Smart grid cyber


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SMi's 3rd annual European Smart Grid Cyber & SCADA Security

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Smart grid cyber

  1. 1. SMi proudly present their 3rd Annual Conference European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security Behavior Detection, , Applications and Devices 11th - 12th March 2013 Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom KEY SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • European Network and Information Security • Swissgrid, Senior Advisor Operations, TSC SC Agency, Head of Resilience and CIIP Unit, Chairman, Rudolf Baumann Dr Vangelis Ouzounis . • CRISALIS, FP7 Project Co-ordinator, • European SCADA and Control Systems Corrado Leita Information Exchange, Chair • DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, Business European Reference Network of Critical Director Management and Operations Infrastructure Protection, Coordinator Annemarie Zielstra Consulting, Maurice Adriaensen • Iberdrola, IT Manager SIMOD, • FOX IT Sales Director Europe CNI, , Miguel Escamilla Chavero Henk Pieper • E.ON, Information Security Manager, • Infrastructure Security Labs, President, Gitte Bergknut John McNabb • Enel Distribuzione SpA, IT and Security • Cylance, Senior Researcher, Justin Clarke Systems, Daniela Pestonesi • Zigbee Alliance, Principal Consultant, • Con Edison of New York, Smart Grid Project Robert Cragie Manager, Patricia Robison • Vattenfall, Senior Research and Development • Security Matters, COO, Damiano Bolzoni Engineer, Daniel Zajd • CNA Insurance, European Underwriting • Alliander Alliance Manager Privacy & , Director, Technology & Cyber Risks, Security, Johan Rambi Jacob Ingerslev POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOP 13th MARCH 2013 8.30AM-1.00PM Approaches to Network Monitoring and Situational Awareness in Critical Infrastructure Presented by Dr Damiano Bolzoni, University of Twente SPONSORED BY Register online and receive full information on all of SMi’s conferencesAlternatively fax your registration to +44 (0) 870 9090 712 or call +44 (0) 870 9090 711 Book by the xxth December and save £300 off the conference price
  2. 2. DAY ONE 11th March 2013 REGISTRATION & COFFEE DETECTION, AWARENESS, CHALLENGES9.00 CHAIRMANS OPENING REMARKS 1.50 FP7 EARL WARNING DETECTION PRESENTED BY Y Mark Ossel, ESNA Board Member and VP Echelon , CRISALIS Energy and Utility FP7 project funded by DG Enterprise called CRISALIS, EUROPEAN RECOMMENDATIONS Critical Infrastructure Security AnaLysIS • Project focuses: Creation of practical, short-term9.10 ENHANCING THE SECURITY OF SMART GRIDS solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure New for 2013 — ENISAS CONTRIBUTION environment from targeted attacks- primarily power • Recommendations on Smart Grids Security grid • Minimum Security Measures • Consortium members- Enel, Symantec, Security • Risks Assessment and Management of Smart Grids Matters and Alliander • Certification of Smart Grids products • First deliverables of the project: Requirement study, in • EU US co-operation on Smart Grids which we will study in depth the characteristics of the Evangelos Ouzounis, Senior Expert, Network Security power generation and smart metering environments Policy, ENISA - European Network and Information • Identify risks and possible threat scenarios Security Agency • Feedback on our activity9.50 DEPLOYING WORLDWIDE CYBERSECURITY Corrado Leita, Project Coordinator, CRISALIS ON THERMAL POWER GENERATION New for 2013 CONTROL SYSTEMS 2.30 ICS CYBER SECURITY IN POWER GENERATION • Iberdrola overview AND FUTURE SCENARIO • Iberdrola & Thermal Stations Strategy • Electric grid and power generation scenario in Italy New for 2013 • Cyber Security’s Goal and Vision • Power Generation: Architecture and Frameworks • AURA Project (Cybersecurity projects examples) • Risk Analysis: Threats and impacts • Conclusions • CI owner requirements for ICS protection Miguel Chavero, IT Manager SIMOD, Iberdrola • Enel Cyber Security ICS Laboratory • CRISALIS project participation10.30 MORNING COFFEE Daniela Pestonesi, Project Leader Research Technical Area, Automation & Diagnostics, Enel Engineering and RISK MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT Research Spa11.00 RISK MANAGEMENT FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE 3.10 AFTERNOON TEA • Making security a priority • Lack of standards and the effect on investment 3.40 CHALLENGES IN POWER-NETWORK SECURITY • Cyber Security and Electricity pricing- AND IT cause and effect • Updates and improvements in power-network and IT • Fostering a culture of awareness • Measuring resiliency • Common processes, systems and collaboration • Incident response and countermeasures procedures • Technical, cultural, and political cooperation for • Integration of system planning, operations and IT success • Future developments and sharing knowledge Maurice Adriaensen, Business Regional Director Rudolf Baumann, Chairman of the Transmission Management and Operations Consulting, Security Cooperation, Senior Advisor Operations, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability swissgrid AG11.40 LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE NEW SMART METER/GRID RISK ASSESSMENT 4.20 