Seven Secrets to Maximo Mobility Success


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With more than 2.5B smart devices expected to be sold in 2014, there is no doubt that taking Maximo Mobile is smart not only for your bottom line business benefits but also to increase efficiency among your workforce. So how do you make sure that your Maximo Mobile project is successful? Join Catherine Lai, Business Application Consultant, at Georgia System Operations Corporation and Dale Mann, Substation Maintenance Group Lead, at Georgia Transmission Corporation as they share GTC’s 7 secrets to Maximo Mobility success. Catherine and Dale will be joined by Jason VenHuizen, VP of Products and Technology at Interloc Solutions.


Catherine Lai is a Business Application Consultant at Georgia System Operations Corporation with many years of experience helping clients solve business problems and improve operational inefficiencies with technology solutions. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her primary responsibilities include planning, designing, and implementing major business application systems using standard project management methodologies. Catherine has been working as an IT system administrator and developer with the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management System since 2006 with a lead role on several Maximo projects and upgrades since that time. She recently served as Technical Lead for Georgia Transmission Corporation’s Maximo 6.2 to 7.5 Upgrade project as well as leading the assessment and implementation of mobile solutions on iPads and iPhones for Georgia Transmission Corporation and Oglethorpe Power Corporation, respectively. These mobile solutions are well integrated with each company’s Maximo 7.5 Asset Management System and utilize Interloc’s Mobile Informer product. Catherine can be reached

Dale Mann is Group Lead of Substation Maintenance at Georgia Transmission Corporation. He has over 20 years of experience in asset management. In his role at GTC, Dale supports the company’s maintenance of over 700 substations and 3100 miles of transmission line. As GTC’s Maximo business administrator, Dale was a key player when they implemented Maximo 5.2 in 2006. He has also been the primary business representative for 2 major Maximo upgrades. The most recent of which culminated in their successful upgrade from Maximo 6.2 to Maximo 7.5 in August 2013. During his tenure at GTC, he has been involved in several mobile initiatives for field users including the deployment of Interloc Mobile Informer as part of GTC’s Maximo 7.5 upgrade.

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Seven Secrets to Maximo Mobility Success

