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Seattle camlog dental implants


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Seattle camlog dental implants

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information: Dr. Lance Timmerman DMD 7100 Fort Dent Way, Suite #270 Tukwila, WA 98188 Phone: (206) 241-5533 Email: May 31, 2010, Tukwila, WA – Highly respected Seattle area dentist, Dr. Lance Timmerman recently completed a comprehensive dental implant training program with renowned implant educators. Dr. Timmerman is now giving his patients a new reason to smile by offering all of the wonderful benefits of dental implants. There are many reasons for losing a tooth, but there is no reason that a person has to lose quality of life as a result. Speaking or eating difficulties are now a thing of the past for Dr. Timmerman’s patients. Based upon scientific evidence and careful analysis, Dr. Timmerman has chosen to utilize the CAMLOG implant system in his practice. Dr. Timmerman stated, “I chose CAMLOG implants because my patients will benefit the most from this impeccable implant system. I have researched the available products and my feeling is that the CAMLOG system is superior to all others on the market. The research and track record behind this particular implant system is outstanding.” Specifically in regard to his patients, Dr. Timmerman says, “There’s now a reliable and affordable way for my patients to get the comfort and confidence they need to live satisfying lives. It’s very gratifying to be able to help my patients overcome the difficulties and embarrassment often caused by missing teeth.” About Dr. Lance Timmerman, DMD International dental implant and cosmetic dentist, Lance Timmerman DMD, has been caring for implant and cosmetic dental needs of his patients for more than 12 years. He is a highly regarded clinician in both the placement and restoration of dental implants, from a single missing tooth to the entire upper and lower arch. His background in both cosmetic dentistry and dental implant surgery provides a strong foundation to ensure medically safe and aesthetically beautiful results. For more information about Dr. Timmerman and Implant Dentistry, visit his websites at or