ENHANCING NETWORK MONITORING AND METHODOLOGY IN THE NETHERLANDS SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IN CRITICAL WORKSHOP ON THIS TOPIC MARCH 13TH • Introduction INFRASTRUCTURE • Explanation IS1 Risk Assessment methodology on • Current approaches to network monitoring and Smart Meter/Grid in NL • Practice on case “sector Privacy & Security AMI situational awareness requirements v2.0” • Strengths and shortcomings of current approaches • Lessons learned • Non-signature based approaches for improved • Status European standard on Smart Grid Cyber monitoring and situational awareness Security • Discussion of 2 use cases • Next steps Damiano Bolzoni, COO, Security Matters Johan Rambi, Alliance Manager Privacy & Security, Alliander 5.00 CHAIRMANS CLOSING REMARKS AND12.20 NETWORKING LUNCH CLOSE OF DAY ONE Register online at: • Alternatively fax your registration
  3. 3. DAY TWO 12th of March 2013 8.30 REGISTRATION & COFFEE 12.20 NETWORKING LUNCH 9.00 CHAIRMANS OPENING REMARKS 1.50 SECURING DEVICES FOR HOME AND CONTROL Annemarie Zielstra, Director CPNINL, Centre for the NETWORKS Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) • Home and Control Networks • What is a Home network (HAN)? 9.10 HOW THE BOARD SHOULD TAKE CARE OF CYBER • What is a Control Network? RESILIENCE • Topologies • Cyber incidents on the increase, now a risk for any • Devices business - Types of devices on home and control networks • This leads to serious concerns on business process - Distinguishing characteristics continuity, privacy of consumers, identity theft or the protection of intellectual property - Security challenges • Cyber resilience needs to be part of strategic (both - Information Security Pillars risk and reputation) management and leadership is - Cryptography required - Public key cryptography • Creating concrete, visible boardroom recognition of - Symmetric key cryptography cyber resilience, as an enabler for cyber benefits - Hybrid cryptography • Translating boardroom recognition into risk - Protocol stack security management, communications, legal and operations - Building blocks Annemarie Zielstra, Chair of the European SCADA and - Frame security Control Systems Information Exchange (EuroSCSIE) - Authentication and key establishment Coordinator of European Reference Network of - Credentials Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP) Thematic - ZigBee SEP 1.0 stack security description Group on ICS and Smart Grids - ZigBee SEP 2.0 stack security description Robert Cragie, Chair, Security Task Group, 9.50 SCADA AND ICS SECURITY EXPERIENCES Zigbee Alliance • Experiences of how to run a Cyber Security program • Business Awareness and Societal Responsibility New for 2013 2.30 SECURITY ISSUES OF CONTROL SYSTEMS & - Compliance & Review WIRELESS METERS AT DRINKING WATER UTILITIES - Training New for 2013 • Use of technical mitigations such as IDS in • How do they differ from Smart energy meters? - Cogeneration • Communications infrastructure vulnerabilities of fixed - Hydro and wireless - Heating • Lack of encryption • Results and lessons learned • Theft Gitte Bergknut, MU Nordic Information Security • Data collection privacy Manager, EON Sverige AB • Billing John McNabb, Principal, Infrastructure Security Labs SYSTEMS, DEVICES, APPLICATIONS 3.10 AFTERNOON TEA 10.30 MORNING COFFEE EXPOSING VULNERABILITIES AND CYBER RISK 11.00 SMART GRID INTEGRATES LEGACY AND NEW ICS AND INSURANCE (SCADA, DCS, PLC) SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND APPLICATIONS 3.40 VULNERABILITIES IN CRITICAL • Smart Grid Cyber Security – Integrating legacy and INFRASTRUCTURE AND EMBEDDED DEVICES new ICS enhances the grid and simultaneously • Key roles of embedded devices in our every day lives increases complexity and vulnerability • Vulnerabilities in embedded system • Cyber Security – needs to address ICS at all levels: field devices, the device systems, the applications • Findings and impact behind several recent SCADA New for 2013 supporting the devices and systems, the vulnerabilities that had worldwide impact communications/network interfacing to the devices • Moving towards a resolution of existing vulnerabilities and systems, etc. and avoidance of future vulnerabilities -Education of • ICS Cyber Security Controls: Technical, Physical, manufacturers, end users, academia, government, Administrative Risk Management – Smart Grid More and the general public challenging with increased complexity and extended • The process that occurs when end users or the systems and communications general public identify vulnerabilities in critical • Leverage existing ICS standards and frameworks: infrastructure IEC, NIST DOE, ISA, ISO, NERC , - What to expect • Smart Grid Architecture and Frameworks with ICS - How to reduce your risk • Threats and Vulnerabilities - How to leverage existing agencies • Examples of ICS systems utilized for Smart Grid : - Processes to minimize your required effort transformers, switches, inverters, DG Justin Clarke, Security Researcher, Cylance Patricia Robison, Smart Grid Project Manager, Con Edison of New York 4.20 CYBER RISKS & INSURANCE • Cyber Crime as an Industry 11.40 CREATING AN APP CONNECTED TO A BACKEND New for SYSTEM • Legal environment 2013 • Low awareness within the organisation about the • What is Cyber Insurance effects of a connected app • Industry specific exposures • The least secure point in a network will be the target Jacob Ingerslev, European Underwriting Director, • An app will be an extension of the company CNA Europe environment • Data stored on the mobile device 5.00 CHAIRMANS CLOSING REMARKS AND Daniel Zajd, Senior R and D Engineer, Vattenfall A B CLOSE OF DAY TWOto +44 (0) 870 9090 712 or call +44 (0) 870 9090 711 • GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE •
