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Myths & Facts Dental Care - 11


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Smile Care World is a chain of dental clinics providing high quality dental care, dental treatment and dental services by specialised health care professionals in Bandra, Kolhapur, Nashik, Vashi, Mumbai

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Myths & Facts Dental Care - 11

  1. 1. Myths and Facts Clear the Myths & know the Facts about your teeth & gums! For more details visit
  2. 2. Myth If the tooth doesn't hurt, there is no need for a root canal treatment For more details visit
  3. 3. Fact <ul><li>While a throbbing toothache usually results in the need for root canal treatment, many times a tooth can require root canal treatment when there is no pain present. </li></ul><ul><li>Dentists and endodontists are specially trained to test a tooth to see if the pulp (nerve tissue) has been infected or damaged. If this is the case, a root canal would be necessary to save the tooth. </li></ul>For more details visit
  4. 4. Myth If tooth enamel is white, the tooth must be considered healthy For more details visit
  5. 5. Fact This is absolutely untrue! A tooth can look healthy and white, but, at the same time, it can have cavities, problems with the root or support apparatus and other abnormalities that require treatment. For more details visit
  6. 6. About Smile Care Smile Care® has spearheaded the cause of modern dentistry in India through its multitude of activities in the field of dentistry. Smile Care® is involved in Clinical Services, Continuing Education, Clinical Research, Public Awareness and Scientific Publication in the field of dentistry and offers the synergistic benefit of these activities to all its clients. For more details visit
  7. 7. Contact Details Smile Care Clinic Bandra, Vashi, Nashik, Kolhapur Email: [email_address] Tel: 91 -22-26400188 / 83 Fax 91-22-26416342 For more details visit
  8. 8. Issued in Public Interest by For more details visit