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Emerald city elementary


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A fictional needs assessment on a fictional school created for a grad program project.

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Emerald city elementary

  1. 1. Emerald City Elementary Needs Assessment Molly Calvert, Emily Smith, Shay Thompson, Brad Townsend, Michelle Walker
  2. 2. Overview & Procedure
  3. 3. Overview & Procedure Newly constructed K-3 campus in rural East Texas Approximately 675 students (2011-2012) Demographics: 79.7% White, 11.5% Hispanic, 5.4% African- American, and 44.1% Economically Disadvantaged2010-2011 AEIS reports: 49%- Commended in Reading, 45%- Commended in Math
  4. 4. Overview & Procedure (cont.)38 Classroom Teachers, 2 Reading Interventionists, 2 Math Interventionists 1 Principal, 1 Assistant Principal, 1 CounselorSelf-contained classrooms include: 9 Kindergarten classes (1 co-teach), 2 First Grade classes (1 co-teach), 1 Second Grade class (1 co-teach)Teaming classrooms include: 7 Second Grade classes, 8 Third Grade classes- (1 co-teach) Data sources used to assess the curricular, instructional, and assessment needs include: AEIS (2006-2011) reports, DMAC data (Region VII), Campus Improvement Plan, and Interviews (sampling of teachers)
  5. 5. Summary of Strengths
  6. 6. Summary of Strengths2006-2007 : Gold PerformanceAcknowledgements: Commended in Reading and Math2007-2011 : Gold PerformanceAcknowledgements: Commended in Reading and MathUse of to analyze data, view trends, & RtIdocumentation, K-12. DMAC reveals: Common assessments and Benchmarks in Math (K-3), Common assessments in Reading (2-3), and Benchmarks in Reading (3rd only)
  7. 7. Summary of Strengths (cont.)DRA2s administered: beginning, middle, and end of year, K-3Teacher interviews suggest the presence of a strong collaboration amongst curriculum creators E.C.E.S. selected as a PLC model school byBecause the staff follows the PLC model, a strong collaboration is present in lesson planningWritten curriculum for Math, Reading/ELA, Science, and Social Studies, K-3
  8. 8. Summary of Strengths (cont.) According to Interviews: RtI is monitored closely Teachers meet with administrators every 2 weeks to discuss students and progressChosen to participate in study examining RtI process for the D.O.E. byAll K-3 classrooms equipped with Smart Boards, voiceprojection systems, data projectors, student computers, and iPods
  9. 9. Summary of Needs
  10. 10. Summary of Needs Based on AEIS report, DMAC data, DRA2 scores, &teacher interviews: it was determined there are areas in need of improvement at E.C.E.S. The following elaborates on the needs and recommendations for curricular, instructional, and assessment improvements…
  11. 11. Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  12. 12. CurricularTargeted Needs:Curriculum document is not user friendlyCurriculum document is not supported by teachersNo “big understandings” in the curriculum
  13. 13. Curricular (cont.)Recommendations for Improvement:Adopt a new format for the curriculum documentAccountability for using and bringing the curriculum document to meetingsInclude “big understandings” to tie together content areas
  14. 14. InstructionTargeted Needs:Unbalanced time for Math and Language Arts instructionInterventions not consistentToo many “non-negotiables”Lack of quality in workstations
  15. 15. Instruction (cont.)Recommended Improvements:Balance out the class load between teachers or self-containedTeach interventions with fidelityShorten the list of “non-negotiables”
  16. 16. AssessmentTargeted Needs:Lack of alignment on benchmarks and common assessments in ReadingNeed to raise the commended state assessment scoresLack of authentic assessment
  17. 17. Assessment (cont.)Recommended Improvements:Create appropriate assessments and put on calendarMore enrichment opportunities for students that are excellingCreate and keep student portfolios
  18. 18. Emerald City Elementary School Needs Assessment East Texas Baptist University 2012 Curriculum LeadershipMolly Calvert, Emily Smith, Brad Townsend, Shay Thompson, Michelle Walker