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Unifying Storage Clouds V3


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This is the presentation given at CloudCamp London from SMEStorage on the work they are doing to provide a platofrm and API to unify storage clouds.

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Unifying Storage Clouds V3

  1. 1. Unifying Storage Clouds July 2009
  2. 2. There are many Storage Clouds
  3. 3. And many Social Storage Clouds
  4. 4. At different Price Points $2 p.m. + $15 per user $0.10 per GB Storage Fees p.m. $3.95 - $6.95 Amazon Per user p.m. S3 Market Jungle Disk Mozy Mosso Leader Rackspace $49.99 One time fee $0.15 per GB Bucket Carbonite ADrive Explorer $9.99 p.m. to $19.99 p.m.DropBox $54.95 $6.95 – Pricing to be p.a. $13.95 p.m. announced Biz $24.99 p.m. $99 p.a. Cloud Ind $9.99 p.m. MobileMe Berry SugarSync Cloud Clients Cloud Business Cloud Backup Cloud Storage
  5. 5. Our Technology Vision es rvic Cro Se ss- ud Clo Clo ud ess Se rvic sin es Bu Data Integration / Data Access
  6. 6. The SMEStorage Platform Channels Integration Services File Share Email Backup Firefox Plug-In MS Office Cloud Open Office Sync CloudToolbar ? Email to -Single Windows Windows Cloud View Explorer Client Sync Agent Cloud -Providing Windows ‘Groupware’ CFS REST API context to Shell Integration data File MetaData Unification Layer / Cloud File System (CFS) Indicates to be delivered
  7. 7. Current Clouds Supported
  8. 8. Virtual Cloud(s) File System
  9. 9. Participation in social networks overlaps  A file on SMEStorage  Can be sync’d from any cloud  Can be edited in Zoho online office  Can be customised in Picnik image editor  Can be shared on Twitter  Can be streamed using Yahoo Media Player  etc etc
  10. 10. Having support for Multiple Clouds is an enabler for:-  Importing and Exporting Data from Different Clouds  Syncing Clouds Automatically  Having Cloud Fail-over – Primary & backup Clouds for HA of data  Having a Single View
  11. 11. Major Challenges  API  Not all API’s created equal. Some easier to add than others. Some have no API at all meaning that we have had to create our own  Security – Amazon S3 / Mosso have concept of Public Key /secret key which enables access to service but not access to account details – These are the exception rather than the rule – No standard security model for Cloud Storage / Social Providers therefore we are currently using Public Key / Secret Key for Cloud vendors, username and password for clouds that support nothing lese, and assessing integrating Oauth, and OpenID as a mechanism to provide users security for social clouds. – Anything we store we encrypt and store in the DB and use on a per session basis. Also users can choose only to enter their username and password each session, which is not stored.
  12. 12. SMEStorage API  Is available from Google Code -  API Test harness available at  API provides a unified API for Clouds  Can be used as a Service Provider Interface (SPI) to Cloud Storage  Has value added services such as file system features, email backup, import/ export, Cloud Sync, and much more  Reliable proven API. Our Firefox Plug-In, Windows Tooling and Iphone application all use it.
  13. 13. Thank you Ian Osborne Blog: