeth, restore your ability to eat and speak naturally, and enhance your smile. 1) DENTAL IMPLANTS
  7. 7. 2) DENTAL BRIDGES A Teeth Supported Dental Bridge is a permanent fixed restoration used to replace missing teeth when dental implants are not an option for your treatment. As you would have read in the dental implants section, a bridge is any tooth shaped restoration used to replace missing teeth that is connected by two or more supporting units. When implants are used, they act as the supporting structures for these restorations. Otherwise when not supported by dental implants, more commonly they are supported by two or more sound teeth on either side of the missing teeth.
  8. 8. To replace a tooth with a fixed tooth supported bridge, the tooth in front of the space and the tooth behind the space are prepared to receive crowns, attached to which is the false tooth, or as we call it, a Pontic. For a single missing tooth, this sturdy structure is composed of two crowns and a prosthetic tooth. Thus for a single missing tooth, you will have a bridge consisting of three units, viz. two crowns and the false tooth. The bridge literally "bridges the gap" between the remaining teeth, stabilizing the jaw by surrounding those teeth with attractive crowns.
  9. 9. 3) REMOVABLE DENTURES Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. Removable dentures are commonly thought of as an old age treatment, and before the advent of dental implants, were a very popular treatment option to get back lost teeth. Although, recent advances in dental technologies have made removable dentures less popular, they still hold an important position in restoring the smile and function in people with no teeth. There are different types of dentures that can be made at Smilekraft Dentistry, which can be broadly classified into Complete Removable Dentures and Partial Removable Dentures.
  10. 10. Complete Removable Dentures Complete dentures or full dentures are plastic plates with teeth custom-made to fit each individual. It is made from pink acrylic simulating gum tissue and plastic or porcelain teeth, custom set for each patient. Complete dentures are made for edentulous patients (with no teeth). Apart from replacing teeth, they also improve appearance by mimicking gums with the pink acrylic and the overall facial height and width. Sometimes, some of the teeth can be saved to preserve the jawbone and provide stability and support for the denture. Such kind of a denture is called an Over-denture. An over- denture is also a complete removable acrylic denture which apart from being supported by the soft tissues is also held in the mouth with the help of the remaining teeth, which are prepared in a manner to provide such a function. This extra support makes the over-denture a better form of a complete denture and is preferably done whenever possible.
  11. 11. Partial Removable Dentures Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. At Smilekraft Dentistry, they are made out of plastic or cast metal. The plastic partial dentures are mainly used as a temporary solution before a more permanent fixed treatment is completed. The cast metal partial dentures are an option of a more permanent removable treatment option for missing teeth. The use of the cast metal makes the denture more stable, thinner and stronger, thus giving better functionality than its plastic or acrylic counterpart.
  12. 12. 4) DENTAL FILLINGS At Smilekraft Dentistry, tooth coloured dental fillings are done to restore teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or injury. The cleaning and shaping of teeth prior to the filling is done with the combination of the WaterLase laser and the Lares fibre-optic dental drill. The use of such technologies makes the procedure faster, cleaner, safer and painless. Numerous types of filling materials are used at Smilekraft Dentistry for the filling of different types of cavities in various locations of the teeth, viz. Light cure composite resins, Glass ionomer cements, and laboratory fabricated fillings (inlays/onlays) made of either ceramic, composite or metal. Our preferred brands for such filling materials are 3M ESPE, Ivoclar, GC, Shofu & Meta.
  13. 13. 5) POST AND CORE TREATMENT A Post & Core is a dental restoration used to sufficiently build-up tooth structure for future restoration with a crown when there is not enough tooth structure to properly retain the crown, due to loss of tooth structure because of either decay or fracture. Post and cores are therefore referred to as Foundation Restorations.
  14. 14. 6) DENTAL CROWNS Restoring teeth with dental crowns or caps is our way of improving the appearance and strength of damaged, decayed, fractured, or weakened teeth. They are basically tooth shaped restorative caps which are fitted on a portion of a tooth that is seen above the gums in a way that it becomes the external surface of the tooth giving it the required protection, strength and beauty. As compared to inlays or onlays which cover only the biting surface, crowns enclose the whole visible portion of the tooth to give it complete protection.
  15. 15. 7) FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION If you feel that your teeth in general are shifting, deteriorating, chipping, and wearing away or the front teeth are getting shorter and shorter, then a full mouth reconstruction is the solution to restore your smile.The oral cavity is a dynamic environment where changes occur constantly, sometimes quickly, but more often slowly, over time. Changes can be due to a traumatic accident, periodontal disease, shifting teeth, a lifetime neglect, a destructive habit such as grinding, or a lifetime of dentistry focusing on one tooth at a time and leaving the mouth resembling a patchwork quilt.
