Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Child's Nutrition


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New and experienced parents are invited to join us and learn about good nutrition and healthy dietary habits that can help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life!

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Child's Nutrition

  1. 1. Everything you ever wanted toknow about your childs nutrition... but were afraid to ask! David Levine MD Pediatrics Summit Medical Group
  2. 2. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
  3. 3. Food and Family
  4. 4. NutritionPrenatal-extremely important-you dont fix things with 9 mths of healthy eating after a lifetime of bad
  5. 5. Newborn/Infant-breast is best-but then there is reality
  6. 6. Introduction of complementary foods-no right or wrong way to start-we all prefer sweets-some evidence to support meat early (iron)-not before 4 mths (?allergy)Solids (finger foods) start with pincer grasp (9- 10mths)-baby led weaning?
  7. 7. One Year-switch to whole milk?-dairy (yogurt, cheese)>>milk-ok to continue breast-ever expanding diet
  8. 8. Toddlers-food rules-options/menu-dont reward with badfood for eating good food
  9. 9. -eating after the toddler period is determined very much by this developmental period and how you interact with the child-are YOU picky?-anxious about your wt?-dieting?
  10. 10. BMI-body mass index (wt for ht)-measured after 3 years of age-healthy weight/overweight/obese/morbidly obese-a child who is overweight/obese at 7 years of age if likely to have weight problems as an adult-not a guarantee
  11. 11. To organic or not to organic, that is the question.
  12. 12. -less pesticides-better for you?-more expensive, or is it?-the type of animal you eat may be less important than what THAT animal ate while it was alive
  13. 13. grass vs. corn = natural vs. unnatural?
  14. 14. the science-omega 6:3 ratio should be roughly 1:1 - grass fed is 1:1 - corn fed is 14:1-heart disease risk? cancer risk?-THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!
  15. 15. Vegetarianism-vitamins can make this a non-issue in the US-should consult with a trained nutritionist to insure that there are no gaps - i.e. vit B12, fatty acids, iron-vegetarian vs vegan (too restrictive for child)-leaner bodies, probably will live longer and healthier lives
  16. 16. Beef is Bad!-especially commercially produced- E. Coli 0157:H7 -In and Out Burger (1980s)-byproducts fed to animal include bits from the same species - cannibalism - mad cow disease
  17. 17. Reading is fundamental...
  18. 18. Antibiotics
  19. 19. - overuse of ABX leads to resistance- superbugs - MRSA - E. Coli- all promoted and approved by your government and the FDA/USDA
  20. 20. Whats a parent to do?
  21. 21. FOOD = HEALTH- top causes of death, most are food related - heart disease - cancers
  22. 22. -we all want want is best for our kids-so why do we place so little care on what they eat?-why do we not trust our own instincts when it comes to food? - internet? fad diets? mistrust of MDs? - lack of education/information from MDs?
  23. 23. Do we need these?
  24. 24. Maybe.
  25. 25. - why does BK and McDs cost less than real food? - corn subsidies - business invades science (remember tobacco?)-lack of real oversight-lack of caring
  26. 26. Obesity is the new smoking-it will cost us billions-trying lots of different methods-are we missing the real culprits?
  27. 27. Prevention always trumps treatment.
  28. 28. -harder than it looks-requires commitment-watch TV, or play-priorities!
  29. 29. What to do?- teach your kids- take them food shopping- cook with them- microwaving is NOT cooking!-your job is to provide, theirs is to eat-young children can adjust their intakes, but cannot choose a well-balanced diet
  30. 30. -aim for 3 meals/day (age appropriate)-avoid sodas and teas - water - 100% juice (in moderation) - milk (no more than 16 oz, low fat unless12-24 mths - debate)-routine use of vitamins not necessaryNO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP
  31. 31. Dont do this!
  32. 32. -EAT WITH YOUR KIDS!-dont get caught up in percentiles if your kids is happy and energetic-gaining wt on bad food is worse than being skinny or stable on healthy food-petition your school and elected officials for better food
  33. 33. It isnt easy, but it is worth it