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Invisalign San Diego- Invisalign: What to expect


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Are you looking for forward to undergo Invisalign in San Diego for your misaligned teeth? Read the presentation and find certain points regarding the process involved in invisalign, ideal for you before approaching the orthodontist.

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Invisalign San Diego- Invisalign: What to expect

  1. 1. Invisalign – What to Expect
  2. 2. Don’t let people know that you’re straightening your teeth. Thinking how? Get Invisalign. It is an advanced procedure for tooth alignment and an invisible way to straighten your teeth. When you decide to have Invisalign, you’ve to face many easy procedures. Take a quick glimpse.
  3. 3. During consultation, the orthodontist will examine your oral cavity and determine whether you are a right candidate for Invisalign. Sometimes the doctor may ask you to take a smile assessment test for determining your candidature. Consultation:
  4. 4. The dentist would need some records to make the apt aligner exclusively for you. Records include: • Dental Impressions • Bite registration • Dental X-Rays • Photographs Taking Records:
  5. 5. Based on your teeth’s records 3D images and animations are created. Looking at the images and animations the dentist can tell you the period of the treatment by predicting the improvement of your teeth in each stage. In addition, the dentist designs a treatment plan exclusively for you and recommends you a series of custom-made aligners. Design of aligners:
  6. 6. You will be shifting to newer set of aligners every two weeks as you would see a significant improvement in your teeth alignment. The dentist will monitor your progress with constant checkups. Wearing of Aligners
  7. 7. For effective, reliable Invisalign treatment and other dental services visit the dental office of Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS For further details visit: Phone: (858)587-2828