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iSMEStorage for iPad: Cloud File Manager


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iSMEStorage the local and Cloud File Manager for iPad and iPhone solves the iOS data conundrum.

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iSMEStorage for iPad: Cloud File Manager

  1. 1. iSMEStorage Cloud File Manager Solving the iPad data conundrum
  2. 2. Supports access to over 35 Clouds !
  3. 3. Offline accessSign in Albion Storage is a Storage offering by Albion Computers LTD. In accessing Albion Storage you are by the Terms of User Secure Online Security PIN login Supports International And European Access
  4. 4. Initial help Access to online Manual
  5. 5. MenuThe Menu can beSimplified fromiPhone Settings->SMEStorage
  6. 6. Search for words NotesEmail a note asan attachment Notes are sync’d Back to Cloud Storage of your choice
  7. 7. NotesFolders canbe createdto group notes Notes can be cut and pasted to different folders
  8. 8. Voice MemosVoice notes areConverted to .wav Voice Notes arefiles for easy access sync’d back tofrom other devices Email voice note Cloud Storage as attachment of your choiceAs with memo notesfolders can be createdfor voice memos
  9. 9. Pictures /Videos Batch upload Multiple videos / pictures to Storage cloud Just touch to select
  10. 10. Pictures /Videos Control quality of pictures and videos from iSMEStorage settings
  11. 11. Local files Upload With the FTP / HTTP Server option files can be uploaded locally using a web browser or any FTP client. Just turn it “on”. It is available in the local files view.Files can may also beuploaded using iTunes
  12. 12. Local files downloadFiles can also be directlydownloaded to the iPadfrom a URL Click here
  13. 13. Local Files New folders can be created to organise local filesLocal files can beemailed asattachments andcan be organisedusing ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ Files opened fromor a ‘Cloud copy’ will email or otherlet you paste the file Apps can be placedinto a cloud directory into the local files View in iSMEStorage
  14. 14. Viewing filesFiles can be vieweddirectly or in anotherApp using documentsharing support
  15. 15. Document SharingFiles can be openeddirectly in the Appfrom other Appsthat implementDocument sharing
  16. 16. zip/unzip supportLocal directories &single files can zipped Files can beto make sharing easier downloaded locally from a URL.Zipped files can alsobe unzipped
  17. 17. PrintingiPad printing supportIs built in
  18. 18. Cloud files Files from many Clouds can be managed and viewed from a single Cloud file system
  19. 19. Cloud files Cloud files canFiles stored on the easily becloud have actions moved intoJust like a real file differentSystem. Just click directories oron a file to see file sharedactions
  20. 20. Filedetail ‘File Information’ gives more detail and more options for each file
  21. 21. SharingFiles As well as getting a static file URL files can also be securely shared with expiry date for the generated link
  22. 22. CloudView You can even view documents without ever needing to download them using Cloud View
  23. 23. Trash view ‘empty’ the Trash to remove all deleted filesDeleted files goto Trash as asecurity againstaccidental deletion
  24. 24. Adding Cloud folders to syncCloud directoriesCan be synchroniseddown to the localdevice.Nominate directories(that can be ondifferent clouds) fromthe ‘My Cloud Files’view and navigate to‘My Syncs’ from theMenu to start the syncto device.
  25. 25. File Syncto device After choosing what directory to sync on the Cloud, the ‘My Syncs’ view enables you to sync the active Sync directory. This is denoted by the Sync icon on the folder
  26. 26. iWork supportDocuments candirectly be editedand saved in iWorkusing CloudDav, our‘WebDav over anyCloud’
  27. 27. AppIntegrationFiles can be accessedfrom other Apps thatsupport WebDavThis shows accessingfiles using GoodReaderbut you can also useother Apps.
  28. 28. Group CollaboratingGroups for collaborationand sharing can becreated on the deviceShare a file with a groupand all group membersreceive a link to the file
  29. 29. SummaryThis presentation touched the surface of the capabilities of iSMEStorage. Alocal and Cloud File Manager for iPad / iPhone and iPod touch.iSMEStorage is available on the Apple App Store.