Social media in utilities 2013


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SMi's 2nd annual Social Media in the Utilities conference

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Social media in utilities 2013

  1. 1. REGISTER BY 19TH DECEMBER AND RECEIVE A £300 DISCOUNT REGISTER BY 22ND FEBRUARY AND RECEIVE A £100 DISCOUNTSMi Group presents its 2nd annual conference on... 15TH - 16THSocial Media in APRILthe Utilities SectorCopthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK 2013 WHY ATTEND THIS EVENT: KEY SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Hear first hand from leading utilities how they are • Patrick Stella, Lead Media Relations Representative, implementing social media National Grid • Discover about the technological advances in • Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK social gamification • Tricia Bower, Social Media Manager, Direct Energy • Gain knowledge of social metrics, the most • Michael Baggs, Social Media Consultant, EDF Energy effective research techniques and how to know • Phil Livingstone, Head of Digital, British Gas your audience • Jo Frears, Consultant Solicitor, Head of Intellectual • Learn about the political situation in the utilities Property, Jeffery Green Russell sector and lobbying culture • Bernard Mooney, Customer Care Manager, Bord Gáis • Develop an understanding of risk avoidance Networks techniques and the new Cookies regulation • Chris Pratt, Senior Associate Director, Energy & • Evaluate other sectors’ effective social media Industrials, Hill & Knowlton Strategies strategies • Adam Templeman, Head of Resourcing, Npower • Sergei Mendoza, Research Director, IPSOS Mori, Reputation Centre PLUS AN INTERACTIVE HALF-DAY POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Wednesday 17th April 2013, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK Creativity – the art of storytelling and the science of impact 8.30am – 12.30pm Workshop Leader: Dean Russell, Digital Marketing Director (EMEA), Lewis PR Register online and receive full information on all of SMi’s conferences Alternatively fax your registration to +44 (0) 870 9090 712 or call +44 (0) 870 9090 711
  2. 2. Social Media in the Utilities SectorDay One | Monday 15th April 2013 www.socialmed8.30 Registration and Coffee 12.20 Networking Lunch9.00 Chairmans Opening Remarks 1.40 Social media at British Gas Patrick Stella, Lead Media Relations Representative, National •Linking all departments together under one social media Grid strategy OPENING ADDRESS • British Gas case study - customer service comes first9.10 The evolution of social media in utilities- Where are we today? • Process modelling - developing a strategy internally •The face of social media today •Creating content and campaigns which build relationships •How are utilities communicating with the media in the social with customers media space •The effect of Hurricane Sandy on social media in the utilities Phil Livingstone, Head of Digital, British Gas sector- a case study Patrick Stella, Lead Media Relations Representative, National 2.20 Entertainment leads to interest which in turn leads to acquisition Grid •Using Youtube to promote sustainability that in turn saves you money - Case study Direct Energy Zombies BACKGROUND TO CHALLENGES THE UTITLITES SECTOR IS FACING • Entertainment vs. sophistication in a social media campaign9.50 Overview of the political situation of the utilities market and how •Making the most of social media - using it for customer social media ties into that acquisition •Outline of the government’s plans to intervene in the utilities Tricia Bower, Social Media Manager, Direct Energy market •How to combat the lack of public confidence in the utilities market 3.00 Afternoon Tea •Competitive market in the UK - is forcing the energy companies to provide lower tariffs an effective way of REACHING OUT TO YOUR STAKEHOLDERS USING NEW CHANNELS sustaining this Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK 3.30 Recruitment using the power of social media10.30 Morning Coffee •Moving with the times - experimenting with different avenues for recruitment11.00 Panel Discussion - how can social media be used to influence •Npower case study regarding the success social media has decisions and promote campaigns? had in recruitment •Energy and the public trust deficit - how organisations can •Cultivating the best customer experience in the recruitment rebuild reputations on social media •Encouraging consumer switching and collective buying process behaviours •Multi-channel approach - How to ensure the latest •Campaigning in public - Twitter’s role for journalists and technologies feed into your social media strategy and in turn policymakers how that fits within the wider attraction strategy • Social media content - Moving beyond the press release Adam Templeman, Head of Resourcing, Npower Chris Pratt, Senior Associate Director, Energy & Industrials, Hill & Knowlton Strategies Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK 4.10 Social media as a means of bettering customer service • Pros and cons of social media as a customer channel HOW UTILITTIES ARE CURRENTLY OPTIMISING SOCIAL MEDIA USE • Doing more for less - reducing unwanted calls •Keeping in contact - alternative channels of communicating11.40 How using social media can help your customers to engage •Case study from successful social media campaign taking with customers advantage of Youtube - EDF Energy “Feel Better Energy •Proactively informing customers during a crisis to divert large Campaign” volumes of inbound traffic • The importance of forethought in devising a strategy Bernard Mooney, Customer Care Manager, Bord Gáis Networks •Managing the opportunities and threats a larger spotlight attracts •Energy of The Nation - how to maximise the use of Twitter 4.