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Resume Content

  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Contact Information 2. Education  Academic Team Projects  Certificates and Licenses  High School Experience  Dual Concentration 3. Experience  Accomplishment Statements 4. Skills 5. Interests/Personal 6. Information NOT to Include Questions?
  3. 3. Contact Information Appears at the top of your resumé Include  Name, local Address, phone number, e-mail address Can incorporate your school and permanent address  If you plan to return to your home area post graduation (for full- time work) or during the summer (for internships)  However, list only one email and one phone number  Employers need to be able to reach you easily Example: SUSAN SARANDON 1234 Commonwealth Avenue · Apt. 12 · Boston, MA 02246 617-123-4567 ·
  4. 4. Education Collegiate educational history Should include  Full name of the school, location, year of graduation, and anticipated degree Highlight your concentration, GPA, activities, honors, academic scholarships, leadership roles, clubs, and any volunteer work Example: Boston University School of Management; Boston, MA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) May 200X Concentration in Marketing; Cumulative GPA: 3.21
  5. 5. Education: Academic Team Projects Only those most closely connected to the industry you are pursuing Best to profile 1-2 strong team projects Offer more detailed descriptions of the work product  Don’t just provide a brief overview of all your projects Incorporate the team aspect and any specific area of the assignment for which you took ownership
  6. 6. Education: Certificates and Licenses Particularly if you are interested in entering that field Example: If you have a real estate license and are pursuing opportunities in this industry  Can list your licensure in your education section In some fields, receiving a license or certificate is a prerequisite for employment  This information should always appear on your resumé
  7. 7. Education: High School Experience Neither necessary nor recommended to include your high school One exception: If you attended a highly regarded school  Especially if you are pursuing work in the area where the school is located Undergrads can include relevant experience, accomplishments or leadership positions from high school  Under Interests, Activities/Honors, or Experience
  8. 8. Education: Dual Concentration If the concentrations are distinctly different fields and your job search research is in separate areas with little cross over  Craft two resumés, each emphasizing the experience that you have in the two concentrations If you plan to focus your job search efforts in one of the two fields  List the primary concentration first  Highlight the work experiences in that field throughout your resumé
  9. 9. Experience List employers in reverse chronological order Include:  Company name, job title, location, dates of employment, and accomplishment statements Can include both unpaid and campus jobs Dates should be on the right-hand margin If the company/industry is not widely known, incorporate a one-line description Example: Company XYZ; Boston, MA May 1997-June 1999 Title (i.e., Intern)
  10. 10. Experience: Accomplishment Statements Highlight your skills and accomplishments Document your work performance  Your impact on an organization Demonstrate your key skills, talents, and capabilities  Use measurable, concrete examples to create effective Accomplishment statements See the section on writing powerful Accomplishment Statements
  11. 11. Skills Incorporate computer and language skills If you indicate aptitude or proficiency in a technical skill or language be prepared to discuss it during an interview Example: SKILLS  MS Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, C++, Adobe Photoshop  Fluent in German and French; reading ability in Italian
  12. 12. Interests/Personal Allow recruiters to identify areas outside academics and work that are of interest to you and talk to you about them Consider your interests or past accomplishments  Unique and memorable in a positive way Example: INTERESTS  Qualified for and completed three Boston Marathons, 2001-2003.  Accomplished vocalist, including opera, classical, and liturgical.
  13. 13. Information NOT to Include Limit the amount of personal information In the U.S., it is recommended you do not include items such as  Age, gender, marital status, children, religious affiliation, or pictures  This standard varies from culture to culture Research the norm for resumés in the country or region in which you are applying and alter accordingly
  14. 14. Questions? To find out more information and resources:  Continue browsing the Virtual Career Center  Visit the Feld Career Center and consult with one of our counselors!  Our office is located on the first floor, left of the stairs in the far left corner.  Email us at:  Office Hours  Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM