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Consequences of missing teeth


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Consequences of Missing Teeth

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Consequences of missing teeth

  1. 1. Consequences of Missing Teeth For more details visit
  2. 2. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>Degeneration, shifting or tip into the empty space due to the loss of teeth </li></ul>For more details visit
  3. 3. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>Over eruption of teeth happens if there is a tooth directly above or below the space and there will not be anything to prevent it from coming out of the gum tissue </li></ul>For more details visit
  4. 4. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>Missing teeth if not replaced causes movements like decay of teeth/gum problem ,which can lead to loss of other teeth. </li></ul><ul><li>As you lose more teeth, you will be forced to chew in other areas, and this often leads to tooth fracture from overloading, excessive wear and or TMJ (jaw joint) problems </li></ul>Decay of Teeth and loss of teeth Fractured Tooth For more details visit
  5. 5. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>A tooth has many functions some being to chew, to speak, to keep the facial muscles and tissue in a proper position, to smile, and to keep the other teeth from shifting . Once a tooth is lost this whole balance is disrupted and it leads to many various problems </li></ul>For more details visit
  6. 6. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>As adults we have three molar teeth and we do most (about 80%) of our chewing from the first molar to the first premolar/canine area. About 20% is done in the second molar area, and very little is done in the wisdom teeth area </li></ul>For more details visit
  7. 7. Consequences of Missing Teeth <ul><li>Crowding of teeth is experienced in kids if they loose baby teeth early </li></ul><ul><li>Baby teeth are generally not replaced with another tooth; however, an appliance ( space maintainer ) is often placed until the permanent tooth erupts </li></ul>Crowding Space Maintainer For more details visit
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