  17. 17. Cosmetic dentistry is aptly one of the best ways to enhance the oral cavity on all levels. Cosmetic dentistry at Smilekraft Dentistry is treated as a part of our functional dentistry procedures, with the added element & dimension of art. Dr. Priyank Mathur, your cosmetic dentist, performs a wide variety of procedures, from subtle changes to major repairs, to improve your smile. Our persistence towards giving attention to finer details to create a natural and uniquely individual smile should be your reason to select Smilekraft Dentistry as your cosmetic dental health provider.
  18. 18. 1) PORCELAIN VENEERS Veneers are small, razor-thin, custom-made covers for your teeth. Veneers are made from layering ceramics to perfect the appearance of each tooth after they are bonded to its front surface. They are created carefully in a shade chosen to match your own teeth, or to change it to create a new, brighter shade and when completed, to present a natural appearance and a comfortable fit that are often a huge improvement on your natural teeth, yet still mimic nature. We have specialized in Porcelain Veneer Technology throughout our practice, and we have seen how profoundly it has improved the appearance of our patients. We have also learned from our patients how profoundly veneers have heightened their self-esteem and increased their confidence. If you have considered investigating the possibility of veneers, we suggest you page through our work to see exactly how veneers might help you reach your goal.
  19. 19. 2) CERAMIC CAPS Earlier, the type of crown that was used the most, had a base of metal as a foundation and porcelain that was placed over it. There were inherent cosmetic and bio-compatibility issues with this, such as grey/dull looking teeth and black lines around the gums with food accumulation near the cap margins. Dr. Priyank Mathur predominantly places all porcelain crowns (with no metal base) and the benefit is to create the most natural smile & health possible, without sacrificing the strength and durability. In actuality, they are more functional. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime treatment to sort out all your cosmetic and functional issues, then these caps are the best option. Because of their versatility, porcelain crowns can be used effectively to solve a variety of problems. If your tooth is broken or is not strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear or has become extremely worn- down, a porcelain crown would be an ideal treatment for you.
  20. 20. 3) COMPOSITE BONDING Bonding is a form of Smile Sculpture, accomplished with a composite resin which enables patients with imperfections in their teeth to have more attractive smiles. The procedure involves the application of a tooth- colored resin material which is hardened with a special light which ultimately "bonds" the material to the tooth and improves the overall appearance of the teeth. Bonding can be used to close spaces, change the color of the teeth, mask any discolorations, repair chips, alter the size or shape of teeth, and give jumbled or crooked teeth a straight- looking appearance. Its durability may not be the best, and it may require continued maintenance, but it offers flexibility and an easier resolution to smile problems. It can easily be done in a single session. It's the best option if you are looking for a quick fix.
  21. 21. 4) TEETH WHITENING Our Teeth Whitening Service offers exceptional beauty for a gorgeous smile. Over the course of many years, your teeth can get stained by a variety of foods and products ranging from coffee and tea to cigarettes and other substances. Dr. Priyank Mathur offers the latest teeth whitening techniques using Pola Office Plus Bleaching System and the safest technologies available today. The results are beautiful and patients leave with a completely new look. Teeth Whitening is a procedure devoted to your whole appearance as much as it is devoted to your teeth. When we have pale, dull teeth our smiles are not as powerful as they could be and our appearance is often older that it should be. Dirty stained teeth add years to your face. Teeth Whitening techniques used at Smilekraft Dentistry provide long-lasting results that enhance your whole appearance and leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful.
  22. 22. 5) GUM COUNTING & PIGMENTATION Some people have teeth that look too "short" due to the relationship between their teeth and gums, thus creating a "gummy" smile. Our WaterLase laser can be used for a procedure called "gum contouring" to remove excess gum tissue and expose more of the crown of the tooth. In fact, your gum line can be carefully sculpted to create just the right proportion between gum tissue and tooth surface - and the result is a better looking smile. If the gum is uneven around a tooth, gum contouring can balance the way your tooth and gum look. The procedure produces a consistent; even gum line that is aesthetically pleasing.
  23. 23. 6) ORTHODONTICS Orthodontics as a treatment, works on the simple principle of bones resorbing under pressure and forming under tension. When force is applied on the tooth, the bone on the side on which the pressure is applied, slowly dissolves out and the tooth moves into the gap thus created. New bone forms on the bone on the opposite side simultaneously which is experiencing the pull of the force. This principle of movement of teeth in bones and gradual bone formation is utilized using dental appliances called Braces. In the pursuit of the highest possible standards of orthodontic care, Smilekraft Dentistry utilizes the most effective, state-of-the- art services and appliances in the market today. In addition to traditional metal braces, our patients can take advantage of transparent ceramic braces and the new age treatment concept of ClearPath Clear Aligners. Most excitingly, we take full advantage of the latest scientific advances in research, which permits us to move teeth more rapidly, while at the same time, more safely and comfortably than ever before.
