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Adverbs 2


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Really good for kids leaning

Published in: Education
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Adverbs 2

  1. 1. Today we are going toToday we are going to learn about…learn about…
  2. 2. What is an adverb?
  3. 3. An adverb tells you more about a verb (doing word) It tells you where, why, or how much something happens or is done.
  4. 4. Many adverbs are made by adding –ly onto the end of an adjective. Kind The boy kindly carried the old lady’s bags. Strange It was strangely quiet in the village.
  5. 5. Can you make a sentence using these adverbs?
  6. 6. Adverbs can also tell you when something happens. Our friends arrived yesterday. The holidays will soon be over.
  7. 7. Can you make a sentence using these adverbs?
  8. 8. Great! Now you can use adverbs to make your writing more interesting.