  4. 4. POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Wednesday 13th March 2013, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UKApproaches to Network Monitoring and SituationalAwareness in Critical Infrastructure8.30am – 1.00pm In Association with University TwenteOverview of workshop ProgrammeThis workshop will present solutions 8:30 Registration and Coffeecurrently available for monitoring criticalnetworks and situational awareness. We 9.00 Current solutions for network monitoring and situationalwill analyse what are the major strengths awareness of critical networksand weaknesses of each approach, when - Signature-basedit can be used and what is the output - Rule-based - Behavior-basedusers can expect. - VisualizationWe will wrap up the session with 10.30 Advantages and disadvantages of each approachdemonstrations of the approaches - Where and when use whatpresented using real-life examples. - Which threats can be detected? - Technical skills required to operateWhy you should attend: 11.30 Coffee Break• Understand the importance of 12.00 Demonstrations situational awareness and behavioural monitoring 1.00 Question and Answer session• Gain insight in to the benefits and disadvantages of signature based, rule based, behavioural and visualisation About the workshop host based solutions Dr Damian° Bolzoni (1981) received his PhD in 2009 from the• Learn what threats can be detected University of Twente, where he performed research on anomaly- based intrusion detection. Since 2008 he has been involved in and what skills are required to operate securing computer networks of critical infrastructure. Before joining• Interact with industry and engage with the University of Twente, he has been working for the Italian branch our workshop leader who is actively of KPMG, within the Information Risk Management division. Since involved in two security projects with 2009 he holds the position of Chief Operations Officer within major energy companies at present. SecurityMatters BV . New for 2013. SMis Event Communities SMi Group is a global events business specialising in business to business conferences, workshops and masterclasses. We successfully create and run 250 events every year across 6 sectors including Defence and Security, Energy and Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical. We believe in bringing together the most knowledgeable experts from across the globe in each sector to learn, engage, share and network be it in London, Paris or Singapore. To further enhance the SMi experience, we have launched our very own SMi Event Communities. These will be exclusive, private and secure communities in which our clients will learn, share, engage and network. The SMi Event Communities will build and expand your experience beyond the conference, workshop or Masterclass you attend. Not just another "social network”, SMi’s Event Communities have been specifically designed around the needs of our delegates, speakers and sponsors, allowing all of our clients to foster longer term relationships with all of the other attendees beyond the two day event for year round engagement. To take part all you need to do is register for this event. SMi Group Communities Learn Engage Share Network
  5. 5. SPONSORS DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, with more than 2,300 experts in over 30 countries around the world, is committed to driving the global transition toward a safe, reliable, efficient, and clean energy future. With a heritage of nearly 150 years, we specialize in providing world-class, innovative solutions in the fields of business & technical consultancy, testing, inspections & certification, risk management, and verification. As an objective and impartial knowledge-based company, we advise and support organizations along the energy value chain: producers, suppliers & end-users of energy, equipment manufacturers, as well as government bodies, corporations and non-governmental organizations. DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability is part of DNV a global provider of services for , managing risk with more than 10,000 employees in over 100 countries. For more information on DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, visit Fox-IT prevents, solves and mitigates the most serious cyber threats with innovative solutions for government, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, banking, and commercial enterprise clients worldwide. Our approach combines human intelligence and technology into innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. We develop custom and packaged solutions that maintain the security of sensitive government systems, protect industrial control networks, defend online banking systems, and secure highly confidential data and networks. Supported by For Sponsorship or Speaking Opportunities please contact Jamison Nesbitt Business Development Director P: +44 (0) 20 7827 6164 M: +44 (0) 7710 780 576 Email: Don’t miss out on social media networking! Follow us on Twitter @UtilitiesSMi and join us on Linkedin
