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List of services

  1. 1. For all services please contact: darabaner@gmail.comContent Writing Services:-Article Writing: - $5 for 400 word count contents any theme you can ask to write.Blog writing: - $6 for 500 word blogPress release: - $10 for 700 word count press release.Newsletter: - $3 for 200 word count newsletterProduct Review: - $1.25 for 60 word count product reviewWebsite content: - $8 per page of 600 word count website content. Any theme / topicSales speech: - $4 for 150 word sales speechResearch Question Paper/Thesis Writing/medical question paper writing/University samples writing: - $150Guaranteed SEO / Website Optimization Services: -Google SEO1 website SEO for 5 relevant keywords on Google with guaranteed top listings - $300 monthlyProject Duration: - 3-4 monthsN.B.: - Contents, videos will be given by client / we will set up the rest requirements with additional costs.Google, Yahoo, MSN1 website SEO for 5-6 relevant keywords on Google, yahoo & aol/bing/msn with guaranteed top listings -$500 monthlyProject Duration: - 3-4 monthsN.B.: - Contents, videos will be given by client / we will set up the rest requirements with additional costs.Note: - Adult / Dating / Weddings theme websites may vary in prices and time frame as it may due to caseof competition and monthly search volume.Normal Basis plan for the above theme websites starts at just @ $400 for 5 keywords SEO in Google.Google, yahoo, MSN package just starts at just @ $750 for 6 keywords SEO in Google, yahoo & MSN.
  2. 2. One Way Link Building Services: -Link Building Methods & Quotes----------------------------------------------1. Directory Submission (one way link building)Directory Submission: -A vital featurestic phase of off- page optimization is “Directory Submission”. Directory submission is thebest way to build link popularity for your site which will help your web site rank higher in the searchengines.Requirements: ---- Website URLS--- Anchor texts--- keywords--- DescriptionsOur Quote: - 1000 Directory submissions= 90$. 3000 Directory submissions= 250$Manual link submissions. No use of automated software. No link exchange, No paid listings. 60%guaranteed listings as we check IP and post the link details.2. Article Submissions Plan: -Major Webmasters do articles submissions and recommend it for leads generation.Article Submission pronouncedly known as Article Marketing, the policy to make yourself genuine andyour business. Quality articles help in tracking visitors and are instrumental in generating high qualityback-links. They are also a powerful medium for advertising products and services.Our Quote: - 100 Article Posts= 40$N.B:-We charge $5 per 400 word quality article to generate and for article submission purposes. You can checkquality through checking out through copy scape and duplicate checker and through other content purifiertools like article checker. I avoid article spinning.Article Writing and Submission:
  3. 3. We will write unique and quality article about 400 above word and post it on top article sites. We willsubmit theses articles to good article sites and as per our quality article writing sure that our articles must bepublished.Article Directoires sites are as : - Blogging:-Regarded as biographical sketch, some also states it as online journal. Best featurestic method of off-pageSeo. It gets huge hits and traffic. But must be curious we have to be regarding the ethics of white hat Seo.Excess blog promotions sometimes spam to be considered by Google.Blog Creation: - 75$ for 200 unique blog creation and promotions.N.B.:- Blog writing: - $6 for 500 word count. You can check quality through checking out through copyscape and duplicate checker and through other content purifier tools.One way contextual links to make: - 100 Blog comments/ Guest Blogging= 40$Examples of Blog Comment, all the blog comment will post on theme and relevant topic. In blog comment posting there are noconsideration on PR, only should be Indexed by Google and also Do follow Blog.
  4. 4. Blog Reviews This is the good one SEO process to track customer views on service or products and take steps to promoteit in you social networks site like Stumble upon, Face book, Digg, Blogger will good long term benefit foryour business and you will get quality traffic as well.4. Press Release Writing & Distribution:-We have to write on your new product or any new services and announcing you website name on this pressrelease. Benefit for press release all press release will be distributed to all the subscribed users.Per 700 word count Press Release, we charge just $10 and 100 press releasedistributions is just $60.For Press Release writing and distribution, we are taking small amount ----------------Press Release Websites are mentioned below:- Forum Posting: -Forums are online communities or dashboard discussions. The prospective hear backs about forums are thatit is possible to target a particular segment that matches the demographic profile you are looking for.Participating in forums assists in building a brand or image for your business by demonstrating to membersof the forum about your competence, and creates utmost favor on them with your own caliber.Why Useful: - * Improve the most possible and favorable search engine listing. * Enhance in your conversion percentages. * Increase web traffic, leads and hits. * It also provides you Direct One Way Incoming links to your web site.Forum Posts= 40$ for 100 Forum Posts. Posts might be removed by Webmasters or
  5. 5. Moderators. Post mean simple comment or reply posts.100 approved forum links will cost you $150. Links with signature mark. Forumlinks means topic link inclusion and approved lists only*.6. Link Wheel / Social Media Optimizations: -A great new SEO link building process called as Link wheel. It means creating 12 or up to 116 or moreBlogs, micro Blogs on a particular topic. You are writing 500 words of unique and quality content andinclude your 1 text link on targeted site and 1 link should be going to Blogs or micro Blogs links.150$ for 60 link wheel promotions.7. Lens on Squidoo Promotions:In Squidoo promotion you can promote your business services or products and getting good back links andreviews as well as unique customers.Examples:- Squidoo promotions: - 90$8. Classifieds:Classifieds Write Examples:Enthusiasm in children is ever increased by the flash cards. The NDS cards directly allow your childrenplay games without downloading. So these cards have given a new definition to learning and playing., we look forward to serve you with these cards. We provide all kinds of the flash Dsi cards, theDsi cards, the NDS cards and the flash Ds Lite cards.$30 for 60 classified listings.
