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Grapes of wrath notes

  1. 1. The Grapes of Wrath: Notes for Movie Project Name_______________Quote for the DayHow can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretchedbellies of his children? You can’t scare him – he has known fear beyond every other.”The Grapes of WrathPeople to KnowTom Joad (Henry Fonda): Protagonist of the story, 2nd son of the Joad family.Ma Joad (Jane Darwell): Strong mother of the Joad family,tries to hold them together.Pa Joad (Russell Simpson): Unable to cope with recentevents, he allows Ma to lead the family.Uncle John (Frank Darien): Pa’s older brother. Has alreadyhad a tragic past.Jim Casy (John Carradine): Former preacher who has losthis faith.Rose of Sharon Joad Rivers (Dorris Bowdon): Immature pregnant daughter of the Joads,married to a man who leaves her during the movie. Her passage from immaturity to personaldetermination & strength in the movie parallels the experiences of the characters in the movie.In the movie, the Joads pronounce her name as “Rosasharn”.Grandma Joad: Religious mother of Pa Joad, she loses the will to continue while on the road.Grandpa Joad: Father of Pa Joad. Refuses to leave Oklahoma & is tricked onto the trip.Muley Graves: Joad’s neighbor in Oklahoma. Decides to stay in Oklahoma.Scene NotesTom Joad on his way home from prison-Tries to get a ride-Tom’s storyTom meets Casy-Casy’s story:-Things have changed in Oklahoma while Tom was in prison
  2. 2. The Joad House-What do they find at the house?-What does Muley tell Tom?-According to Muley, how is everyone losing their land?-What does Muley mean when he says “They come with the cats”?-In the end, is there anything farmers can do to resist?-The night patrol:Uncle John’s Farm-Who does he find at Uncle John’s Farm?-What does the agent of the Shawnee Company tell Uncle John?-Where are the Joads planning to go?-Who is Connie Rivers?-Describe the scene when Ma is going through her keepsakes?-Describe their truck:-What is the problem with Grandpa?-Why do you think Ma won’t look back at the farm as they leave?
  3. 3. Travelling along Highway 66-Why do you think they call Route 66 (Highway 66) the “Mother Road”?-Describe the scene that involves Grandpa on the road?Camping for the Night-One of the men at the camp has been in California. What does he tell them?-What does the man tell them about the flyer offering work in California?-What happened to the man’s wife & children?At the gas station-Why do you think Tom Joad gets upset when the gas station attendant asks if they have moneyto pay for the gas?-What happens when the Joads go into the diner to get a loaf of bread?-Why are they amazed when the truck driver leaves too much money for his meal?In Arizona & Arriving in California-What are they inspecting for at the border station?-Describe their first view of the land of “milk & honey:-What do they do at the river?-At the gas station, what do the attendants say about the Joad’s desire to cross the desert?
  4. 4. -Why do the attendants call the Joads inhuman?-How does Ma convince the agricultural inspectors at the California border to allow them tocontinue without unloading their truck?-After they push their truck to the scenic outlook, what does Ma tell them about Grandma?-What does the policeman tell them in Plainview, California?At the Hooverville Transient-Migrant Camp-Who are the people in the camp?-Describe the camp:-Why can’t the Joads continue past the camp?-What’s going on in the scene with the land contractor who wants to hire workers?-Who does the sheriff shoot?-Why does Casy tell Tom to run?-What happens to Casy?-What happens to Rosasharn’s husband, Connie?-Describe the conversation between Tom & Ma about what is going on?
  5. 5. -Why does the angry crowd confront the Joads?-What does the man tell them who talks to them as they fix a flat tire?-What is going on as they enter the Keen Fruit Ranch?Keen Fruit RanchDescribe what is going on when they first get to the Keen Ranch:There are a number of strikers outside the Keen Ranch. They call the people going into theRanch “scabs”. What do they mean?Why would the ranchers be wiling to pay the strikebreakers a higher than normal wage?Why does Casy predict that their wages will fall after the strike is over?What happens when the guards find Casy & Tom talking?How does Ma convince Tom to stay with them?What do they find out about the wages as they are leaving?Farmworkers’ Wheat Patch Government Camp (Run by the Dept of Agriculture)When the Joads arrive at Wheat Patch they are greeted by the camp director. In the movie, thecamp director is deliberately made to look like Franklin D Roosevelt. Why do you think theywould do this?
  6. 6. Describe how this camp is different than the previous two camps?Why does Tom decide to leave the camp alone?Describe the goodbye scene with Ma:Why does the family decide to move on to Fresno:Final Scene: Going to FresnoWhy does Ma say that she will never be afraid again?