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SMiB09 Katy Howell


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Moving Beyond ‘Bubble’ Communication
Katy Howell (Immediate Future) - Dipping toes in Twitter and trialing Facebook are a great start, but for social media to have impact, brands need to take the plunge. Funnelling communities, mapping to business ROI and extending the communications beyond seeding promotions.

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SMiB09 Katy Howell

  1. 1. Beyond bubble communications immediate future.
  2. 2. Reach Popularity Frequency immediate future.
  3. 3. 178,000 fans 55,000 views immediate future.
  4. 4. immediate future.
  5. 5. immediate future.
  6. 6. immediate future.
  7. 7. Picture of papers • It is not what you say that has power.... 73% of online shoppers agree that • Influencers the opinions of "people like me" are the most trusted • Passions Product recommendations from friends are twice as influential as • Behaviours product recommendations from merchants (46% vs. 24%) immediate future.
  8. 8. “Two-thirds of the economy influenced by third-party recommendation” immediate future.
  9. 9. immediate future.
  10. 10. Picture of tribes immediate future.
  11. 11. Hostess with the... immediate future.
  12. 12. When two tribes go to... immediate future.
  13. 13. Understand behaviours Bargains Hunter Information Gatherer Advice Collaborator immediate future.
  14. 14. A simple tweak immediate future.
  15. 15. Funnel the community Awareness Sharing Advocacy immediate future.