  6. 6. List of Classifieds Sites: Video Promotions:Video promotions are the new SEO technique to get good reviews and unique visitors for your website.$30 for 50 video posts and PromotionsExamples: Reciprocal Link Building / Link Exchange:We will give you reciprocate links that will keep in resource or links page as well as inner page. As per thequality sites link will more valuable. Minimum home page PR-2. Reciprocal link building is givingimportant role in SEO link building.Natural Way of Building links on theme-based through link exchange/link trade:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As far this plan I offer quality theme based links on any theme and any language, and static one way dofollow of links to chase your competitors. All the links will be indexed by Google and recent cache.Per website we can get 100 - 200 no. of links on monthly basis through link exchange. You can assign anyof your preferred themes and any language and I hope to get quality links from link pages. Link pagelinks, no link firms, no java script links, c-class ip will be evaluated where link will live.Link Exchange: -Pr0:- $1.5Pr1:- $3
  7. 7. Pr2:- $5Pr3:- $7 Multi-Language Link BuildingComprehensive Plan of Building Multi-language Links on Mixed & Niche Listings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I can track back one way outbound links on any specified theme and on any language (Japan, German,Spanish, French, Swedish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Norway, Russian, Israel, Polish etc.). The back linksthat I will generate will be collective progress from forums, Blogs, blog comments, social media sites ofdifferent language, classified sites, video broadcasting sites, social bookmaking sites, directory sites, articlewebsites, etc. This note says that: I have Translators who can convert the posts into any modified languageand set of target to get links for the language you choose. Although I am having India Based SEOCompany, still I have professional translators and writers who will highly skillful and have great team spiritto justify your works to have with great work executions.Below are the specification that I follow for building back links:---One Way static links where links will be placed. All the links are coming from internal pages withAnchor text HTML links.---Where the links will be placed mostly reviewed and indexed by Google.---All the links posses to be c-class ip addressed as we will create manual built links not built by any semi-conductor auto generator software. Each link will be evaluated as “c-class ip addressed ".---Links will consist in the group networks, SMO, link wheel, blog comments, forum signature etc. videobroadcasting and classified listing inclusion counted as links to generate.---Links in any language as per specified notice, my team can analyze and research and have the ability toget huge back links on solitary path for language Spanish.---My team will build 500 quality links for 5 websites as 100 links per website.Reporting Managers will pursue report of links by weekly and monthly in excel-sheet ( Link url, LinkGoing to, Anchor Text, link title, Links Descriptions, IP Address , Link Page Rank, Page Rank of Homepage, Index or Not etc. )500 links order price Chart:----------------------------------------------500 links order will be just 832$. (Limited Order Editions)
  8. 8. Name Branding Cum Product Campaign ManagementLike Sony, Dr. Reddy, L& T are promoting their brand names and getting visitors and leads, this strategyand tactics really working great and People all around the world using this tactics and getting huge benefitsand awesome results.As far as charges concern, this will cost $1500 monthly and campaign should run 6 months minimum andmonthly more than 1,00,000 visitors and huge reviews and clicks this campaign will set.E-Marketing Exposure through Our Exclusive Online Marketing Structure &Brand Promotions for Better Advertisement & Lead / Sales ManagementMeet-Limex-Technowings Pvt. Ltd. - which is having the Goodwill and Image as one of the Top InternetMarketing Company from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. In the Present Era of Competitive Business world, weregister the Best sorts of marketing knowledge and Creativity idea for your growth and success. OurCompany having a Brand reputation for Promotional activities and Classified / yellow Pages Listingscomprehensively. We keenly observe your needs as what you pre-set for your future activity concern ofgrowth and Prosper level of trade and we move as accordingly with keeping the sole-objective for betterROI ( Return on Investment ). We increase sales volume of your products / services up to a certain extent.Our Sales Speech Approach consists of:--I- Broad Idea and Level of thought to achieve at any stage of Business class of theory,-II- Appropriate frame of advice,-III- Object-Orientation schedules to follow,-IV- We will act - move - win (situations),-V- Quality Level of Assurance Guaranteed,-VI- Reputation Management,-VII- Every cores / levels of Business we are having the Right frame of solutions,-VIII- Huge Productivity as per our preamble of company exclusive norms,-IX- Reputation Management,-X- Timely Support if any queries available & Service Satisfaction.Methods to Implement: --2000 Classified / Yellow Pages listings Program through our online portal management-Bulk E-mail Marketing