  6. 6. EUROPEAN SMART GRID CYBER AND SCADA SECURITY Conference: 11th & 12th March 2013, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London Workshops: 13th March 2013 4 WAYS TO REGISTER ONLINE at your booking form to +44 (0) 870 9090 712 POST your booking form to: Events Team, SMi Group Ltd, 2nd FloorPHONE on +44 (0) 870 9090 711 South, Harling House, 47-51 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BS EARL BIRD □ Register by December 16th and receive £300 Y DISCOUNT off the conference price CONFERENCE PRICES GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE I would like to attend: (Please tick as appropriate) Fee Total PUBLIC SECTOR, ACADEMICS & UTILITIES □ Conference & Workshop £1398.00 + VAT £1677.60 □ Conference only £899.00 +VAT £1078.80Unique Reference Number □ Workshop A only £599.00 + VAT £718.80Our Reference LV U-013 COMMERCIAL ORGANISATIONSDELEGATE DETAILS □ Conference & Workshop □ Conference only £2198.00 £1599.00 +VAT +VAT £2747.50 £1998Please complete fully and clearly in capital letters. Please photocopy for additional □ Workshop only £599.00 +VAT £748.75delegates.Title: Forename: PROMOTIONAL LITERATURE DISTRIBUTIONSurname: □ Distribution of your company’s promotional literature to all conference attendees £999.00 + VAT £1198.80Job Title:Department/Division: The conference fee includes refreshments, lunch, conference papers and access to the Document Portal containing all of the presentations.Company/Organisation:Email:Address: VENUE Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, W8 5SR. □ Please contact me to book my hotelTown/City: Alternatively call us on +44 (0) 870 9090 711,Post/Zip Code: Country: email: or fax +44 (0) 870 9090 712Direct Tel: Direct Fax:Mobile: DOCUMENTATION (Shipped 10-14 days after the event)Switchboard: I cannot attend but would like to purchase access to the following Document Portal/paper copy documentation: Price TotalSignature: Date: □ Access to the conference documentationI agree to be bound by SMis Terms and Conditions of Booking. on the Document Portal £499.00 + VAT £598.80ACCOUNTS DEPT □ The Conference Presentations - paper copy £499.00 - £499.00 (or only £300 if ordered with the Document Portal)Title: Forename:Surname: PAYMENTEmail: Payment must be made to SMi Group Ltd, and received before the event, by one of the following methods quoting reference D-018 and the delegate’s name. BookingsAddress (if different from above): made within 7 days of the event require payment on booking, methods of payment are below. Please indicate method of payment:Town/City: □ UK BACS Sort Code 300009, Account 00936418 □ Wire Transfer Lloyds TSB Bank Plc, 39 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AUPost/Zip Code: Country: Swift (BIC): LOYDGB21013, Account 00936418Direct Tel: Direct Fax: IBAN GB48 LOYD 3000 0900 9364 18 □ Cheque We can only accept Sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank. □ Credit Card □ Visa □ MasterCard □ American ExpressTerms and Conditions of Booking All credit card payments will be subject to standard credit card charges.Payment: If payment is not made at the time of booking, then an invoice will be issued andmust be paid immediately and prior to the start of the event. 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Regretfully cancellation after this time cannot be accepted. We will howeverprovide the conferences documentation via the Document Portal to any delegate who has I agree to be bound by SMis Terms and Conditions of Booking.paid but is unable to attend for any reason. Due to the interactive nature of the Briefings weare not normally able to provide documentation in these circumstances. We cannot accept Card Billing Address (If different from above):cancellations of orders placed for Documentation or the Document Portal as these arereproduced specifically to order If we have to cancel the event for any reason, then we will .make a full refund immediately but disclaim any further liability , .Alterations: It may become necessary for us to make alterations to the content, speakers,timing, venue or date of the event compared to the advertised programme.Data Protection: The SMi Group gathers personal data in accordance with the UK DataProtection Act 1998 and we may use this to contact you by telephone, fax, post or email to VATtell you about other products and services. Unless you tick here □ we may also share yourdata with third parties offering complementary products or services. If you have any queries VAT at 20% is charged on the attendance fees for all delegates. VAT is also charged onor want to update any of the data that we hold then please contact our Database Manager Document Portal and Literature Distribution for all UK customers and for those or visit our website www quotingthe URN as detailed above your address on the attached letter . customers not supplying a registration number for their own country here: ________________ If you have any further queries please call the Events Team on tel +44 (0) 870 9090 711 or you can email them at