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks Michael Baggs, Social Media Consultant and Moderator, EDF Energy 5.00 Close of Day One Register online at: • Alternatively fax SPONSORSHIP AND EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIESWHO SHOULD ATTEND: SMi offer sponsorship, exhibition, advertising and branding packages, uniquely tailored to complement your companys marketing strategy. Should you wish to join the increasing number of• Social Media Managers • Directors of Communications companies benefiting from promoting their businesses at our• Online Marketing Directors • Digital/Website Managers conferences please call: Jules Omura, SMi Sponsorship on• Communications Officers • Press Officers +44 (0)20 7827 6018 or email:• Customer Service Managers • Head of Consulting• Lead Media Relations • Business Development Managers• Heads of Recruitment • Research Executives Want to know how you can get involved? Interested in promoting your services to this market? Contact Vinh Trinh, SMi Marketing on +44 (0) 207 827 6140, or email
  3. 3. Day Two | Tuesday 16th April 2013 8.30 Re-registration and Coffee 12.10 Change the game, change the customer - The social gamification of energy consumption 9.00 Chairmans Opening Remarks • IBM global utility survey - customer trust and behavior is Malcom Wells, Director, Malwell Corporate Projects improved by a simple yet elusive accomplishment: knowledge retention UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE & ADAPTING YOUR STRATEGY • How do we use social and gaming mechanics to influence knowledge gain and measurable retention? • The secret to engagement that the industries of 9.10 Utilities sector – making sense of social media conversations entertainment, advertising and education have known for a using a strategic issues approach century • Strategic social media listening and text mining - how to • The ASK Platform Case study - changing the paradigm of how identify key strategic issues among all the conversations utilities educate their employees and customers alike • Utilities sector - what are the most prominent industry-level Robert J. Feeney, President & Co-Founder, Vergence issues in social media Entertainment • Formulating a strategy - combining stakeholder research data with insights from social media monitoring 12.50 Q & A- Demo of the ASK Platform Sergei Mendoza, Research Director, IPSOS Mori Reputation Centre 1.10 Networking Lunch 9.50 Keeping social media personal - learning from the smaller RISK AVOIDANCE & LEGAL IMPLICATIONS energy company 2.30 Risk avoidance - the legal implications case study • In a world where energy bills are sky high - how to keep the • Copyright and social media: who owns postings, pictures, customer happy in other ways content? • Getting that personal touch - how to stay the friendly “local” • Cookies to get the cream: considering why we use cookies, energy company what to do about advising of use, what to do with information • Engaged customers are happy customers - keeping them you get from using them entertained • Bouquets or Tomatoes: legal aspects of dealing with criticism, • Dealing with the challenges of scaling up personal touch to outspoken users/abusers bigger audience • New customer protection law & social media Chris Gilfoy, Head of Digital, Ovo Energy Jo Frears, Consultant Solicitor, Head of Intellectual Property, Jeffery Green Russell Ltd 10.30 Morning Coffee 3.10 Social media and content marketing – Bauer Media’s approach LATEST TECHNOLOGIES & DEVELOPMENTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA to social media • Getting departments geared to a new way of thinking • Unifying accounts and dealing with politics 10.50 Technology changing the utility customer dynamic and • Creating content, spatially-driven content and engagement borrowing from other industries via social media • What is making the customer dynamic change with the - Case Studies - Grazia Street Fashion Week & Motorcycle introduction of technology in utilities News on YouTube • Customer interaction at "near real time" without a call centre James Carson, Director, Carson Content (Former Head of Digital • Three Cs of Community, Campaign and Crisis Marketing, London Lifestyle Bauer Media) • What other industries do to engage the customer and how we can learn from this 3.50 Afternoon Tea • Given the unique business environment of utilities, how can these practices be adapted instead of adopted to work for 4.10 Panel discussion: The future of social media in utilities- thinking utility customers through logically and legally Chris Lewis, Chairman, Zeethos • Increased customer engagement - what are the limits? • Social media brings products right to the consumer • Convergence of social media with smart grid technology 11.30 Devising a successful social media campaign • Data privacy laws - the future issues to consider • Shell Eco-marathon case study - Social Media for sustainability Tim Gibbon, Director, Social Media Group • Strategy and governance - key to delivering successful social James Carson, Director, Carson Content (Former Head of Digital media Marketing, London Lifestyle Bauer Media) • Cultural differences in social media and learning from other cultures to achieve your goals 4.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks Dana Poole, Former Global Digital Communications Consultant, Shell 5.00 Close of Conferencex your registration to +44 (0)870 9090 712 or call +44 (0)870 9090 711 Supported by
