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Dr. Aditi Sabnis


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IIDC 2013

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Dr. Aditi Sabnis

  1. 1. Advances in Esthetics of Implant Abutment Restorations Implant abutments have advanced from titanium abutments to zirconia abutments to hybrid abutments improving esthetics with adequate strength. It has further evolved to lithium disilicate (IPS emax) hybrid abutments.Slide No. 1 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21
  2. 2. Two Different Approaches:Hybrid abutment & crown Hybrid abutment crown INDICATIONS : Anterior and posterior single-tooth restorations. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Ti base doesn’t fulfill the•The marginal shoulder width SA 0.6 mm. geometric requirements. •The marginal shoulder width SA at least 0.6 mm.•An emergence profile with a right angle at the transition to the crown. Failure to observe •The wall thickness W AK larger than 1.5 mm for the entire circumference.•The wall thickness W A at least 0.5 mm. maximum and minimum•The height HA should not exceed twice ceramic walls. •Screw channel opening not in contact areathe height of the Ti base HTi. or area with masticatory force. If not, use hybrid abutment.•Circular epi-/supragingival shoulder with Bruxism.rounded inner edges or a chamfer. •The width of the hybrid abutment crown BAK limited to 6.0 mm from the axial height of•The width BAK of the crown is limited to 6.0 contour to the screw from the axial height of contour to thescrew channel of the hybrid abutment. •The height HAK must not exceed twice the height of the Ti base by more than 2 mm. Slide No. 2 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21
  3. 3. Lab ProcedureModel with Modeling Emergence Wax pattern SprueingGingival mask profile Investing Pressing Rough & Fine Finishing divesting On model Staining & Glaze firing charecterization firingSlide No. 3 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21
  4. 4. Pre-treatmentPreparation of Application of Preparing Cementation with Multilink FinalTi base Monobond pressed Implant restoration plus object on model Merits: Gingival recession cases, lifelike appearance. 4oo MPa strength, can be used in posterior area. Durable. Accuracy of fit, form, function. Intraoral cement removal is a thing of past. Convenient shade matching. Slide No. 4 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21
  5. 5. Case Discussion Clinical situation after gingival shaping Placement Placement of of hybrid hybrid abutment abutment crown Hybrid Hybrid abutment abutment & crown crown*Clinical cases (R. Watzke, Liechtenstein) Slide No. 5 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21
  6. 6. This is where it started .. Conclusion Innovations in the field of Prosthodontics, Implantology, Dental Material Sciences have made possible for the clinicians to achieve esthetics with implant abutment restorations in true sense. This is where it has reached.. and the journey continues… Slide No. 6 Dr. Aditi Sabnis. Poster No.21