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Foreign languages talk


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animal welfare, cats and TNR in China

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Foreign languages talk

  1. 1. TNR: Trap, Neuter and Return: Improve the Lives of Street Cats Sharon Warner Methvin, PhD Department of Anthropology, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland, OR
  2. 2.  Provide Love and Companionship  Reduce Stress  Increase our Health  Keep us Active  What Else?
  3. 3.  Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is practiced in many cities in the US, including my hometown where we have neutered 75, 000 street cats.  We have been doing TNR since 1995.
  4. 4.  TNR is a process where caregivers who are feeding street cats trap them in humane traps.  They then take them to be neutered and after recovery, return the cats to where they are feeding them.  Adoptable cats and kittens are placed in homes whenever possible.
  5. 5.  The goal of the program is to reduce suffering for existing street cats and prevent the births and suffering of future kittens.  One cat can produce many litters of kittens for which there are no homes.  In the US only 4 of every 10 kittens born will find a home. The rest die or are injured on the streets.
  6. 6.  Commercial Kitty  Lone Mom/Tom Hobo  Barnyard Kitty  Residential Colony
  7. 7.  People sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder what difference they can really make to help animals have a better life.  I hope this talk has inspired you and provided you with knowledge, ideas and examples.  YOU can make a difference!
  8. 8.  The first official TNR community project in Nanjing will be conducted this month at Lingu Temple. Approximately 25-30 cats are cared for by the temple monks. One elderly monk at the entrance to the temple feeds around 15 cats faithfully every morning and evening. Others lounge blissfully and safe inside the temple grounds. The temple has posted four large notices that address the kind treatment of the temple cats, and all animals, and the promotion of TNR as a humane alternative to killing other beings.
  9. 9.  An old man was strolling along a beach one day. In the distance he saw a young boy and girl reach down, pick something up and throw it back into the sea. Drawing nearer, he saw that the sand was littered with thousands of small stranded sand dollars. The children were patiently picking them up, one at a time, and returning them to safety below the water. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Saving sand dollars," replied the children as they continued about the job at hand. "But the beach is littered with dying sand dollars. What possible difference can you make by doing this?”The young girl bent over, picked up another, and threw it back in the water with all her might. Then, turning to the old man, she said with all the wisdom of a child: "I made a difference for that one."