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Shoothill Floodalert

  1. 1. FloodAlerts
  2. 2. Flood Facts • One in six homes in England is at risk of flooding • This is 5.2m properties at risk : • 2.4m threatened by rivers and the sea • A further 2.8 million at risk from surface water flooding from overflowing drains. • Almost half a million homes, offices, factories and warehouses are at a significant risk of flooding from rivers or sea, with a greater than one in 75 chance of being flooded in any year. • The highest number of properties at significant risk are in the south-east of England, where 111,356 are threatened with flooding • Boston, Lincolnshire, has the greatest number of properties at high risk – 23,700 – of any local authority. Source Environment Agency Statistics: ( )
  3. 3. Why did Shoothill create FloodAlerts?
  4. 4. • Uniquely, FloodAlerts receives a raw data feed from the Environment Agency and converts the data into Bing Maps polygons as a Bing Maps tile layer (on the fly) • Alert data is updated every 15 minutes (24 X 7) • Flood Tiles are displayed (in situ) on Bing Maps as different coloured ‘shape’ file tiles representing the severity of each Flood warning • Any ‘pins’ (i.e. properties under surveillance for flood) placed within the flood alerts warning areas can be highlighted to inform the end user that they are under potential risk (email, Phone app and soon...text) • End users can register a 1 or 2 properties for free (except SMS) • IPhone, Win 8, (Ipad / Android soon) • Designed to be easily Iframe’d into any portal / partner site • Everything runs from the cloud (on MS Azure) What is Shoothill FloodAlerts?
  5. 5. Flood Alerts GUI Current Alerts Banner Find a location Map controls Alert Icons My Location My Alerts All Flood Alerts My Location dialog
  6. 6. Registering ‘my’ location Enter my postcode Pin moves to this property ...But this is not my property.... This is my property.... how do I register that?
  7. 7. Postcode is reversed GEO code Pin is able to be ‘moved’ (drag and drop) to any point on the earth so giving pin-point accuracy Registering ‘my’ location
  8. 8. ...or the radius slider Radius (area to be monitored) can also be adjusted by using the radius tool Registering ‘my’ location
  9. 9. Flood Alerts GUI My Location My Location dialog ‘My Alerts’ – none at present
  10. 10. Pin moves accordingly to an area near a village called Nesscliff Change the postcode to SY4 1AP Registering ‘my’ location to a current flood
  11. 11. What happens when I get an alert? ...with the current alerts affecting my location ‘My Alerts’ dialog opens Alert can be viewed on a map
  12. 12. What happens when I get an alert? ...Current alert affecting my location ‘My location”
  13. 13. What happens when I get an alert? FaceBook notification and a post the the wall EA ‘What to do now’ text and EA helpline Initial design of Flood Alerts warning email Colour represents severity of Alert Click here to be taken to the alert on the BING map Facebook Wall Email Smartphone
  14. 14. Additional Versions of FloodAlerts
  15. 15. System Topology Azure Services Web Server Alerting Gateway Facebook Web App FloodAlerts API IP Access List (No Public Access) Facebook User (Encrypted Channel) TCP:1433 2…N Scale Out Worker Roles VE –Locity Shape File Processor TCP:443 Environment Agency XML Feed TCP: SFTP (Encrypted Channel) TCP:1433 Load Balancer HTTP(S) Traffic Manager VE –Locity Flood Alerts Processor Notifications Processor XML Feed Poller Blob StorageAzure TablesAzure Queue 2…N Scale OutNotifications Manager Public Internet SQL Server
  16. 16. Visualising the recent flooding through FloodAlerts UNCLASSIFIED 16
  17. 17. Tuesday 20th November
  18. 18. Wednesday 21th November
  19. 19. Thursday 22nd November
  20. 20. Friday 23nd November
  21. 21. Saturday 24th November
  22. 22. Sunday 25th November
  23. 23. Monday 26th November
  24. 24. All Flood Alerts Combined