  4. 4. HALF-DAY POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Wednesday 17th April 2013 8.30am – 12.30pm Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK Creativity – the art of storytelling and the science of impact In association with Lewis PR Workshop Leader: Dean Russell, Digital Marketing Director (EMEA), Lewis PROverview of workshop:With the expertise of the team from Lewis PR thisunique workshop will provide the perfectplatform to discuss and develop social mediastrategies. The session will look at the skillsrequired to create an ongoing narrative thatcommunities can grow around and brands canuse to measure the success of their campaigns.Why you should attend:• To understand the power of storytelling to connect with customers and communities alike• The session will look at the techniques used to build engaging stories whilst ensuring campaigns do not lose sight of the important business objectives underpinning the activities.Workshop Agenda:8.30 Registration & Coffee9.00 Welcome & Introductions9.10 Develop an idea into a story - entertainment leads to engagement9.50 Ensuring a consistent narrative across all channels - keeping to the same theme10.50 Morning Coffee11.10 Why creative content is so crucial to your social media strategy and how this in turn builds on your ROI12.00 Discussion session12.30 Close of WorkshopAbout the workshop hostDean Russell, Digital Marketing Director (EMEA),Lewis PRDean is a digital communications strategist,speaker and writer. He has worked in theindustry for over 12 years working with householdname brands across most sectors includinghealth, education, technology, consumer andgovernment including start-ups and SMEs. Deanhas a particular specialism in the role ofintegrated communications campaigns,working with brands to develop strategies whichidentify measurable business benefits throughjoined up communications. Dean is a regularconference speaker and has written-for andbeen quoted by leading industry magazinessuch as Health Service Journal, Times HigherEducation Supplement and PR Week. Dean is aregular opinion columnist for the Third Sectormagazine and has been a judge for the BritishVideo Association Awards for the past 4 years.Additionally Dean is a children’s book authorwith several new titles launching in 2013. Aformer advisor to the British Interactive MediaAssociation, Dean is currently a VolunteerChampion for the Media Trust (the UKs LeadingCommunications Charity) and a Fellow of theRoyal Society of Arts. Outside of work Dean isalso a St Albans District Councillor and Chair of aHealth and Wellbeing Partnership.
  5. 5. SMi ENERGY & UTILITIES FORWARD PLANNER 2013 FEBRUARYE&P Information & Data Management 6th - 7th February 2013 FLNG 13th - 14th February 2013 M2M Telematics: Fleet Management & Usage Based Insurance 20th - 21st February 2013 MARCH Unconventional Gas 6th - 7th March 2013European Smart Grid Cyber Security 11th - 12th March 2013 Oil & Gas Telecommunications 20th - 21st March 2013 APRIL Social Media in the Utilities Sector 15th -16th April 2013 MAY M2M Security 8th - 9th May 2013 JUNE Oil & Gas Taxation 3rd - 4th June 2013 Distributed Energy Storage 17th - 18th June 2013 Gas Storage 19th - 20th June 2013 European Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing 24th - 25th June 2013
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE UTILITIES SECTOR Conference: Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April 2013, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK Workshop: Wednesday 17th April 2013, London 4 WAYS TO REGISTER www.socialmediautilities.comFAX your booking form to +44 (0) 870 9090 712 POST your booking form to: Events Team, SMi Group Ltd, 2nd FloorPHONE on +44 (0) 870 9090 711 South, Harling House, 47-51 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BS, UK EARLY BIRD □ Book by 19th December to receive a £300 off the conference price DISCOUNT □ Book by 22nd February to receive a £100 off the conference price CONFERENCE PRICES I would like to attend: (Please tick as appropriate) Fee Total COMMERCIAL ORGANISATIONS □ Conference and Workshop £2098.00 +VAT £2517.60 □ Conference only £1499.00 +VAT £1798.80 □ Workshop only £599.00 +VAT £718.80Unique Reference Number UTILITY COMPANIESOur Reference LVU-016 □ Conference & Workshop £1498.00 +VAT £1797.60 □ Conference only £899.00 +VAT £1078.80DELEGATE DETAILS □ Workshop only £599.00 +VAT £718.80Please complete fully and clearly in capital letters. 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Please indicate method of payment: □ UK BACS Sort Code 300009, Account 00936418 □ Wire Transfer Lloyds TSB Bank plc, 39 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AUTown/City: Swift (BIC): LOYDGB21013, Account 00936418 IBAN GB48 LOYD 3000 0900 9364 18Post/Zip Code: Country: □ Cheque We can only accept Sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank.Direct Tel: Direct Fax: □ Credit Card □ Visa □ MasterCard □ American Express All credit card payments will be subject to standard credit card charges.Terms and Conditions of Booking Card No: □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□Payment: If payment is not made at the time of booking, then an invoice will be issued and mustbe paid immediately and prior to the start of the event. If payment has not been received then Valid From □□/□□ Expiry Date □□/□□ CVV Number □□□□ 3 digit security on reverse of card, 4 digits for AMEX cardcredit card details will be requested and payment taken before entry to the event. Bookings within7 days of event require payment on booking. 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