  9. 9. - Media marketing Exposure: Social Media Optimization & Social Networking Principles to follow- Video Broadcasting: Enlist and Promote for more leads, More traffic and More visitors = More targetedBusinessAs far as pricing concern, it will cost $300 monthly for rendering the services. Website Design / Development Module / Services: -We are a professional web design company; operating since 2007. We provide website design anddevelopment services in a professional manner backed up with highly experienced web designers & webdevelopers. We cater to the web designing needs of people from all over the world at an affordable cost.We are also providing solutions for companies or individuals interested in outsourcing their web design andweb application development campaigns. We have lot of experience in building varied kind of websites;which cater to different types of industries like auto, real estate, medical, shopping, travel, law firms, Blogweb design, dating, finance etc.We are Specialized in:- 1. Custom Website Design 2. Custom Website Development 3. Word Press Theme Design 4. Word Press Theme Development 5. PSD to XHTML Conversion 6. Logo Design 7. E-commerce Website Development 8. Print Design 9. CMS – Content Management System Development 10. Joomla and its modules development 11. Other Design and Development ServicesWeb-Development Price Quotes:-For dynamic websites our pricing starts from $299 andFor static sites5 - 6 pages - completely static -$149; with banner and mouse over buttons - $199 - around 7 daysUp to 10 pages - completely static -$199; with banner and mouse over buttons - $249 - around 9 daysUp to 15 pages - completely static -$249; with banner and mouse over buttons - $299 - around 10days
  10. 10. Web Site Design Price Quotes: -Static Design--------------------LogoBannerBook Cover DesignBook Page DesignVisiting CardLetterheadEnvelopeEach piece / thing is just $6FLASH DesignLogoBannerBook Cover DesignBook Page DesignVisiting CardLetterheadEnvelopeEach piece / thing is $10Static HTML Template Redesign $9Making a new template on HTML $12Flash Template $21Flash HTML Template Redesign Flash $16
  11. 11. Static 10 pages Design with Html with CSS Layout: - $150 (Including Logo, Banner, Template,Fields, Product Putting, Pictures etc.)Dynamic Flash 10 pages Html Design with CSS Layout: - $220 (Including Logo, Banner, Template, Fields,Product Putting, Pictures etc.)Customer support services - BPO - Call Center ServicesWhy Customer support services are essential - Its now-a-days, people believe in qualityproducts at reasonable price. But its so tame or difficult a smart customer to cheat or understand in wrongconcepts. Only selling products or services and no services or support then business houses or companieswill loose the business temperament or sound business ethics. We need to follow up them, we have to keepthem happy with effective and circular specific knowledge what the product/service goes for and customerwill get benefited.Another important phase is that live support team/ tele-callers/chat support team/email support team is thesuccess which should rectify the error of margin guidelines. Now what we are going to implement that isnone other than one and one only “Customer Support Services”.Benefits on the ground for which you will trust and put resource - As far as benefitsconcern, people from USA, UK or Europe continental invest 1600$ -2400$ towards customer supportservices whereas we offer the best & reasonable price for this sort of service allocations. We charge 600$monthly for 1 customer support service executive who will work 40 hours in a week from Monday toFriday as per your requirements.Service expertise as below:-1 customer support = 600$ = 160 hours = 4 week = Monday- Friday As per requirementMinimum process should be 5-10 executives for this set up.Job-Responsibility: - Live online video chat support / Email customer service support/ Telephone BusinessDiscussions (Both Inbound & Outbound Process)N.B:- Some Additional expenses will be beard by clients as below: -- Lunch Expenses, Tiffin Expenses, Communication expenses of Customer Support executives will bemaintained by client- Overtime or any additional work done in pick hours will take care by clients- Voip & Internet connection charges should be handled by client as well.
  12. 12. Growth in salary/Pay structure: - With Regards to salary increment should be allowed after 4months of competitive view and monthly work assessment. At least 100$ should be added in Basic salaryafter 4 months work study.Agreement or Project Deal: - The services for customer support services should be more precise andwe need more kind attention and co-operation from the service buyers. We will deal in a professional way;6 months legal deal should be signed on between Meet-Limex Technowings Pvt. Ltd and service BuyerCompany. The agreement can enhanced after quality delivery and good outputs that will be keenlyobserved by clients. Starting the job we need 50% payment as upfront of the total guys we will invest.Report-Generations: - Reports will be generated frequently on regular basis Monday-Friday withperfect implementations marked ups. Cartoon Animations - 2D rendering – 3D rendering – Cartoon Movie Presentation - Launching of Cartoon Animated Video – Flash Representation – Web based Animated VideoTo start and act on a particular campaign on representation to make it live, we need basic things as stated:-- Story or Topic to make the video- Voice to put and get the final output- General time frame to get final outputs- Client meetings to set ups & brief discussions if any doubts for complete clarificationPrice on 3 minute video cartoon animated one: - $900Web based animated clip of 3 minutes: - $6002 hours animated cartoon movie: - $ 60,000Tele Serial on Cartoon Based of 60 hours: - $50, 00,000