  25. 25. Problems with your teeth or gums can sometimes be serious enough that they simply cannot wait. Getting fast dental treatment can often mean the difference between losing and keeping a tooth, or between quickly clearing up an infection and facing more serious health risks. We're available for calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today for more information. Knowing that there's someone you can call if you need to, is a good feeling, because you never know what could happen. At Smilekraft Dentistry, we're always ready to help when an emergency dental situation arises. Situations can happen where a sudden flare-up of infection in a tooth can cause unbearable pain; an injury can dislodge or loosen one of your teeth and only quick action can save it; a filling, veneer or crown can suddenly fall out. All of these things are emergencies that often cannot wait until normal office hours. When the problem is extreme pain caused by an abscessed tooth or gum infection, we can usually prescribe you something to ease the pain until you can get to us during office hours. Broken teeth, broken dentures, or dislodged fillings and crowns have to be taken care of immediately in order to get the best possible results.
  26. 26. 1) TEETH SENSITIVITY & TOOTHACHE When you have sensitive teeth, activities such as brushing, flossing, eating and drinking can cause sharp, temporary pain in your teeth. Sensitive teeth are typically the result of worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. Sometimes, however, tooth discomfort is caused by other factors, such as a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, or a side effect of a dental procedure, such as bleaching. As there could be numerous causes for your sensitivity, there are also various ways that it can be controlled and treated. Desensitizing toothpastes – We may advise you to use a desensitizing toothpaste if you are suffering from mild sensitivity that is localized or may be generalized in many teeth and which is not due to any cavity or other such damage. We may advise you changes or improvements in your teeth cleaning habits, including brushing twice a day using a soft- bristled toothbrush with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing daily, avoiding vigorous or harsh scrubbing, etc.
  27. 27. 2) ROOT CANAL TREATMENT Root Canals are most commonly a painless procedure (more than 90% to be precise, at Smilekraft Dentistry) that will preserve your tooth and keep the structure from becoming damaged due to infection or trauma. In a nutshell, a root canal is actually your tooth saviour. The name Root Canal comes from the fact that the treatment is of the root part of the tooth, and more specifically, in the canal part of the root where the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue of the tooth reside. To understand this endodontic treatment, it helps to know something about the anatomy of a tooth. Inside the tooth, under the white enamel and a hard layer called dentin, is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue and extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots where it connects to the tissues surrounding the root. This pulp is important during the tooth's growth and development. In a fully developed tooth, it remains as a remnant of the soft tissue that initiated the tooth development.
  29. 29. At Smilekraft Dentistry, we focus on conservative & functional dental care. What does that mean? It means we want to help you conserve as many of your natural teeth as possible. However, if problems arise or you've gone a little too long between visits, allowing dental damage to set in, we offer restorative dentistry care to counteract oral health issues, injury, damage, and trauma. As also stated in our cosmetic dentistry section, for us, functional dentistry and cosmetic treatments go hand in hand. Besides enhancing the smile, cosmetic dentistry ought to improve the functional biomechanics of the oral cavity. Ideally, this should be the role of any and all dentistry. Thus, we try and practice this by restoring your teeth to the best function aesthetically. Eventually speaking, this section is a combination of all the procedures involved with our dental services. As they have already been described previously, this section will provide information about our other general procedures that prevent and treat dental diseases, thus bringing your smile back on.
  30. 30. 1) TEETH CLEANING One of the most valuable services you can receive from our office is a professional dental cleaning. In the past, you may have thought of this service as "just a cleaning" or simply "polishing teeth". You are not alone. In fact, many patients believe that coming in for regular cleanings is not very important. The truth is, a professional dental cleaning or scaling and polishing is an important service we provide to help you prevent the emergence or growth of dental disease. The medical term for a professional cleaning is Prophylaxis, which is "a measure taken for the prevention of a disease or condition". In dentistry, a prophylaxis, or professional dental cleaning, functions as just that.
  31. 31. 2) CAVITY PREVENTION Application of a pit & fissure sealant and fluoride treatment is our method to prevent cavities from developing on the chewing surfaces of the teeth of children as well as adults who are prone to cavities. It involves the application of a special type of fluoride releasing varnish that seals off the pits & fissures from the attack of plaque and bacteria, rendering them clean and more resistant to cavities.
