Saliva and chewing gum


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Adequate saliva is critical for good oral health. Apart from lubricating the tissues, saliva helps maintain a pH environment that promotes tooth remineralisation and serves an antimicrobial function.

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Saliva and chewing gum

  1. 1. Saliva and Chewing Gum For more details visit
  2. 2. Importance of Saliva! Critical for good oral health.! Lubricates the tissues and helps maintain a pH environment that promotestooth remineralisation and serves an antimicrobial function.! Assists in digesting, diluting, and clearing dietary carbohydrates as well asbuffering of acid that is a by product of the metabolism of sugar.! Integral to the formation of the pellicle, which protects the tooth aftereruption.! Preserve the integrity of both oral hard and soft tissues. For more details visit
  3. 3. What if Salivary flow is reduced… ? Affects the oral tissues. ? Leaves dry, burning mouth, which will impact on the ability to swallow, taste food, speak, and maintain oral tissue integrity. ? Longer-term consequences are demineralization of enamel, an increased caries rate with rapid progression of the carious lesions, and an overgrowth of Candida. For more details visit
  4. 4. Saliva and Chewing Gumo Causes the salivary glands to produce more fluid.o This stimulated saliva contains more ions, including neutralizing bicarbonate,calcium, and phosphorous, which are available to remineralize dental enamel.o When a sweetness or flavor is added to chewing gum, there is a 10-fold increase inflow rate compared to stimulation by mastication alone. Even after 20 minutes ofchewing, saliva output is elevated 3-fold.o A mechanical cleansing effect on the teeth adds to the anticaries effect of sugarlessgum. For more details visit
  5. 5. Saliva and Chewing Gum Food is cleared from the oral cavity, and plaque is removed from the occlusal toothsurfaces. Although smooth surface plaque will not be affected, a reduction of asmuch as 44% of the accumulated plaque has been reported. Sugarless gum - A vehicle to deliver medicaments that may benefit oral andsystemic health. Assists caries reduction by remineralization or neutralization of plaque acid. Assists in tooth-whitening and breath-freshening.PPT Source: Saliva and Chewing Gum For more details visit
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