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iSMEStorage iPhone / iPad Cloud File Manager overview


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A detailed look at the feature set for the iPhone / iPad version of iSMEStorage, the Cloud File Manager for iOS>

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iSMEStorage iPhone / iPad Cloud File Manager overview

  1. 1. Overview of iSMEStorage 2.06 local and Cloud File Manager for the iPad and iPhone
  2. 2. iSMEStorage initial menu iSMEStorage lets you manage your local and cloud files from one Application on the iPhone and iPad
  3. 3. Working with Cloud files
  4. 4. Cloud Files Menu Manage one or more Cloud File providers in a Single view
  5. 5. Files Stored in the Cloud have file ‘ actions ’
  6. 6. Easily Share files from any cloud
  7. 7. Cloud Files also have folder actions
  8. 8. All Cloud Files have a detail page
  9. 9. Files GEO Location See where files were uploaded from and were stored if uploaded via SMEStorage clients
  10. 10. Share cloud files directly on Twitter
  11. 11. Making files public Public files page unique to Your SMEStorage username
  12. 12. Email multiple file links using the unique cloud clipboard Works across Clouds ! Share files from different clouds in one email
  13. 13. Working with Pictures / Videos
  14. 14. Set the picture media folder wherever you wish on any cloud <ul><li>Navigate to the cloud and Folder you wish from the Cloud Files Menu </li></ul><ul><li>Click Set as Media Folder. </li></ul><ul><li>Your pictures / videos will now be uploaded to that location </li></ul>
  15. 15. Batch upload photos / videos Select multiple Photos or Videos to upload to your chosen cloud
  16. 16. Working with text memos and voice memos
  17. 17. Text Memos Folders can be created to act as categories Memos can be sync ’ d with any cloud Memos can be emailed as attachments
  18. 18. Voice Memos <ul><li>Voice Memos can be created in addition to text memos </li></ul><ul><li>Unlike the native app the can be sync ’ d back to a cloud of your choice </li></ul>
  19. 19. Working with local files
  20. 20. Files can be uploaded direct to the iOS device http ftp
  21. 21. Local files can be “ managed ” Local file ‘ action ’ - New folders can be created - File can be moved (cut and paste) - Files and folders can be zipped - Files can be renamed - Files can be moved here from other Apps - Files can be send by email (as attachments) - Files can be downloaded locally from URL - Files downloaded from the Cloud reside here Works Just like a file system !
  22. 22. Synchronising Files
  23. 23. Synchronising files Navigate to a cloud folder Click folder action & choose to set as sync folder Return to ‘ My Syncs ’ from the Menu and hit the Sync button You can sync multiple folders and folders from different clouds Just by changing the current sync folder
  24. 24. Collaboration
  25. 25. Collaboration Create a content sharing group, invite members when you share content with the group the members are notified of new content
  26. 26. Editing files
  27. 27. Editing Files iSMEStorage purchasers Can get WebDav turned on for free Access & edit Files direct in other Apps (including iWork on iPad)
  28. 28. Management You can add new clouds and refresh you files view directly from the Cloud Providers Menu
  29. 29. These are some of the features of iSMEStorage for iPhone and iPad In the Apple App Store now