  32. 32. 3) BITE GUARD An Occlusal Splint (also called a Bite Splint, Bite Plane, Night Guard or a Bite Guard) is a removable dental appliance carefully moulded to fit the upper or lower arches of teeth worn at night to reduce the amount of grinding pressure transferred to the teeth. It offers relief for the muscles of the jaw and protection of the teeth from wear and breakage. Teeth grinding and clenching also known as Bruxism, generally occurs during sleep and can often go undetected. Bruxism is the technical term for the grinding of teeth at night while asleep.
  34. 34. Laser Dentistry is a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you should consider looking for Dr. Priyank Mathur, who has pioneered and incorporated WATERLASE laser dentistry into his practice and treatments in Pune, India. WaterLase is a state of the art technology that uses a patent 2780nm wavelength YSGG laser energy and proprietary water/air spray that combines to symbiotically excite water molecules from within both the spray and the target tissue, resulting in a biological, effective micro-ablation of tooth structure, bone, or soft tissue.
  36. 36. 1) TOOTH REMOVAL Sometimes, even after taking all the efforts, tooth disease can reach a stage where the teeth are not salvageable. In such cases, we may need to extract (remove) those teeth to prevent further damage to the underlying bone and surrounding gums and teeth. From time immemorial, the extraction of teeth has been dreaded by humans. Till today, it is the most medieval of surgical procedures performed in the human body. Traditional extractions are done by expanding and fracturing the plate of bone on the cheek side. This is very precious bone. Once lost, it is exceedingly hard to regain. It also, more often than not, impairs our ability to restore the lost tooth by a dental implant. And that's where Smilekraft Dentistry specializes in keeping any extraction as minimally invasive and traumatic as possible. Simply put, we just don't extract teeth; we treat that area keeping all your future needs in mind. If your major functional or aesthetic tooth needs an extraction, then it won't involve just pulling your tooth off, but would be a neat procedure that will preserve, heal and re-grow much more than is removed. We do this utilizing our modern extraction instruments and special bone grafting materials and techniques.
  37. 37. 2) PERIODONTAL SURGERIES The main cause of periodontal disease is bacteria, which constantly forms on your teeth. When you have periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone around your teeth is destroyed, forming "pockets." Over time, these pockets become deeper, providing a larger space for bacteria to live. These pockets are too deep to clean with daily at-home oral hygiene and professional hygiene care. As a result, these deep pockets gather even more bacteria, resulting in further bone and tissue loss. Without proper periodontal treatment, too much bone is lost and the teeth need to be extracted. If you've been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease, there are a variety of treatment options depending on the particulars of your situation, especially the severity of the problem. At Smilekraft Dentistry, we always start with the least or minimally invasive options, which are non-surgical. However, in more serious cases, surgery may be necessary.
  38. 38. 3) BONE GRAFTING Over a period of time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth atrophies (shrinks) or is resorbed. This sometimes leaves a condition in which there is poor quality and quantity of bone not suitable for the placement of dental implants. In these situations, bone grafting is considered. We at Smilekraft Dentistry, Pune, India have the ability to grow bone where needed in certain scenarios. This not only gives us the opportunity to place implants of proper length and width, it also gives us a chance to restore functionality and aesthetics. Bone grafting procedures may be performed separately or together with implant placement depending upon your bone status. There are several areas of the body that are suitable for attaining bone grafts. In the jaws region, bone grafts can be taken from inside the mouth, in the area of the chin or third molar region, or in the upper jaw behind the last tooth. In more extensive situations, a greater quantity of bone can be attained from the hip or the outer aspect of the tibia at the knee.
  39. 39. 4) COMPUTER GUIDED SURGERIES Computer guided dental implants surgeries at Smilekraft Dentistry, Pune, India are one of our most advanced dental implant placement techniques available today. A computer-guided implant treatment uses the information from a 3D CBCT Scan. This new sophisticated tool allows us to do precision planning of your treatment, so your implants are accurately and safely placed in exactly the right place. Through the use of these 3D computer imaging systems, we are now able to perform a virtual surgery before we even touch your mouth for the surgery. The 3D CBCT system gathers exceptionally accurate information about your mouth including the anatomy of your jaws in three dimensions, which enables us to locate and identify important internal structures as well as gather information about bone quality and quantity This information allows us to create a more accurate and precise treatment plan for your dental implant placement. This process will provide you with greater satisfaction with respect to health and recovery along with reduced surgical times and help to simplify the treatment process.
  40. 40. THANK YOU Address: Office no 102,Avenue Vertex, Aundh Wakad road, Vishal Nagar, Jagtap Dairy. Pune 411027. Maharashtra, India. Ph : (+91) 20 69 333 000