  1. 1. Seven Secrets for Maximo Mobility Success ICS 2461A Dale Mann, Georgia Transmission Corporation Catherine Lai, Georgia System Operations Corporation Jason VenHuizen, Interloc Solutions
  2. 2. GTCs Mobile Journey 2006 – Maximo 5.2 with Syclo mobile solution 2008 – Maximo 6.2 with IBM Maximo Mobile 2013 – Maximo 7.5 with Interloc Mobile Informer
  3. 3. GTC Mobile Success with Mobile Informer Business Value §  Work order updates from weekly to near real-time. •  Easy to use interface •  Portability of iPad §  Increased productivity §  Application access in connected/disconnected mode §  Minimal training for field worker §  Multifunction – email, viewing documents Quantifiable Results v Achieved immediate gains by simplifying tasks through mobility Work Orders reported by field users Time it takes for field user to complete a work order 80% 400%
  4. 4. So, How Did We Do It?
  5. 5. 1 Conduct Mobile Assessment §  Identify vendors with mobile solutions §  Document high-level business and technical requirements in Request for Information/Proposal (RFI-P) §  Submit document to a select group of mobile solution vendors §  Invite vendors to conduct product demos §  Document advantages/ disadvantages §  Provide a cost estimate §  Recommend vendor & gain approval from project stakeholders §  Select vendor
  6. 6. 2 Choose Mobile Device Wisely §  Consider these key factors when selecting smart mobile device: •  Will the device increase productivity for your mobile users? •  What are the other business uses for the device? •  What is the impact on user training? §  Support for deploying and managing the devices outside of the mobile solution §  Decide on smart device form factor – iPad vs Android
  7. 7. 3 Involve End Users Early In Process §  Include field to promote the application and confirm direction early on §  Have user defined requirements §  Perform prototype application review focused on layout, user interface §  Have users test product in the field §  Ensure users become a part of the process to promote ownership §  Provide user training
  8. 8. 4 Ensure Mobile Application Usability §  Intuitive, easy to use interface §  Task-oriented application - user enters information quickly with minimal navigation §  Consistent with native Apple apps – users can apply smart device knowledge §  Data sync between the device and Maximo occurs automatically §  Application performance - initial data load, subsequent data loads §  Work in connected and disconnected mode
  9. 9. 5 Integrate Directly with Maximo §  Use existing Maximo technical infrastructure – no additional servers §  Configuration and management of mobile applications, users, and devices within Maximo §  Leverage Maximo functionality and data §  Reads from and writes data directly to Maximo MBOs §  Adheres to Maximo security, validation, and business rules
  10. 10. 6 Choose Flexible Platform for Mobile Application Development §  Meet business needs by adding functionality beyond OOB •  Transmission Line Inspection as an example §  Integrates with Workflow §  Automate complex tasks for increased efficiency §  Supportable by Internal IT
  11. 11. 7 Partner with Mobile Implementation Experts §  Expertise with mobile solutions §  Expertise with Maximo implementations §  Benefit from Interloc’s experience with mobile and Maximo prior implementations §  Ability to lead requirements, design, and development §  Ability to provide field workers with elegant, next generation, simple apps
  12. 12. 7 Secrets to Maximo Mobility Success 1.  Conduct Mobile Assessment 2.  Choose Mobile Device Wisely 3.  Involve End Users Early 4.  Ensure Mobile Application Usability 5.  Integrate Directly with Maximo 6.  Choose Flexible Platform for Mobile Application Development 7.  Partner with a Mobile Implementation Expert
  13. 13. Mobile Informer next generation Maximo mobility Jason VenHuizen VP, Products and Technology Interloc Solutions
  14. 14. •  User accepted •  Easy to use and non-intrusive in field •  Supports and enhances your business processes •  Translates between Maximo and mobile user perspectives seamlessly Truly Successful Mobility for Maximo 3/4/14
  15. 15. •  Focus on client’s business function •  Provides full access to smart device features •  Leverages existing Maximo infrastructure •  Administration from within Maximo •  Quick adoption; continual ROI •  Disconnected GIS via activeG’s InformME Client Benefits 3/4/14
  16. 16. Mobile Informer… 3/4/14 •  Is a native Maximo Application providing client-defined apps on Android and iOS •  Allows focus on function, not integration •  Removes constraints on the number of apps that can be delivered •  Does the simplest thing possible
  17. 17. •  100% Maximo EAM focused IBM Premier Business Partner •  AAA/Gold Technical Accreditation across North America (US & Canada) •  Proven functional and technical experience in implementing and upgrading Maximo EAM About Interloc Solutions www.interlocsolutions.com3/4/14 17 Business transformation process 24 x 7 support ERP integration ACM IBM and industry award winning services Technical tools Upgrades Linear Industry solutions GIS Reports HS&E Training Calibration
  18. 18. Recognized for Services and Products 3/4/14 18 2013 Winner •  ISM Library Solution Excellence 2013 Finalist •  Best Asset and Facilities Management for brand new Maximo Implementation at Encana •  Best of Show for Interloc Mailer 2012 Winner x 2 •  Best of Show for Mobile Informer •  Smarter Planet for Asset Management for innovative Maximo implementation at BART 2013 Finalist Beacon Award "   Best Solution for Managing the World’s Infrastructure for Mobile Informer 2014 Finalist Beacon Award "   Best Solution for MidSized Business – Oil & Gas Solution developed for Calgary Market
  19. 19. •  Visit Interloc at booth 309 for demos •  Mobile sessions: §  Tues 10:00 a.m; Room 320 – ICS 1328A/Client Success Stories taking Maximo Mobile §  Tues 1:00 p.m; Room 320 – ICS 1125A/Disaster Reporting with Maximo: Lessons Learned from the Yosemite Rim Fire §  Tues 2:15 p.m; Room 304 – MTS 2794A/Maximo Mobility that Works •  Visit our website: Learn more about Mobile Informer at Pulse 3/4/14
  20. 20. Dale Mann, GTC, Catherine Lai, GSOC, Jason VenHuizen, Interloc Solutions,